Pokémon Go Guide: Tips to enable the ‘Remember Last used Poké Ball’ feature

The latest version of Pokemon GO introduced a very useful feature!

In the latest version of Pokémon Go, 0.245.0, a very useful feature ‘Remember Last used Poke Ball’ has been introduced. Remember Last used Poké Ball in Pokémon Go allows trainers to automatically select the poke ball type that has been used by the trainer.

Pokémon Go Remember Last used Poké Ball
Image via Niantic

If this feature is turned on then, the next time the Trainer encounters a Pokémon, the previously used poke ball would be selected by default. This feature would be available in Pokémon Go version 0.245.0 and above. Trainers need to have the latest version of the app installed on their devices.

How to enable Remember Last used Poké Ball in Pokémon Go

The option of ‘Remember Last used Poké Ball’ is not enabled by default. To enable this option, Trainers have to go to settings and then scroll down a bit and then enable Remember Last used Poke Ball. Once the feature is activated, the Pokémon GO app would keep track of the Trainer’s last used poke ball and during the next Pokémon encounter, the last used poke ball would be selected by default. If the trainer has run out of the type of poke ball then a regular poke ball would be the default selection.  

1. Usage in Raids and Premier Balls

Pokémon Go Remember Last used Poké Ball
Image via Niantic

This new feature doesn’t affect Premier balls and in raids and field research encounters. In these cases, the default balls for them would be selected. But in case of special encounters, the Remember Last used Poké Ball would function. 

2. Usage with Pokémon Go Plus Devices

The devices which can auto-catch Pokémon use only regular poke balls. The new feature is not available for these devices. 

Advantages of the Remember Last used Poké Ball feature

This feature would be helping trainers to save time during events that would require a lot of grinds. Also, during the community days, trainers have to ultra balls to catch the Pokémon, so, this feature would help in saving lots of time. Saving time would help trainers to catch a lot more Pokémon and earn a lot more candies, experience, and stardust. Speed catching would become much more convenient.

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