Pokemon GO: How to evolve Inkay into Malamar

A brief guide

In Pokemon GO the Psychic Spectacular may occur to be fair enough to be straightforward at a glance, therefore, we have one element that’s truly turning things on upside down which is the evolution of Inkay. Compared to new events one of the leading draws is the Psychic-type Inkay who is making its debut to appear in the wild and one-star raid. Inkay is a little out of the box because it lives up to its tag of revolving Pokemon that also includes its evolving method. This may lead to confusing players, especially those who haven’t chase the Kalos-native in their journey.

Pokemon GO Inkay evolution into Malamar
Pokemon GO Inkay evolution into Malamar

Although, to evolve Imkay into Malamar trainers might need to push their pokemon’s level to level 30 and have a hold to their Nintendo 3DS or you can simply switch systems upside down when the battle comes to an end. And similar to many other mechanics, Niantic has repeated this to a certain range in Pokemon GO. This guide will help trainers on how to evolve Inkay into Malamar.

How to evolve Inkay into Malamar

Inkay-Evolution in Pokemon GO
Inkay Evolution in Pokemon GO

After you put Inkay in Pokemon GO, you need to get 50 Inkay candy before the process of evolution.

Be complete, hold your phone upside down which is easy, then go for the further initiates to evolution and get a Malamar. Getting back to Nintendo 3DS, trainers need to flip it over their handhelds for evolution. These devices will help you to be in a proper position of side up, this leads to one of the most interesting methods of evolution.

Trainers should keep this in mind

In contrast to the new pokemon, Inkay is the only one to appear in the Psychic Spectacular. But this is not the end you might also go for numerous shiny Psychic- types newly arrived special research or may also continue to the season-long Misunderstood Mischief Special Research that has got into its next phase.

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