Pokémon GO: Regional Pokémon list and locations guide

Trade or travel to these locations and catch your exclusive regional Pokémon!

With Pokémon Go, it has always been the goal to make players get up, go and travel. This happens locally but can also take place globally. This brings us to a juncture, and that is where get the Regional Exclusive Pokémon sliding in. With each new generation of Pokémon Go, a few Pokémon have been kept exclusive to certain regions, and with the increase in Pokémon and locations, the list of regional pokemon & locations have increased. Although these Pokémon can be found in Eggs, they are still restricted to a specific geographical area.

Regional Pokémon: Definition

Pokémon GO Regional Pokémon list
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In Pokémon Go, walking and traveling are important components. As a way to promote traveling in Pokémon Go, they made certain Pokemons only available in some specific regions. It can be an island, a country, a continent or subcontinent, or even coastlines around the equator. To find these regions’ exclusive Pokémon, the player needs to go there.

Rise of Gen 6 Pokémon

With Niantic releasing more Pokémon across the globe, some Pokémon have proven to be harder to locate. These are scattered around the globe. Thus, the dedicated trainers need to travel to locate these regional exclusive Pokémon. The pandemic has also made meeting trainers from different countries more challenging. As a result, obtaining regional Pokémon is not as simple as it used to be.

Pokémon GO Regional Pokémon list
Gen 6 Pokémon (Image via Niantic)

With the announcement of the addition of Gen 6 Pokémon coming into the game, there are a total of 40 regional Pokémon in Pokémon Go. They are divided into 6 Gen categories. 

List of Regional Pokémon: Types and locations to catch

Pokémon GO Regional Pokémon list
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We have a list of all the regional Pokémons with their locations to help the players catch them easily.

Gen 1 Pokémon

The list of Gen 1 Pokémon along with their location is here below.

Sr. No.Gen 1 PokémonTypeLocation
2Mr. Mime & Mime Jr.Psychic FairyEurope
3Farfetch’dNormal FlyingEast Asia
4TaurosNormalNorth America: Southern Canada & Northern Mexico

Gen 2 Pokémon

The list of Gen 2 Pokémon along with their location is here below.

Sr. No.Gen 2 PokémonTypeLocation
1CorsolaRock WaterCoasts along the Equator
2HeracrossBug FightingCentral and South America

Gen 3 Pokémon

The list of Gen 3 Pokémon along with their location is here below.

Sr. No.Gen 3 PokémonTypeLocation
1IllumiseBugAmericas & Africa
2LunatoneBugAmericas, Middle East, Australia & Africa
3TorkoalFireAsia & India
4RelicanthRock WaterNew Zealand
5ZangooseNormalEurope, Asia & Australia
6SolrockPsychic RockEurope, Asia & Australia
7TropiusGrass FlyingAfrica & Middle East
8SeviperPoisonNorth America, South America & Africa
9VolbeatBugEurope, Asia & Australia

Gen 4 Pokémon

The list of Gen 4 Pokémon along with their location is here below.

Sr. No.Gen 4 PokémonTypeLocation
1PachirisuElectricAlaska, Canada & Eastern Russia
2ChatotFlyingSouthern Hemisphere
3CarnivineGrassSouth-Eastern U.S.
4Shellos (Western Coast)WaterWestern Hemisphere
5Shellos (Eastern Coast)WaterEastern Hemisphere
7AzelfPsychicEast Asia & Australia
8MespritPsychicEurope, Middle East, India & Africa

Gen 5 Pokémon

The list of Gen 5 Pokémon along with their location is here below.

Sr. No.Gen 5 PokémonTypeLocation
1Basculin (Blue pattern)WaterWestern Hemisphere
2Basculin (Red pattern)WaterEastern Hemisphere
3BouffalantNormalNew York, Boston, and Philadelphia
4DurantBug/SteelWestern Hemisphere
5HeatmorFireEastern Hemisphere
6PansearFireEurope, the Middle East, India, and Africa
7ThrohFightingWestern Hemisphere
8SawkFightingEastern Hemisphere
9MaractusGrassCentral and South America: Texas & Southern Florida to Cape Hoorn
11SigilyphPsychic/FlyingEgypt, Greece and Israel
12PansageGrassEast Asia and Australia

Gen 6 Pokémon

The list of Gen 6 Pokémon along with their location is here below.

Sr. No.Gen 6 PokémonTypeLocation
1KlefkiSteel/FairyFrance: The North Sightings coming from Southern England

Final Thoughts

These sets of Regional Pokémon can be obtained in these regions, by encountering them in wild in these specific regions. They may also appear in Pokémon Eggs, Raid Battles, or research tasks during certain events. With the help of the list, we hope that travelers will use these locations and capture all these regional Pokémon.

What are your thoughts on the Regional list in Pokémon GO? Let us know in the comments section below!

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