Pokémon Unite Anniversary Cake Event Challenge: How to get Crustle and Cramorant holowears for free

Complete daily missions to get hands on brand-new holowears!

The Anniversary Cake Event Challenge is the latest addition to the Pokémon Unite, as a part of the 1st Anniversary celebration. As the 1st year anniversary celebrations continue, the previously announced events take place too. In this event, there are several sections or ways to earn the rewards. Players can read the piece till the end to know about this event in detail, to get the event’s exclusive rewards, which include the likes of Tuxedo Style Cramorant and Tuxedo Style Crustle, in no time.

Pokemon Unite First Anniversary Cake Challenge: Event Duration

  • Start: 21st of July, 2022
  • End: 2nd of September, 2022 at 12:00 AM UTC

Pokemon Unite Anniversary Cake Challenge Event: Obtainable Rewards

Pokémon Unite Anniversary Cake Event Challenge holowears
Image via The Pokemon Company
RewardsFrosting NeededClaim Limit
Sticker (1st Anniversary Celebration) x100x11
Aeos Tickets x100x1001
+1 Cake Layerx2001
Aeos Tickets x100x3001
Item Enhancers x10x4001
Aeos Tickets x100x5001
Item Enhancers x10, Energy Boost Tank x1x6001
Item Enhancers x10x7001
Aeos Tickets x100x8001
Item Enhancers x10x9001
3-Day Aeon Coin Boost Card x1x10001
Item Enhancers x10x11001
Aeos Tickets x100x12001
Item Enhancers x10x13001
7-Day Limited License: Crustle x1x14001
Tuxedo Style Crustle x 1x15001
Aeos Tickets x100x16001
Item Enhancers x10x17001
Aeos Tickets x100x18001
7-Day Aeon Coin Boost Card x1x19001
+1 Cake Layerx20001
Aeos Tickets x100x21001
Item Enhancer x10x22001
Aeos Tickets x100x23001
Item Enhancer x10x24001
Energy Boost Tank x1x25001
Item Enhancer x10x26001
Aeos Tickets x100x27001
Item Enhancers x10x28001
7-Day Aeon Coin Boost Card x1x29001
+1 Cake Layerx30001
Aeos Tickets x100x31001
Item Enhancers x10x32001
Aeos Tickets x100x33001
Item Enhancers x10x34001
Extra Energy Tank x1x35001
Item Enhancers x10x36001
Aeos Tickets x100x37001
Item Enhancers x10x38001
7-Day Limited License: Cramorant x1x39001
Tuxedo Style Cramorant x1x40001
Aeos Tickets x100x41001
Item Enhancers x10x42001
Aeos Tickets x100x43001
Item Enhancers x10x44001
Aeos Tickets x100x45001
Item Enhancers x10x46001
Aeos Tickets x100x47001
Item Enhancers x10x48001
Aeos Tickets x100x49001
Item Enhancers x10x50001
Aeos Tickets x100x51001
Item Enhancers x10x52001
Aeos Tickets x100x53001
Item Enhancers x10x54001
Aeos Tickets x100x55001
Item Enhancers x10x56001
Aeos Tickets x100x57001
Item Enhancers x10x58001
Aeos Tickets x100x59001
Item Enhancers x10x60001

Anniversary Presents

The event basically aims towards the collection of Frostings to eventually claim rewards. As stated earlier, the event comprises 3 parts or ways of getting those Frostings. Firstly, the daily login Claim of Present Boxes (Anniversary Present Event). The reward one might get from each box is totally random. However, these 3 are the possible rewards from the random box you choose:

Anniversary Presents
Image via The Pokemon Company
  • Frosting x75
  • Frosting x125
  • Frosting x150

Also, there would be certain boxes that might provide players with a Bonus Chance on top of the reward which people get from that box. Hence, players must log in every day to claim a present, and wish for that Bonus.

Pokémon Unite 1st Anniversary Cake Event Challenge: Daily Missions

Pokémon Unite Anniversary Cake Event Challenge missions
Daily Missions (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Daily Missions would engage the players to complete missions picked randomly from a set of missions. These missions are composed of 3 Normal Missions and 1 Special Mission for the Day. Furthermore, the Special Mission for the day rewards more Frosting than Normal Missions so try to do it as much as possible. Lastly, the Missions would be reset, and randomly other missions would come. Rewards from the Daily Missions are as follows:

Special Mission Rewards Frosting x50, 1-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card x1
Normal Mission Rewards Frosting x30, Aeos Tickets x20, Item Enhancers x2
Total Rewards in a DayFrosting x140, 1-Day Aeos Coin Boost Card x1, Aeos Tickets x60, Item Enhancers x6

The Special Daily Missions might be either of the following:

  • Participate in 1 battle as a Supporter
  • Participate in 1 battle as a Defender
  • Participate in 1 battle as an All-rounder

However, this list does not end here. It will be updated in this piece when required. The possible Normal Missions, so far known to us are:

  • Win 1 battle
  • Use a UNITE Move 3 times
  • Knock out Drednaw a total of 1 time
  • Participate in a Ranked Match 1 time
  • Make a total of 5 assists
  • Knock out Zapdos a total of 1 time
  • Pick up 3 Sitrus Berries
  • Knock out Rotom a total of 1 time

This list too would require up-gradation with time. Players can follow us to get the latest updates.

Ranked Match Missions

Pokémon Unite Anniversary Cake Event Challenge ranked match mission
Ranked Matches Missions (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The Ranked match mission is the most straightforward one among the three. Players must participate in 10 Ranked Matches in a week, and get 50 Frostings for each. Hence, throughout this event, one would be getting 50X10, which would be equal to 500 Frostings per week.

Pokemon Unite Anniversary Cake Challenge Event: Tips and Tricks

In this section of the guide, we will discuss some tips from the Anniversary Cake Event Challenge in Pokémon Unite.

  • First and foremost, players must log in every day to achieve plenty of Frostings.
  • Players must play the new Boss Rush mode, which is a Quick Battle mode.
  • Consequently, several missions like knocking out Zapdos and Articuno can be achieved through this mode.
  • Players must also play with their friends. Playing with friends is fun and winning is easy when with friends.
  • In case, players need guidance on playing the focal stars of this piece, which involve the likes of Cramorant and Crustle. Players should go through our guides on them.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Unite Anniversary Cake Event Challenge? Let us know in the comment section below!

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