Pokémon Unite Boss Rush game mode Guide and Tips

Tips and tricks to ace the brand-new mode in Pokémon Unite!

The  Pokémon Unite MOBA‘s latest addition of Boss Rush, a new Game mode, has been quite popular among the players. The Boss Rush mode, which made its debut on the 21st of July, 2022 during the initiation of the 1st year anniversary of Pokémon Unite, is a quick battle of 5 minutes.

Although it was withdrawn from the game after a few days, the mode would be making its return on 31st July 2022 at the time of 5:00 PM PDT. In this article, we will discuss the gameplay mechanics, tips and tricks, and more about the brand-new Boss Rush mode in Pokémon Unite.

Boss Rush Game mode Arrival Periods

  • 31st of July 2022, 5:00 PM PDT to 7th of August 2022, 4:59 PM PDT.
  • 14th of August 2022, 5:00 PM to 21st of August 2022, 4:59 PM PDT.

Pokémon Unite Boss Rush Basic Features

PvE debut in Pokémon Unite

To start with the basics, Boss Rush is a new Quick Battle format that will be the first Player vs Environment (PvE) game mode in the MOBA game. Five players will have to team up to fight powerful Boss Pokémon and try to take all of them down within the stipulated time, which is 5 minutes. This is the time limit for other Quick battles too. Being a PvE mode, there is the least competitiveness amongst the players. Therefore, the mode becomes more fun to play for some.

Pokémon Unite 1-Year Anniversary Celebration, Pokémon Unite Patch July 2022 Update
Image via The Pokémon Company

Earn Points by defeating Bosses

There is no scope for fights with opponents. There would be a Boss Pokémon, which is already in the game in other game modes. Five players would have to knock out, by teaming up. Each player would earn points by defeating powerful bosses in this new game mode. Points earned will be added to the points pool of the current UNITE Squad. Therefore, players can play with their mates to maximize rewards possibilities!

Battle Difficulties

Players may choose between 3 difficulty levels to play a game. Players may select from between Casual (easiest) mode, Intermediate (higher Boss Defence), or Extreme (higher Boss Attack and Defence) modes.

Pokémon Unite Boss Rush Mode: The Bosses

Boss Rush comprises three stages, with each stage having different bosses. Players have to defeat three boss Pokémon within 5 minutes in the shortest time possible, and a maximum of players from the UNITE squad in your team. The following are the bosses that appear in 3 stages of the game. The first two stages see random bosses in each game. But, the final boss is always constant.

1 (Random)Drednaw or Araquanid or Avalugg
2 (Random)Zapdos or Articuno

Pokémon Unite Boss Rush Mode: Moves and how to tackle them

The following are the moves that the Bosses have in the game. Players avoid those moves in a way to receive minimal damage and last longer in the game. Here are the tips for the players to dodge.


  1. Sticky Web: Araquanid scatters web all over the battlefield, which slows down any Pokémon caught in the Area of Effect (AoE).
    • How to avoid: This move is pretty easy to avoid. Players take note of the red indicator as Araquanid is about to throw its webs. Also, the webs stay on the ground for a while so avoid them at all costs.
  2. Hydro Pump: Araquanid charges water from its gut and lines up a strong water beam attack in a straight line.
    • How to avoid: This move hits on a straight line so use the charge time to avoid the red hit zone at any cost.
  3. Call to Family: Araquanid summons a hoard of Dewpider that works in unison to destroy anything on its path.
    • How to avoid: The Dewpiders can easily be all over you. Hence, players must try focusing on them before Araquanid. Their HPs are pretty low. Therefore, they won’t be much of a headache.


  1. Iron Defense: Avalugg summons huge shields to bolder its defense and survives attacks from its enemies.
    • How to avoid: The move is used to protect Avalugg, not to be hit Pokemon. Players must keep attacking, while this move is up. This move won’t bother me much. In the case of Intermediate or Extreme modes, the story might be different.
  2. Icy Wind: Avalugg summons frigid winds in a cone, dealing damage and freezing Pokemon caught in the Area of Effect.
    • How to avoid: Players must run to the side of the cone or use Eject Button to quickly move away!
  3. Rapid Spin: Avalugg spins around and sucks up anything caught in the area of effect. It then follows up with a huge shove attack that can push them far!
    • How to avoid: Players must be careful when they are near Avalugg, as it can execute this move anytime. When they see it doing this move though, they should not approach Avalugg as it can pull them for the big finish! Players must try to stay away from the Boss, during this move.


Pokémon Unite Boss Rush drednaw
Image via The Pokémon Company
  1. Rock Slide: Drednaw summons multiple rocks from the sky, targeting all the allied Pokémon in the area.
    • How to avoid: Players must take note that this move has multiple instances, which track them down as they move. Hence, players must always keep moving and get away from the red indicator.
  2. Body Slam: Drednaw slams its huge body on the ground twice, creating two different hit zones for each.
    • How to avoid: The first slam’s hit zone is near Drednaw. They must keep their distance. Furthermore, the second slam has a wider hit zone. It is safe below Drednaw, players should go near the Pokémon at this stage and go under its belly.
  3. Hydro Pump: Drednaw charges water from inside it and lines up a strong water beam attack in a straight line.
    • How to avoid: This move hits on a straight line so use the charge time to avoid the red hit zone.


Image via The Pokémon Company
  1. Shockwave: Zapdos electrifies its enemies, creating a zone of electricity around them. When electrified enemies go near their allies, it can deal massive damage.
    • Tips: Players must always avoid their teammates, whenever Zapdos does this move!
  2. Brave Bird: Zapdos targets a specific area in the map, then swoops down to knock up anything caught in the hitzone.
    • Tips: When targeted by this move, players should move towards the outside of the circle! They usually have enough time to do. Therefore, they should just keep moving! Players must move away from the dropping zone.
  3. Charge Beam: Zapdos quickly charges to let out a quick thunder beam attack from its mouth. This doesn’t show any hitzone, so they should prepare for it.
    • Tips: Although the move does not show any hitzone, it is quite easy to avoid by staying behind Zapdos at all times
  4. Random Thunder Attacks: Zapdos will periodically let out random Thunder attacks from the skies, denoted by a red hitzone appearing out of nowhere.
    • Tips: Players must keep moving because Zapdos will do this move periodically during the course of your battle! Hence just don’t stand still, keep moving.


Pokémon Unite Boss Rush
Image via The Pokémon Company
  1. Blizzard: Articuno first summons huge ice rocks then hurls a powerful Blizzard that covers the whole battlefield.
    • Tips: This move has a huge wind-up time to give you time to run behind the ice rocks. The direction of the blizzard is the same direction Articuno is facing, so get behind the rock face opposite the oncoming wind. Act accordingly.
  2. Ice Beam: Articuno charges up and sweeps an ice beam from left to right. The hitzone is conical but only beam has the hitbox.
    • Tips: Evade this move by going behind Articuno as it charges up. It’s the safest area.
  3. Powder Snow: Articuno quickly charges up and scatters icy powder in front of it.
    • Tips: Always stay behind Articuno as its moves are front facing! Also, you may avoid this move by going behind Articuno.
  4. Freeze-Dry: Articuno charges frigid air inside its body, then lets out a huge attack that pushes opponents back!
    • Tips: Get away when you see Articuno charging. It is pretty quick so a quick and effective reaction time is needed.


  1. Slow Start: Like the mainline Pokemon games, Regigigas seems to have a Slow Start in Boss Rush – starting really slow then ramping up its speed as the battle ensues.
    • Tips: Players should be careful when it roars and glows red, this means it’s overcoming this detriment and is ready to pounce upon you! This will be the best time to use any dash move your Pokemon has to keep your distance away from Regigigas. Otherwise, you can use an Eject Button or X Speed to retreat.
  2. Crush Grip: Regigigas grabs a Pokemon and crushes it continuously.
    • Tips: The remaining team will be able to break Regigiga’s grip if they deal enough damage. If it is available, this is a good time to use your Unite Move to deal high amounts of damage to save your friends.
  3. Shockwave: Regigigas selects three (3) allied Pokemon and generates a field of electricity around them. Pokemon that are caught within the electric field will receive damage continuously. It would also deal damage to any ally you may come close to.
    • Tips: Once you are targeted, make sure to clear out and avoid sticking to your teammates before the move takes effect. If they are using a ranged Pokémon, you can still get in position and deal attacks. Otherwise, it is best to stay out of the fight completely if they are using a melee Pokemon like Garchomp, Mamoswine, etc.
  4. Rock Tomb: Regigigas summons boulders and crushes Pokémon. It then lets out a snow storm that deals damage to all Pokémon that are not taking cover.
    • Tips: When you see the red circles below your Pokemon, stop attacking and evade the rocks that will fall. This is the best time to use any dash moves your Pokémon have.
  5. Rock Tomb + Icy Wind: Regigigas summons boulders and crushes Pokémon. It then lets out a snow storm that deals damage to all Pokémon that are not taking cover.
    • Tips: When the tall rocks land, players should quickly move towards them. Then, they should look at where Regigigas is facing as that will be the direction in which the blizzard will go. They must quickly hide behind those boulders, accordingly.

Best Pokémon to play with in Boss Rush Mode

1. Blissey

Pokémon Unite Blissey Guide
Image via The Pokémon Company

A healer Pokemon should be a priority in the Boss Rush squad. These kinds of battles are only about how quickly one defeats the bosses, and the more time you spend on the pitch, rather than being knocked out, the quicker you might finish the game. Other supporters like Hoopa and Eldegoss may also help in this purpose.

2. Decidueye

Pokémon Unite Decidueye guide cover
Image via The Pokémon Company

A long-ranged attacker is the best type suited for such battles. Deal damage from a distance, and there’s no better Pokemon in dealing damage from a distance than Decidueye. However, remember that crowd control moves don’t work well on Bosses. Hence Leaf Storm would be a poor choice as a move. Also, other ranged attackers like Cinderace, and Greninja can also help for the same purpose.

3. Absol

Pokemon Unite Absol Guide
Image via The Pokémon Company

A Speedster with a high burst of physical damage can be effective on the Bosses. Also, their moveset allows them to quickly maneuver around the area to dodge bosses’ moves while also dealing high burst damage. Dodging the Boss attacks would be easier with a Pokemon like Absol.

4. Lucario

Pokémon Unite Lucario bug, Pokémon Unite Lucario Guide
Image via The Pokémon Company

Lucario also has the advantage of dodging the moves. Besides, a decent endurance and burst damage might prove pivotal. In case you need help with how to play with these Pokemon, you may refer to our guides on these Pokemon.

Pokémon Unite Boss Rush mode Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • Players should not forget to take berries from the sides. The Sitrus berries often spawn. Players should look out for them when low on health.
  • Boss Pokemon are considered Wild Pokemon, so, Fluffy Tail would work on them. Use this to deal increased damage in this game mode. The top Item priorities for this mode should be Potion, Fluffy Tail, and X-Attack.
  • Beware of any indicators for incoming moves. Hide behind boulders and ice walls.
  • Also, remember that Items like Goal Getter, Slow Smoke and Full-Heal are all useless in this mode.
  • There is a special stun meter found below the Pokemon’s HP that you need to fill up by attacking. Once filled up, the Boss Pokemon will be stunned for a short while and leaves it open for attacks! Hence fill up the Stun meter for best gameplay.
  • Finally, don’t forget to enter the game with your Unite Squad, and also, include friends who are Supporter mains, or use Ranged Attackers. Defenders should be the last option one would consider in this mode.

Final Thoughts

The Boss Rush mode no doubt has become indeed popular among the Pokemon Unite players. So much so, that gamers have shown their excitement on social media upon its return. Players should remember the above-discussed tips the next time when they enter a Boss Rush game.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Unite Boss Rush mode Guide? Let us know in the comment section below!

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