Pokémon Unite Metagross Guide: Best Build, Held Items, Movesets, and Gameplay Tips

Detect and anhilite the foes with steel!

If there were to be a list of iconic or legendary Pokémon, across all the generations, this very Pokémon would surely make it to the front row according to the majority of fans of the anime. In this Pokémon Unite Metagross guide, we have entirely discussed how to play with Metagross, the All-rounder, from start to end. One must make sure to read till the end to know about this Generation III Steel/Psychic-type. Metagross is a melee-type Physical damage-based All-rounder, which requires intermediate-level handling.

Metagross: In-game Cost

Pokémon Unite Metagross Guide Intro
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Metagross is available in the Pokémon Unite Committee for 575 Aeos gems. The exchange for coins would only be possible after 1 week from its release, for either 12000 or 14000 Aeos coins. Players can also obtain a 3-day limited license of Metagross as a commemorative login reward.

Metagross: Evolution

Level 1Level 5Level 9

Pokémon Unite Metagross Guide: Movesets

As expected, Metagross has a combination of Psychic-type, and Steel-type moves. Here are the details of those movesets in Pokémon Unite.

Basic Attack

basic attack pikachu

Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, striking with an increased area of attack. When the Pokemon hits an opposing Pokemon with a boosted attack, the cooldown of Iron Defense, Meteor Mash, or Gyro Ball is reduced (10%). When the user hits two or more opposing Pokemon with this boosted attack, the moves’ cooldowns will be reduced even more (20%).

Passive- Clear Body

Reduces the duration of hindrance effects by 10% when enemy players are nearby. The more enemy players there are, the more the hindrance effects are reduced, up to a maximum of 5 enemy players (50% max).

Ability 1- Iron Defense

The user is granted a shield, and the user’s next basic attack becomes a boosted attack.

  • Type- Buff
  • CD- 8s

Ability 1 upgrades at Level 5

At Level 5, Iron Defense evolves into either of these 2 moves based on your choice:

Meteor MashGyro Ball
The move has the user charge power in its fist, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in an area of effect while granting itself a shield. The more opposing Pokémon this move hits, the more the shield effect is strengthened and the more damage the user deals with its next basic attack. This next basic attack hits with a hard punch fired like a meteor, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in an area of effect.
Type– Melee
This steel-type move has the user spin rapidly, dealing damage to nearby opposing Pokémon. When the outer edge of the spin hits an opposing Pokémon, the user is granted a shield. If this move hits many opposing Pokémon or hits Pokémon on the opposing team, the shield effect becomes stronger.
Type– Melee
Upgrade: Restores the user’s HP when the punch hits an opposing Pokémon.Upgrade: If the shield effect remains for a set amount of time, the user recovers the same amount of HP as the remaining shield effect.

Ability 2- Tackle

  • Type- Dash
  • CD- 8.5s

Scan in a designated direction. If the scan hits an enemy, the user then charges toward the enemy hit, dealing damage.

Ability 2 upgrades at Level 7

At Level 7, Tackle evolves into either of these 2 moves, based on your choice.

Zen HeadbuttMagnet Rise
Fires a psychic wave in a designated direction. If the move hits an enemy, the user then charges toward the enemy hit, dealing damage and throwing them for 0.8s.

Type- Dash
CD- 6s
Has the user levitate for a set amount of time using electrically-generated magnetism, increasing the user’s movement speed. If the user performs a basic attack while levitating, the user falls on the ground forcefully, dealing damage to nearby opposing Pokémon and throwing them.
Type- Buff
CD- 10s
Upgrade: Reduces damage taken from opposing Pokémon for a short time after the user deals damage. Upgrade: While levitating, the user receives reduced damage from opposing Pokémon.

Unite Move – Compute and Crush

The move has the user quickly analyze the position of nearby opposing Pokémon, granting the user a shield effect based on the number of opposing Pokémon analyzed. When X or fewer opposing Pokémon are analyzed, the user lunges toward the opposing Pokémon with the lowest HP, dealing damage to it.

If an opposing Pokémon is knocked out by this move, the user recovers a portion of its Unite Move gauge. When X or more opposing Pokémon are analyzed, the user lunges toward the opponent with the lowest HP, dealing damage to nearby opposing Pokémon and creating a wall around itself.

Best items for Metagross in Pokémon Unite

Further in this guide, we will discuss the best-held items for Metagross in Pokémon Unite, as well as its best battle item.

Best held Items

Focus BandHelps recover health during intense 1v1 battles and goes well with its shield-based gameplay.
Razor ClawRazor Claw synergizes well with Metagross’ combos, allowing its attacks to deal increased damage and slow targets after using a move since it is a melee-type Pokémon.
Muscle BandIt would go well with the Basic Attack and Meteor Mash or Gyro ball synergy.

Based on gameplay and suggestions from many sources, these 3 may be the best item build for Metagross. However, players can also try the following builds.

  •  Attack Weight, Resonant Guard, Razor Claw
  •  Focus Band, Muscle Band, Weakness Policy
  •  Focus Band, Razor Claw, Resonant Guard

Best Battle Items

  •  The Eject Button can help during the combo moves.
  • X-Speed can help with mobility.
  • Potion can also help to be alive during group fights.

Pokémon Unite Metagross Guide: Gameplay Tips

Our Pokémon Unite Metagross guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and late games during Unite battles.

Early Game

Early into the game, Metagross will be able to learn both Aerial Ace and Ember as its first moves upon reaching level 3. Go with Aerial Ace first so Metagross can traverse along the lanes faster to farm Wild Pokémon. Ember is okay upon reaching level 3. Learn Tackle first, as said earlier, to move quickly and farm along the lane.

Farm nearby enemies (to the goal zone) first and try to at least reach level 3 quickly to learn Ember for a ranged move. Beware of enemies, keep them away with Ember. Farm the Altaria in the middle of the lane, gain more levels quickly, and try to score for more exp. boosts for quick leveling up. Help your allies with the match objectives every time. Be aggressive once you get the level 5 alternative moves. Try to reach Level 8 to the earliest.

Late Game

Once at Level 8, switch between kick and fist modes frequently for a more aggressive build. Try out several combos, and farm out to the maximum, instead, keep pushing lanes while switching between Spinning Flame Fist and Spinning Flame Kick modes as required to unleash combos against enemies and then complete objectives. Try to reach at least level 13 when Rayquaza arrives. Try out this combo > Focus Blast > Fire Punch > Fire Punch > Spinning Flame Kick > Blaze Kick > Overheat, late in the game.

Positioning of Metagross

All-rounders are named so for a reason, However, prioritize the bottom lane if on aggressive mode. However, farming in the middle once in a while won’t hurt. Especially, try switching between lanes, in a while.

Pokémon Unite Metagross Guide: Metagross with other Pokémon

Our Pokémon Unite guide will also look at the combination of Metagross with other Pokémon during Unite battles.

Best Synergies with Metagross

PokémonSynergy Benefits
SlowbroIt can immobilize opponents while Metagross performs the combos and switches its modes if necessary.
BlisseyA dedicated Supporter that can heal, as well as deal damage.
Alolan NinetalesAoE disabling moves like Dazzling Gleam by the Pokémon can help Metagross carry out the combos.

Pokémon that are strong and weak against Metagross

Strong againstWeak against
Alolan NinetalesZacian

Pokémon Unite Metagross Guide: Tips, tricks and strategies

This guide will also discuss some tips and tricks for playing the defender Metagross in Pokémon Unite.

  • Regardless of whether one wants to switch the modes with Unite Move or not, it would be wise to evolve to Level 8 as soon as possible.  
  • Despite the ability to switch between moves, Fire Punch and Focus Blast offer more benefits for Metagross. The moves allow faster combat and are easy to master.
  • Although Overheat deals the maximum damage, dodging it is easy for the opponents, so be unpredictable while launching it.
  • Blaze Kick is useful when hitting enemies against the wall, ambush the opponents against the wall with this move.
  • Try out this combo> Blaze Kick > Overheat > Spinning Flame Fist > Fire Punch > Fire Punch > Focus Blast.
  • Also, switch styles when needed to take on enemies as per the situation, and get the full amount of damage with your combos.
  • Lastly, players must avoid using it much in Ranked Matches until they master all of its moves and playing style. They should use offline mode or Standard Battles as their Practice Arena.

Final Thoughts

People are saying, this is finally the Pokémon that can overthrow Zacian and Mewtwos as the ‘broken All-rounder’ in the roster. Undoubtedly Metagross is a top-notch choice currently and would get a deserved amount of hype, as it got in the anime too. Now, the wait for Generation I legendary Magikarp begins.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Unite Metagross Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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