Pokémon Unite: The complete Catch ‘Em mode guide and tips

Learn how to play the new mode!

Pokémon Unite has recently added the Catch ‘Em game mode. This game mode will allow players to transform into wild Pokémon from a variety of game modes and use their abilities. This guide will cover how this game mode works and some tips on how to win games on this mode.

How to play the Catch ‘Em mode in Pokémon Unite

To play this game mode, head to the Unite Battle tab and press the Quick Battle button. Then look on the right-hand side, if the event is labeled Catch Em then the game mode can be played, start matchmaking, and other players will be found. 

Catch'em battle guide
Image via The Pokémon Company

The Catch ‘Em map has a similar appearance to Mer Stadium, with the same map layout and appearance but the background has a dark red color as if this game mode is played at sunset/sunrise. Unlike Mer Stadium, wild Pokémon on every map includes Pokemon such as Ludicolo, Bouffalant, Araquanid, Zapdos, Articuno, and more.

How to play a Catch ‘Em Battle

A Catch ‘Em battle starts in the same way in the same way any other does, with two lanes and a center lane. Throughout the game wild Pokémon spawn, some of these wild Pokémon are swappable like Ludicolo and Bouffalant while others are not Swappable like Aipom and Rotom. 

A Pokémon that is swappable will have a blue Aura around them, when these Pokémon are defeated the player will be granted a new button with an image of the recently defeated wild next to the attack button. When this button is pressed the player will transform from their current Pokémon into their newly obtained Wild Pokémon!

Image via The Pokémon Company

Wild Pokémon cannot use Unite moves or battle items but have special abilities that replace both abilities one and two. Keep in mind there is a limit to how long a wild Pokémon can be held without switching before it is expended, as well as a limit on how long a player can remain in their wild Pokémon form.

When the player dies while swapped into their wild Pokémon they will switch back to their original Pokémon of choice. Some Pokémon such as Articuno, Zapdos, and Regigigas has a unique ability that when used on a goal, will render the goal useless for a short period of time.

Pokémon Unite Catch ‘Em Battles: Tips and Tricks

  • Pokémon with mobility and great amounts of damage like Zeraora and Greninja are great picks for this game mode as they can easily collect kills and carry games. They can also compensate for their low health by swapping to catch Pokémon and using them to fight instead when at low health.
  • Switch into wild Pokémon when at full health, as the wild Pokémon will have the same amount of health as the chosen Pokémon. 
  • Fluffy tail is a great battle item on this game mode as it relies heavily on taking wild Pokémon.

We hope this guide gives some insight on how to play this fun new game mode in Pokémon Unite.

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