Pokémon Unite “The Fighter is here” Part 2 Event Guide: Here’s how to get Garchomp skin and Decidueye set for free

Two exclusive rewards on the way!

Pokémon Unite MOBA had added The Fighter is Here event a few days back. The event had the Practice Style Mamoswine holowear as the exclusive reward, as its main attraction. Now, the game has updated the event to its 2nd part, which would be having separate rewards to win for. One of the rewards includes Martial Arts style Garchomp holowear. There are also, several other rewards to be won, like the Decidueye set, which we’d be discussing in this article in detail. In this article, we will discuss all the Part 2 of “The Fighter is here” event in Pokémon Unite.

Pokémon Unite “The Fighter is Here” Part 2 Event: How to get the free rewards

Martial Arts style Garchomp
Image via The Pokémon Company

The first part of this event demanded the collection of Gold badges to redeem the rewards. This time, players need to collect Silver Badges to win the rewards. Here are some important things that players needed to know about this event.

Decidueye set (image via The Pokemon Company)
  • Event Start Date: 30th of June, 2022
  • Event End Date: 21st of July, 2022

List of exchangeable rewards (Peak Condition Exchange)

RewardsSilver Badges NeededClaim Limit
Martial Arts Style: Garchomp holowearx8001
7-day limited Garchomp Licensex501
Decidueye Set: Tops and Bottomx1001
Decidueye Set: Shoesx1001
Aeos Coins x 200x1001
Aeos Tickets x 200x1005
Item Enhancers x 20x1005
7-day Battle point boost card x 1x1501
3-day Battle point boost card x 1x503
3-day Aeos Coin Boost card x 1x2001
Aeos Tickets x 1x20999

Pokémon Unite: How to get Silver Badges

Pokémon Unite The Fighter is here Part 2
Image via The Pokémon Company

Just like the 1st part of the event, there are 3 sub-events, which are actually the 3 ways to get the Gold Badges. The 3 ways to collect an ample amount of Gold Badges are as follows:

The Fighter Is Here Event: Daily Login Bonus

DaySilver Badges Received
Total= 800

By logging in daily, players can at least collect sufficient Silver Badges for the exclusive Garchomp holowear. Therefore, players must prioritize logging in every day.

Fight Training: The daily mission rewards

MissionSilver Badges Received
Participate in 3 battlesX30
Participate in 1 quick battleX20
Score a total of 50 pointsX20
Win 2 battles as Pokemon of different rolesX20
Participate in 1 ranked matchX20
 Total = 110

 By the end of the day, if players would have completed all the missions, 110 Silver Badges are guaranteed from this sub-event. The number of gems would be sufficient for the Decidueye set, if missions are completely completed for 2 consecutive days (the tops and bottom on one day, shoes on the other).

Fight Challenge: Missions for the length of the event

MissionSilver Badges Received
Participate in 30 battlesX300
Participate in 10 ranked matchesX200
Participate in 10 quick battlesX200
Win 5 battles as Pokemon of different rolesX200

Hence, by completing all these long-term missions, one can eventually earn 900 Silver Badges. Although apparently, these missions seem to be achieved within a day, we wouldn’t recommend such a level of game addiction, just as we advised in the guide for the first part of the event.

Pokémon Unite “The Fighter is here event” Part 2: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips about the entire event, which involves the collection of badges, the exchange of badges and so on.

1. Login Daily

As already said earlier, 800 badges can be easily obtained by just logging into the game for 10 days within the event period. Players should not procrastinate on the idea of just opening the game, atleast once a day.

2. Participate in Quick Battles

Now with the addition of the ‘Catch-em’ mode, there should be the least boredom or unacceptability towards the Quick Battles. Playing Quick Battles would take half the amount of time and would help achieve the missions sooner.

3. Prioritize the exchangeable options keeping the holowear at first, then the Decidueye set

The Garchomp holowear is exclusive to this event. Hence, it should be the priority, while claiming. The other rewards in exchange for Silver Badges can wait. After that, players must try to obtain the Decidueye set in two installations. In case, players don’t own Garchomp, the 7-day Pokémon license should be the next priority. In case, players aren’t aware of playing with Garchomp, they may refer to our Garchomp guide.

4. Skip Aeos Tickets and to some extent Item Enhancers too

Aeos Tickets are often available in the game. Using the Silver Badges for the tickets should not be even the top consideration. The same goes for Item Enhancers too, but in case, players are new to the game, this item would indeed be very important for you.

Final Thoughts

Garchomp’s new holowear would surely be something which the Garchomp fans would be looking into. Also, the Decidueye set would enhance the flavours of this game, considering that most of the Pokémon in the game have had Fashion sets inspired by them already. Players must keep the said points in mind, and bring home the Holowear for your buddy Garchomp and a Decidueye set for yourself to the earliest.

Did you like our guide on the Pokémon Unite “The Fighter is here” event Part 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

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