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PUBG Mobile Guide: Tips to outplay your enemies using Frag Grenades

Use your Grenades effectively!

Throwables has remained one of the most overpowering meta in PUBG Mobile since its esports scene took off. However, it’s not just the competitive scene, even in classic matches, it’s your best tool to deal with the persistent campers. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make each grenade count. Here’s our PUBG Mobile guide telling you the best ways to outplay your enemies using frag grenades.

How to outplay enemies using frag grenades in PUBG Mobile

1. Don’t alert your opponents

Whenever you open the pin of any throwable, it is audible for quite some distance and the enemies can switch positions to get to places where throwables can’t reach. So, you may try opening the pin before getting close to the launch spot. Open your pin and walk towards the corner as the countdown happens.

PUBG Mobile frag grenades
Image via Krafton

Even if you are heard opening the pin, enemies won’t be aware that the grenade will come from a completely different direction. Also, you can ask your teammates to fire their weapons when you pull the pin. The gun sound will suppress the noise of the pin and won’t give away your plan in advance.

2. Slow down your enemies

Once you have taken serious damage, your enemies won’t like to give you the time to heal yourself and re-engage. During urban warfare scenarios, where enemies have to use stairs or doors to rush, you can slow down their push by dropping grenades, or molotovs on the path. This way you might earn enough time to use First Aids. You can also use smoke that can offer an extra few seconds before they locate the corner you are at.

3. Force out your opponents from vantage points

When the zone is difficult, you can get stuck in places where the opponent is holding a perfect TPP angle to eliminate you once you step out in the open. In conditions like this, you can use the throwables to your advantage by throwing an uncooked grenade to the position he is holding. This will force the opponent to leave the spot and fall back for a while.

PUBG Mobile frag grenades
Image via Krafton

This will give you the perfect window to make your move and place your crosshair before the enemy re-adjusts his. You can also use the classic way of making a smoke path connecting to the spot the enemy is camping. Either way, you increase your odds of survival. And if you don’t have enough smoke for a path, throw the one towards the opponent and block his vision.

Throwables in PUBG Mobile have a much more dynamic role to play than just serving its basic purposes. Creating advantages for your team in ways that your enemies can’t predict, is how you truly accomplished throwable mastery.

Did you find our guide to outplay your enemies using frag grenades in PUBG Mobile useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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