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PUBG Mobile Bonfire mode: ‘Spark the Flame’ arrives in Erangel and Miramar

With every new update, PUBG Mobile brings in quite many new events. According to the patch notes released, there is a new themed event called ‘Spark the Flame‘ or the ‘Bonfire‘ mode which has just released with the 0.19.0 Update of PUBG Mobile. We know these modes are always temporary. But we do not know yet how many days this event is going to last. There has not been any official declaration about it. So, here’s our guide about how you can play this new Bonfire mode or Spark the Flame event in PUBG Mobile.

What is ‘Bonfire mode’ or ‘Spark the Flame’ in PUBG Mobile?

This themed mode is exclusively available in Miramar and Erangel maps only. You have a chance to enter this mode after selecting these maps in normal classic mode. There are going to be a lot of statues around the map, which will be sources of various rewards.

Different types of Statues in the mode

  • Small Statue: Small statues can be burnt up after interaction with players. They drop supplies and event items after burning.
  • Giant Statue: Giant statues have multiple construction stages that keep changing as the event goes on. You can only burn these in the final stage.
  • Statue Camp: There are white tents around the statue. You have to enter them to search for supplies.

Where can you find these statues?

There will be ‘tent’ marks on the map indicates the locations where you’d find the Statue Camps. This will be same for both the maps Miramar & Erangel.

PUBG Mobile Spark the Flame Statue camps
Tent marks on both maps indicating the Statue Camp locations

On landing at these locations you are going to find small white tents called ‘Statue Camp’ where you can get ample loot for one squad.

Statue Camps
Statue Camps in-game

The special feature is that around these tents, you are going to statues built of Stun Grenades which have an option of igniting them. After ignition, they yield some good loot like level 3 backpack, helmets and guns like M416 or AKM. In the final stage of the event, you’ll see such giant statues which will yield even better loot on igniting them.

Burning statue
Burning a statue will give you lots of loots

Why you should play ‘Spark the Flame’ event in PUBG Mobile

Miramar and Erangel are two of the largest maps in PUBG Mobile. Other than the hot drop locations, one can now land at these places which act as semi hot-drop locations. With adequate loot here, these locations are going to attract quite a few numbers of squads. And since these locations are extremely small, you will have to face a close combat real fast. If you drop here late, you are facing death. But if you are fast, you will surely get quite many kills. So the risk is worth the reward!

How’s Spark the Flame different from normal classic mode?

There is actually no difference between normal classic mode & ‘Spark the Flame’ or ‘bonfire’ mode in PUBG Mobile. It is the same map, with the same set of rules, just with a few additional features & more loots. It’s completely on your luck whether you’ll enter a normal classic mode or Spark the flame mode after choosing Erangel or Miramar map in the classic mode of PUBGM.

Final thoughts

New modes are always fun to play & you should definitely try this mode out. But be careful as there’ll be hot drops at these locations. Try to land fast if you are willing to explore this location. Else, there’s a high chance of death and eventually a huge negative score after the match. However, we hope you enjoy ‘Spark the Flame’ mode in PUBG Mobile!

How was your experience in this new mode in PUBG Mobile? Did you get the loot you wanted? Or died a painful death? Let us know in the comment section below!

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