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PUBG New State: Drone shop and Green Flare gun Guide

All you need to know about these new features of the battle-royale game!

PUBG New State, the new battle-royale game from Krafton is here. This is the sequel to PUBG, the battle royale phenomenon game on PC. The game is developed by PUBG Studios and published globally by Krafton. It has no connections or relations with the original PUBG Mobile, which has been developed by Tencent Games. New State is a futuristic battle royale game, set in the year 2051. The New State team has added many new mechanics, gameplay, maps, and vehicles. At the same time, while retaining the core battle royale mechanics from PUBG, the game has a brand-new map Troi along with the first-ever battle royale map of Erangel. It has been remastered to suit the 2051 year. There are also new vehicles added as well.  Along with that, there are several new mechanics added to the game. These play a very important role in the game as they can completely alter the game. In this PUBG New State article, we will look at Drone shop and Green Flare gun and talk about their influence in the game.

Drone shop

This is a new game mechanic added to New State. It is essentially a shop where players can purchase items. These items are delivered by drones. Players simply have to click the drone shop icon, which by default, is located right below the minimap to access it.

PUBG New State Drone shop Green Flare gun
Drone Shop

Upon clicking on that, players are greeted with several items, which they can purchase. These items can be purchased using Drone credits. Drone credits can be found on the map along with other items. Players have enough drone credits when they purchase their desired items. Here is the list of items available on the drone shop.

Available itemsPrice (Drone Credit)
Red Flare Gun2100
Green Flare Gun1200
Custom Kit (All)500
Search Drone550
Deployable Shield375
Med Kit625
Bandage (4)200
Adrenaline Syringe550
Energy Drink250
Gas Can150
EV Battery175
Red Flare Gun Ammo (1)1950
Green Flare Gun Ammo (1)1050
5.56mm Ammo (29)100
7.62mm Ammo (29)100
9mm Ammo (29)100
.45ACP Ammo (29)100
12Gauge Ammo (29)100

One must note that this list was based on the last technical test. Items prices and availability might change during the final release. Players can choose their desired item. There are some important items that players need to look for. These items can completely change a game’s decision.

Players can order multiple items. The ordered items will be delivered via a drone. The drone will spawn a few meters away and will travel to the place’s location. The drone gives out a blue smoke that is visible to enemies. Players have to be very careful because they can shoot the drone and loot in the drone can be looted by anyone. 

Green flare

Green flare gun is a new flare gun added to the game. Red Flare gun, upon shooting, brings airdrop loot. Green Flare brings dead teammates. If the teammate died in the early game, players revive them back to the game. Just like the flare gun, players aim the green flare gun all the way up and shoot. A green flare will go up in the sky. Once the green flare is shot within a few seconds, the dead teammates will return to the game in a special plane.

PUBG New State Drone shop Green Flare gun
Green Flare gun

Players have to be very careful since the enemies can see the green flare and can rush. The revived players don’t drop with powerful guns. Therefore, players have to collect guns for their teammates. This can be very difficult in the late game. Players will also take damage even on the revival flight. Not sure if this was a bug, but this is what players experienced during the technical test.

Therefore, it is better to be prepared with some healing for the brought-back players. Green flare will only exist for a limited time in the game. The green flare will be available only for 21 minutes from the start of the game. Green flare guns will only work for players who have been dead for at least 90 seconds. Therefore, one must not be in a rush to bring them back. Green flare guns can be found on the map. Although, it is very rare with just the normal flare gun. It is better to purchase it from a drone shop.

What are your thoughts on the PUBG New State Drone shop and Green Flare gun guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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