Real Cricket 24 Guide: Tips to earn Coins and Tickets easily in the game

Grab up all the Coins and Tickets in one shot!

With the plethora of multiplayer, AI, and tournament modes introduced in the latest version, Real Cricket 2024 is now a cricketing extravaganza in itself. However, to gain access to these Tournaments, events, stadiums, and even matches, players are required to spend the in-game currencies at their disposal, in certain amounts. In this Real Cricket 24 guide, we are going to discuss in detail the two basic in-game currencies, viz., Coins and Tickets, their utilization, and the various ways to earn both.


Alternatively known as RC coins, they are a basic in-game currency in Real Cricket 24 that must be utilized as a Match Fee across all of the game modes, and as a one-time entry fee to different stadiums across the world. Below are various ways by which you can earn them.

How to earn Coins in Real Cricket 24

1. Do not forget to check out the Daily Missions and Quests section

Every day when you log in to the game, do not forget to check out the Daily Missions section. From the home screen, if you navigate to the Missions tab, you can access this section.

  • Each day a set of doable challenges are set for you.
  • If you do not complete the missions set within the 24 hours, they expire. A new set of challenges will be added every 24 hours.
  • Completing certain Daily Missions from the set does reward you with RC coins.
Real Cricket 24 Daily Missions
Image via Nautilus Mobile

In addition to the Daily Missions, some other in-game Objectives are set under the Quests tab. This section just like the Daily Missions section, is equalling rewarding. Usually, two in-game challenges are set under this section, labeled as Challenge of the Day. Apart from that, you can even watch videos, spin the win, and scratch to win various in-game currencies including a chunk of coins from this section. So, don’t forget to check it out daily.

2. As level-up rewards

You can earn Coins as level-up rewards as well. To level up players must stack up the required Experience Points each time. Experience Points (XPs) can in turn be earned from participation in various in-game Tournaments. Whilst the tournaments are yet to be unlocked, you can simply play the other game modes and stack up the XPs upon winning. The higher the difficulty level chosen by you in AI matches, the better the XP rewards.

Real Cricket 24 Level Up Rewards
Image via Nautilus Mobile

Even though it would be one hell of a grind, we suggest users not auto-play an innings initially. Auto-play would ensure that you are losing out on your Experience Points for the remaining overs. So, do not go for that option if you want to level up quickly.

3. From the game’s dedicated Store section

Even though this won’t be an ideal option for all, Coins are purchaseable from the game’s dedicated Store section. You have to spend hefty amounts of cash to add a significant amount of Coins to your tally.


Tickets are another important in-game resource that must be utilized as an entry fee to various tournaments. Below are the various ways by which you can earn them:

How to earn Tickets in Real Cricket 24

1. Do not forget to check out the Daily Missions and Quests section

Besides rewarding you with Coins, some challenges under the Daily Missions and Quests section do reward you with a handful amount of Tickets. So, make sure you are mandatorily checking out both these sections every day as they reward you doubly.

Real Cricket 24 In-Game Quests
Image via Nautilus Mobile

2. As level-up rewards

You can earn Tickets as level-up rewards as well. With each level that you unlock, new tournaments might also get unlocked. Hence, it’s a no-brainer that you will be requiring Tickets to participate in these Tournaments. Fret not, the game does reward you with a handful amount of Tickets with each passing level.

3. From the game’s dedicated Store section

Real Cricket 24 Store Section
Image via Nautilus Mobile

Just as it is for Coins, you can earn Tickets by purchasing them with cash from the game’s Store section. If you are not able to afford this luxury, don’t worry as it is not a pay-to-win title. You can slowly climb up by accumulating just enough resources side-by-side.

Final Thoughts 

Resources are one of the most important aspects of Real Cricket 24. They play a vital role in progressing further in the game and thus every beginner must know how to collect them. So, players should go through our detailed Real Cricket 24 Resource guide and learn about all the best ways to earn both Free and Paid resources easily. Additionally, if you are recently starting with the game, don’t forget to check our Real Cricket 24 Beginners Guide for the basic tips and tricks.

Did you find our Real Cricket 24 tips to Earn Coins and Tickets easily in the game helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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