Real Cricket 24 Beginners Guide and Tips

Time for the ultimate cricket experience on mobile!

After months of speculation, the 2024 version of the most popular cricket title Real Cricket, has finally gone live. From the house of Nautilus Mobile, Real Cricket has offered an authentic, complete, and surreal cricket experience to Cricket lovers over the years. In this Real Cricket 24 Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of all the new features and game modes that have been added this season and share some valuable tips and tricks from our experience of playing this game.

Understanding the in-game Resources

Talking about resources, users receive 3,000 coins and 50 Tickets as a Jump-login Bonus. Tickets and Coins are the basic in-game resources. Whilst tickets are needed to unlock some game types that are free to play, coins are needed to play at different stadiums across the world.

They can be obtained for free through daily login bonuses as well as by winning matches. Therefore, be sure to log in daily. Apart from the basic in-game resources, the game has some Secondary resources and scratch cards for users to cash on. Let us have a simplified look at their utility.

In-game Currencies

In-Game CurrencyUtility
TicketsUsed as a fee for playing in various tournaments and other game modes.
CoinsUsed as a match fee and as a one-time entry fee to some of the premium stadiums.
Gold FragmentsUnlock Gold Shots.
Platinum FragmentsUnlock Platinum Shots.
MPsUsed as a match fee in Multiplayer Mode and Friend Match Mode.
Used to unlock the Bronze and Silver Packs.
MGsA certain number of MGs are needed to go for Mega Spins.

Scratch cards and Spins

These are bonus opportunities that users can capitalize on to get new jerseys, Contract Cards, Logos, MPs, etc. They can be earned by completing the Daily Quest Challenges. So, never miss out on them.

Scratch/Spin to WinProbable Rewards
Scratch Cards (Bronze/Silver/Gold)New Jerseys.
Contract Cards.
Bat Stickers.
Stadium Cards.
  Pro SpinGold Fragments.
Contract Cards.
Player Cards.
Mega SpinGold Fragments.
Contract Cards.
Player Cards.

Mastering the Multiplayer mode

The online multiplayer for The Real Cricket is comparable to a game within a game. MPs and MCs, two new in-game currencies, are introduced by the game. Let us walk you through every aspect of this brand-new world.

1P Vs 1P

The Real Cricket 2024 1P VS 1P multiplayer gives you a real-time online multiplayer experience where you are matched with another online user. You can go out on the field with your Ranked/Unranked teams. Confused about the course of the proceedings? Do not be concerned; we are here to assist you.

Real Cricket 24 Multiplayer Mode
Image via Nautilus Mobile

Ranked Multiplayer

In Ranked Multiplayer, you have to create your Dream team with a new team name, logo, and jersey. You can choose from a variety of bright and vibrant jerseys. You can field your side in various Ranked Premier League Events, and Pro Series.

As a Starter Pack, 15-player cards are added to your squad by default. Cards are labeled as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Hero according to the player’s OVR and stats. These stats are based on their performance in the real world. Initially, all 15 of your cards will be Bronze Player cards.  

Real Cricket 24 Ranked Multiplayer
Image via Nautilus Mobile

For strengthening your squad, the game has designed something known as Scratch Cards, Pro-Spins, and Mega Spins. Each one of them is like a lucky draw that can earn you Player Cards and might as well get you a Platinum or Hero-rated card occasionally. You can earn these freebies by spending MCs, watching ads, and completing Daily Quests.

Player Management

You have to field a playing 11 out of those 15. Your playing 11 should constitute at least 5 batsmen and 5 bowlers along with a wicketkeeper. Each player has certain Credit Cap Points assigned to him. You can play as an extra bowler in the form of an all-rounder. Assign captaincy to one from your 11-man squad.

While fielding a team of 11, another criterion that you would be bound by is those Credit Cap Points. You can field a team with a maximum Credit-Cap Value of 100 (Adding the individual Credit Cap Points of all Players). Player Management becomes an important aspect here. If you go for all Hero-labelled Batsmen, for instance, the bowlers that you have to pick would all be Bronze labeled, to meet the criterion. Hence, manage your 11 smartly so that you get a balanced squad consisting of a mix of good and average players in the top order as well as lower down the order. 

Renew the contract of your Players once they expire

A relatively new concept that has been introduced in the Ranked Multiplayer Mode this season is the Player Contract. Each Player that you earn via scratch cards and spins, holds a Match Contract for a set number of matches. The number would be mentioned on each Player Card.

Real Cricket 24 Ranked Mode Player Contract
Image via Nautilus Mobile

Once the Player’s Contract Expires, the Player won’t be available for selection unless you renew his contract. If not renewed within 3 days, the player will be Discarded from your squad permanently. To renew Contracts, you need to feed your player with Contract Cards. There are 3 kinds of Contract Cards in Real Cricket 2024:

  • Bronze Contract Card: Extends Contract by 2 matches.
  • Silver Contract Card: Extends Contract by 5 Matches.
  • Gold Contract Card: Extends Contract by 10 Matches.

Contract Cards, as discussed earlier can be obtained from Scratch Cards and Spins. Additionally, they can be obtained by purchasing the Silver, Gold, and Jumbo Packs from the Store.

Dream Team Challenge

Dream Team Challenge is a special and newly introduced online 1V1 ranked multiplayer mode in Real Cricket 24. Users must field their Dream line-up of players against users online. The rules regarding Player Management and Contract Renewal are identical to your regular Multiplayer mode.

Un-ranked multiplayer

Unlike the Ranked Mode, in the Un-ranked Multiplayer mode, you go against an Online user with Preset International Sides. Both ranked and un-ranked 1P Vs 1P Multiplayer give you the experience of short little quick games lasting 2-5 overs for each side. The 2V2 and Co-Op Mode is yet to be added under the Multiplayer Mode in Real Cricket 24.

Play with Friends

An additional segment within the Multiplayer Mode allows you to engage in online combat with friends. To play with friends who are online, players must first add friends to their in-game Friend List, post which they can engage in a 1V1 combat by providing a unique code and entering a private room. Fret not, a detailed guide on how to set up a friendly will be brought very shortly.

Challenger Mode

With Real Cricket 2024, you can now officially create and host an online tournament. To do so:

  • Players must head to the Challenger Mode section under the Multiplayer section.
  • This would take you to the Help Page of Challenger mode. Players must swipe left and navigate to the Create Tournament section.
  • Up next, tap on the More Info option from that page. This would take you to the Challenger Mode website.
  • To create or host a tournament, players must tap on the Plus icon on the Challenger Mode website.
  • You can even spectate random matches from other Tournaments by tapping on the Spectate Matches Button.

How to collect Premium Shots in Real Cricket 24

Shot Album is a newly added feature in this season of Real Cricket 24. It is nothing but a collection of Premium Shots, that, once unlocked, enables users to play extravagant High-Power Shots by equipping the shot to any batsman. Simply gather the necessary quantity of fragments to unlock the Shots of your choosing from the Shot Album. Shots present under the Shots Album can be broadly classified into two categories,

Gold Shot

A Gold shot is a premium shot that enables users to send a drive out of the park even if there isn’t any proper timing on that. Simply put, a Gold Shot enhances the Shot power of a batter once he is equipped with one.

How to earn a Gold Shot in Real Cricket 24

Real Cricket 24 Shot Book
Image via Nautilus Mobile

A new Gold Shot can be unlocked after every 8 days. To do so, one simply needs to collect 8 Gold Fragments. Completing all the Daily Missions can earn users one Gold Fragment each day.

Platinum Shot

Platinum Shots are a further upgraded version of Gold Shots. They are Super-Premium Batting Shots that allow users to hit the biggest of sixes, clearing almost every boundary, provided there is some timing on that. Sixes as distant as 150 meters can be notched up by the batsmen.

How to earn a Platinum Shot in Real Cricket 24

Real Cricket 24 Platinum Shot
Image via Nautilus Mobile

To add a new Platinum Shot to his Shot book, one simply needs to collect 8 Platinum Fragments. Platinum Fragments can be obtained from Mega Spins only.

Mastering the Manual Fielding and Catching

Before the start of each game that they play, we suggest users switch to Manual Fielding and Catching. It will be set to Auto by default. There are two benefits to that. We will get to it later. First, let us look at the Fielding and Catching Meter Regions in our Real Cricket 24 Beginners Guide.


There are going to be 5 areas in the Fielding Meter:

  • Green Area: Tap on your screen when the cursor passes through this region for a Direct Hit.
  • Red Area on the Left: Indicates an overthrow and might get your opposition team some bonus runs if there isn’t any cover for that throw.
  • Read Area on the Right: Indicates a Misfield and guarantees bonus runs to your opposition team.
  • Orange Area: Indicates a perfect throw on top of the stumps.
  • Yellow Area: Indicates an average throw that is slightly away from the stumps but within the reach of the Keeper/Bowler.


  • In case of high catches, when the ball stays up for a prolonged period, and a fielder is available to catch it, a Catching meter would appear on the top of your screen. If you tap on the screen whilst the cursor navigates through the middle green region, the catch is taken successfully, else not.
  • For a low catch that balloons up and dies within 30 Yard Circle, the catch would be auto-completed if there is a fielder positioned, even if you have gone for Manual Fielding. And it would be a one hundred percent successful take. This is one of the advantages that we talked about earlier.
Real Cricket 24 Fielding
Image via Nautilus Mobile

The other advantage of opting for Manual Fielding is the fact that a lot of misfields can be avoided. Choose Auto fielding mode in a game and you will figure out his issue. Very often, you will find that your side is leaking runs via misfields even if you are playing with a top cricketing side. Better take control and do it yourself.

Real Cricket 24 Beginners Guide: White Ball Cricket

1. Make sure to pick a balanced Batting line-up

To ace in this format, you need hard hitters, someone who can hit a lofted shot from ball one. Make sure your side does not have more than 3 Radical and Balanced players. 2 or 3 such players are however needed to hold one end and anchor the innings while the others go hard at the ball. They may even come in handy while posting a respectable total when the team loses too many wickets looking to fire.

2. Timing is the Key

Timing is everything in Real Cricket 2024. Mis-hits would only pick the fielders. The bat and ball must make contact only when the cursor on the shot meter navigates through the green zone in the middle.

Hence make sure to know when to hit the ball. For a pacer, Tap on the shot you wish to play as soon as the bowler is about to release the ball from his bowling hand to properly time the ball. The ball ends up being mistimed and your chances of being out rise if you are even one second late.

However, when a spinner bowls at you, you get ample time to choose your shots. Play a little late in this scenario, just seconds after the ball is released if it’s pitched closer to your body. If it’s pitched on a shorter length, select your shot when the ball hits the pitch to ensure effective timing on that. If he bowls on a Yorker length use the Advance button to dance down the track and convert that to a full toss.

3. Know the shot that you need to play

Besides knowing when to go for your shots, you must also have clarity on which shot to go for in a given situation. To assist you, there are 4 shot buttons, namely, Front Foot, Back Foot, Advance, and Leave. The 4th button is redundant when it comes to the shorter formats. When the ball is pitching closer to you, play a front-foot shot. And, when it is pitched on a shorter length try going for a back-foot punch, especially during the initial phase of the innings where losing wickets is not an option.

4. Try mixing it up with the cutters

A format that might not be your favorite, if you are a bowler. We would advise you to vary the lines and lengths constantly in this format. The Good length deliveries do less damage since they don’t give away too many runs which is the main objective of this format. Vary the kind of delivery after every two balls thereby allowing your opponent less time to adjust. Usually, Yorker-length deliveries are a great option in this format.

Real Cricket 24 White Ball Cricket Bowling
Image via Nautilus Mobile

However, in  Multiplayer your opponent would look to smack you out of the park irrespective of the length. Hence look to vary the line and keep it a little wide so that he has to reach for it. Using cutters is a good option in this format. If you are a spin bowler, the mantra is the same. Try to use variations and keep things away from the batsman’s swing reach.

Real Cricket 24 Beginners Guide: Test Cricket

1. Hold off on lofted drives until your batsman’s confidence meter reaches 100

To ace this format, you need to master the art of leaving deliveries. If the wicket has a tinge of green in it then it is Fast-Bowler’s Paradise and he would look to swing the ball from both ends. If the bowler looks to swing the ball away from you, it is important to first align your batsman in the line of the ball. For the incoming deliveries, look to defend the ball. Do not play any crazy shots in the beginning unless the confidence meter of your batsman goes up to 100. If the bowler dugs it short, just duck under it.

2. Play according to the Playstyle of your Player

Besides, playing according to the merit of the delivery, one must take into account the Playstyle that suits your player. if the play style of your player is Brute, then you may look to attack at some deliveries based on the merit of the ball. Always keep at least two Brute Players in this format as well so that they can take on the opposition once the ball gets old.

3. Bowl according to the merit of the Pitch

There are precisely 3 kinds of Pitch on offer:

  1. Green Wicket: A Fast Bowler’s Paradise. Swing it both ways to make things difficult for the batsman. Set up an attacking field and constantly feed the batsman with out-swingers along the 4th stump line. Look for the green tinge in the wicket and pitch the ball there to ensure maximum success. Lay the infamous Swing trap for the batsman where you constantly feed them outside and then suddenly bring one back in aim for the batter’s pad and vice versa. When the shine is gone, try going for the reverse swing option. Spinners do have a vital role in these wickets from the 4th day onwards when there are footmarks on the pitch.
  2. Hard Surface: Hard surfaces offer good bounce and carry through to the wicketkeeper and also a considerable amount of spin. They are really good wickets to bat on once the Confidence meter becomes green. Try trapping the batsman before his momentum goes up, else stopping him would be difficult. Look to capitalize on the bounce by hitting the deck constantly and flook to go short after a few deliveries to trouble the batsmen.
  3. Dry Surface: A dry surface offers a lot o turn. Play an extra spin option in such pitches. Set up an attacking field and constantly aim at those cracks to make the batsman work hard for his runs.

4. Always keep a spinner in the side even if the pitch favors swing bowlers

Real Cricket 24 Test Cricket Bowling
Image via Nautilus Mobile

Just as we stated earlier. A spinner can always come in handy getting you the odd wickets in a pressure situation. Additionally, you will notice some cracks in the pitch after a few sessions. Look to pitch the ball on those cracks and turn the ball to trouble the batsman.

5. Choosing the ideal field placement

In Real Cricket 2024, the ideal field placement in the Test is the Attacking 2 field. Choose that one by tapping on the field plan present in the top left corner of the game screen. Tap on Edit next and tap and move two fielders as First Slip and Second Slip. Make sure to keep a Third Man fielder as well to save some vital runs scored down that region.

Real Cricket 24 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some General and Format-specific tips from us in our guide for Beginners to rise the tiers soon in Real Cricket 24. What follows next are some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game.

1. Complete the daily Missions and Quest challenges

Real Cricket 24 In-Game Quests
Image via Nautilus Mobile

While the Daily Missions earn you rewards in the form of coins and Tickets, completing Daily Quests, earns you the much-needed Gold and Premium Fragments for adding power-packed shots in your Shot-book. So, this one’s a no-brainer. You can find the Mission and Quest set on the right of your in-game home screen.

2. Play the tournament mode for fast-tracking your XP growth

Real Cricket 24 Master's Cup
Image via Nautilus Mobile

Participating in International and Domestic Tournaments earns you the much-needed Experience Points to level up. As you level up, besides getting rewards in the form of in-game resources, you get to unlock new game modes and hence enjoy them for free. There is no quicker way to get there other than playing the Tournament Mode Games more often and making sure to win those.

3. Hit out the nets if you are unable to find rhythm in online games

Real Cricket 24 Net Practice
Image via Nautilus Mobile

The Net Session has come with a new feature in Real Cricket 2024. They are a good place to practice your tweaked Shots. You can also choose the length that you want to face in the Nets. This is a very interesting feature that has been added. If you find that you are getting out to a certain length, then you can make your bowler dish out deliveries continuously at that length to improve your technique. Hence, make sure to give this section a try once.

4. Start by playing against the AI

Before going out against users online, it is always a smart choice to battle out some games against the AI. Unlike the previous seasons, the AI is very strong in Real Cricket 2024. It is very hard to play lofted drives and take wickets against the AI now. So, this would give you some good practice before going out against online opponents.   

5. Look to update your shot book with at least one new shot each week

Just as we mentioned, playing lofted drives is very difficult in Real Cricket 2024. Even if you time your lofts properly, you will find that your shot will pick the fielder 8 out of 10 times if the Confidence meter of your player is not up by at least 50%. In a limited-overs game, you do not get that much time to settle. Hence look to add a power-packed shot to your bag each week, so that you can send those out of the park from ball 1.

Final Thoughts

Here’s a bonus tip for all. If you observe in the first few games, the outcome of the toss is a head 4 out of 5 times. Hence, even though coin toss has a 50% probability in real life, the probability of getting Heads is 80% in Real Cricket 2024. So, look to select Heads during the coin toss. That’s it, all the basic tips covered, if you find any hassle whatsoever in the game, you can always fall back to this Real Cricket 24 Beginners Guide for help. Don’t worry, like always we have got you!

That’s all from us for the Real Cricket 24 Beginners Guide! Did you find our Real Cricket 24 beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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