Rebel Riders Guide: Tips to unlock all the Rebels in the game

Here's our full guide on how you can unlock Rebels in Rebel Riders

Rebel Riders is an android PvP action-oriented battle game set up consisting of some misfit toys who are referred to as rebels in the game, and in this guide, we will introduce how to unlock each rebel in the all-new PvP action underground battle. The game is set in the streets of New York where some misfit toys set up a Battle Toyale to prove their worth after being mistreated by their owners. Check on our guide, if you are looking to unlock and play with every Rebel offered till now in Rebel Riders.

Introducing the Rebels in Rebel Riders

Rebels are the misfit toys in the game of which you can take control, while they ride with your desired vehicle. The game offers a total of 12 Rebels to choose from. You get to play as the Rebel called “Nuke” when you start the game. Here is a list of the 12 Rebels in Rebel Riders:

  • Nuke
  • Bloodclaw
  • Eddie
  • Tomb Rider
  • Cassetto
  • Didi
  • Pep
  • Ragin’
  • Sheriff
  • Meowmind
  • Metalhead
  • Goldetto
Rebel Riders Game Modes
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The above-mentioned rebels can be unlocked and can be played with, in Rebel Riders. Although they have no specific characteristics or special features in common, you can hear their voice notes tuning in while they are battling in PvP combat against their enemies. Each Rebel has a unique voice note and generally, you get to hear those voices while you have smashed and destroyed your enemy vehicles, or when you are taking damage from your rivals.

How to unlock all the Rebels in Rebel Riders

As mentioned above in the guide, you get to play with a rebel named Nuke at the start of the game. However, finding and unlocking other Rebels in the game is not as difficult as you see.

1. The In-Game Shop

You can find Rebels from the in-game shop of Rebel Riders. The in-game shop provides you Rebels every now and then for a specific period mentioned right in the shop. You can then buy them with currency if you have one and enjoy playing with them.

Rebels can be found in the Rebel Editions section or can also be found sometimes in the featured section. It is to be noted that the Rebels offered in the shop keep on changing after a certain period. So make sure you don’t miss your chance to buy your favorite Rebel.

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2. Seasonal Rebel Pass

You can also search and unlock rebels by heading to the Rebel Pass section in Rebel Riders. The Rebel Pass is bifurcated into a Free Pass and a Premium pass. For now, you can get free access to the premium pass. Thanks to Rebel Riders, they are offering every user a Free Premium Pre-Season experience.

For this Pre Season of Rebel Riders, you can avail yourself of the rebel called Casseto after hitting rank 10 and Metalhead after hitting rank 33. If luck favors you, then you can get to find the other rebels in the Toycrates in both the free pass and the premium one.

Final Thoughts

To know more about the Rebels, you can head for the Collection section in the game and tap on each of the Rebels that you have unlocked and unleashed. Note that, you cannot get info on the Rebels you haven’t unlocked yet.

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