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Revelation: Infinite Journey Beginners Guide and Tips

Begin your journey smoothly with this guide!

Revelation: Infinite Journey is a massively multiplayer online MMORPG developed by VNG Games. It is a free-to-play game with stunning graphics and a vast open-world environment. The game is set in a fantasy world where players can create their characters, explore the world, complete quests, and interact with other players. In this Revelation: Infinite Journey Beginners Guide, we’ll do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and provide some tips and tricks.

Gameplay Overview

In Revelation: Infinite Journey, players need to understand several game mechanics to progress in the game better. Here below are some of the key game mechanics that players should understand before going into the game

Revelation Infinite Journey game mechanics
Image via VNG Corporations

One of the game mechanics is character customization, where players can create and customize their characters according to their preferences. Players can choose the gender, appearance, and class of their characters. Choosing the class will wholly affect the experience of the players in the game, so it is important to choose whatever class is the most suited for your playstyle and choose wisely

Introducing the Basics of Revelation: Infinite Journey

Another mechanic is questing which is present in most MMORPG games. Completing quests can earn players experience points, level up their characters, and progress through the game. Quests range from simple tasks like gathering items to challenging boss battles. Combat in Revelation: Infinite Journey is real-time, and players need to use their characters’ abilities to defeat enemies. Players can form parties with other players to take on challenging enemies or Bosses. 

Revelation Infinite Journey objectives
Image via VNG Corporations

Crafting is also available in the game. Players can craft items and gear using resources they gather throughout the game. Crafting can provide powerful gear that can give players an edge in combat. Lastly, players can join or create guilds to interact with other players, share resources, and participate in guild-based activities.

Understanding the Classes

Revelation: Infinite Journey has six classes that players can choose from, each with its own unique abilities and playstyle. The six classes are:

Image via VNG Corporations
  • Swordmage: A hybrid class that combines melee and magic attacks. Swordmages are versatile and can adapt to different combat situations.
  • Occultist: A mage class that specializes in casting spells and has high damage output. Occultists are vulnerable in close combat, but their spells can inflict heavy damage on enemies.
  • Paladin: A tank class that has high defense and can absorb damage. Paladins are effective at drawing enemy attacks and protecting their teammates.
  • Blademaster: A melee class that specializes in close combat and has high damage output. Blademasters can quickly take down enemies with their fast attacks.
  • Spiritshaper: A support class that specializes in healing and buffing teammates. Spiritshapers are essential for keeping the team alive during battles.

Other in-game features and characteristics

  • Quest: refers to a specific mission or task given to a player in the game, this is one of the most important aspects in MMORPG that dictates the progress of the players
  • Skill: refers to a character’s unique abilities or attacks that can be used during combat or outside of combat, such as stunning or even instantly eliminating enemies. Skills can vary between classes and can be leveled up to increase their effectiveness.
  • Gear: refers to the equipment that a character uses to enhance their stats and abilities, such as weapons, armor, and accessories. Gear can be obtained through various means such as quests, crafting, and looting from defeated enemies.

Revelation: Infinite Journey Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in Revelation: Infinite Journey Guide to help newbies kickstart their journey.

1. Keep working on the Grind

In the game, the players are able to use a very useful feature that only some other MMORPG games have. This is the Auto-battle system. By opting for the Auto-Battle feature, your character will automatically use skills to attack enemies and dodge their attacks without any input required from you. You won’t have any involvement in the battle. This enables the player to keep grinding for EXP and materials even when going AFK in the location.

2. Keep Upgrading your Special Abilities

In Revelation: Infinite Journey, your character has special abilities they can use in battles. To make these abilities stronger, you need to go to the Skills option in the main menu and use resources to boost each skill. When you boost a skill, it becomes more powerful and has a shorter cooldown time. So, if you want your character to be stronger in battles, you need to keep upgrading their skills.

This is important as skills are usually the biggest damage-dealing component each player will have when clearing enemies. This means that an upgrade in skills will upgrade the player directly as reflected by the player’s battle points rising.

3. Complete your Story Quests

In the game, it would be very important to complete the main quests, especially if you’re a beginner. These quests are like your guide and will help you understand the game until you reach a higher player level. You can find the main quests at the top left of the game screen, and you should follow them as they suggest. You can do this by just clicking the top left tab of the quest to auto-follow it.

Revelation Infinite Journey story quest
Image via VNG Corporations

At the beginning of the game, you only have the main quests to complete, so it’s important to follow them as this will unlock more features. The main quests will continue for a while, and there is plenty to complete. By completing these quests, you’ll be able to receive rewards. So, don’t forget to follow the main quests and enjoy all the available gameplay features as soon as possible.

4. Staying Healthy is important

One of the most important but overlooked aspects of the combat aspect of the game is the Health Potions. Battles can be hard and you need to keep your character healthy to avoid losing in battles. You can collect health potions as you fight enemies and complete quests.

Revelation Infinite Journey staying healthy
Image via VNG Corporations

These potions can be used to quickly heal your character. To use them, go to your inventory, find the medicine category, and equip your character with the health potions. It’s important to do this so your character can stay healthy and especially alive during battles.

Final Thoughts

Revelation: Infinite Journey is an immersive MMORPG that offers players a vast open-world environment to explore, challenging quests to complete, and engaging combat mechanics. The six classes in the game offer unique playstyles that cater to different preferences. The game mechanics, such as crafting and guilds, provide players with various activities to keep them engaged in the game. Overall, Revelation: Infinite Journey is a game worth trying for any MMORPG fan.

That’s all for today’s Revelation: Infinite Journey Beginners Guide! Did you find this Revelation: Infinite Journey Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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