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Reverse: 1999 Missing Words Guide and Tips

Complete the answers and find the right words!

Reverse: 1999 introduces the latest quests in the 1.1 update featuring the Missing Word puzzles. These intriguing challenges task you with examining newspaper clippings or leaflets and identifying the perfect word from a set of four options to complete the text. While the puzzles may initially seem straightforward, delving into the game’s lore becomes essential for tackling some of the more challenging word puzzles.

As a gacha game, puzzles are common. Navigating these puzzles successfully is not only a test of wit but also a means for you to secure stamps for the Theft of the Rimet Cup event. To assist you in effortlessly conquering these quests and claiming your rewards, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of answers in this article.

So, without further delay, let’s unveil the solutions to every missing word puzzle scattered throughout the immersive world of Reverse 1999. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, having these answers at your disposal ensures a smoother journey through the intricate word puzzles that await in this captivating update.

Reverse: 1999 Missing Crossword requirements

To participate in the puzzle, finish the tutorial and the starting storyline, which includes the cutscenes for both the puzzle and the new update.

Reverse 1999 missing words event
Image via Bluepoch

Start The Theft of the Rimet Cup event in Reverse: 1999 by completing the main story of the base game, In Our Time.

How to do the Reverse: 1999 Missing Crossword

In our guide for Reverse 1999’s Missing Words Crossword Answers, we’ve got all the right solutions for you in the Missing Words crossword puzzle. It’s more like a multiple-choice quiz than a traditional crossword, but you get the idea. While you could sift through all the game info to find the answers, we’re here to make it way easier for you.

The Theft of the Rimet Cup event in Reverse 1999 features three missing word puzzles in total. To access these puzzles, just click on the event banner, head to the stamp collection, and scroll down to the “Complete the newspaper puzzle” quests.

1. Meeting Of St. Pavlov Foundation London Branch Missing Words Answers

To start on The Meeting of St. Pavlov Foundation London Branch quest, navigate to TRC. 09 The Genius DJ. You’ll find this intriguing puzzle tucked within. To kickstart the challenge, simply click on the hovering newspaper icon situated in front of the building.

Reverse 1999 Missing words part 1
Image via Bluepoch
Missing WordAnswer
Missing Word 1Significant
Missing Word 2Involved with many interest groups
Missing Word 3Controversial
Missing Word 4Creative

2. The Daily Moon Missing Words Answers

Discover The Daily Moon quest found within TRC. 16 As We Like It. To dive into this captivating puzzle, initiate the challenge by clicking on the floating newspaper icon located inside the building. From there, let the missing word mission unravel.

Reverse 1999 Missing Words part 2
Image via Bluepoch
Missing WordAnswer
Missing Word 1Free
Missing Word 2New Arts
Missing Word 3Terms Papers
Missing Word 4Existentialism

3. Mayor Holding A New Event Missing Words

Start on The Mayor Holding A New Event quest, concealed within TRC. 06 Confluence of the Routes. Begin this intriguing puzzle by clicking on the hovering golden newspaper icon situated in front.

Image via Bluepoch
Missing WordAnswer
Missing Word 1The Pirate Captain
Missing Word 2The Great Thief Acey
Missing Word 3Diggers
Missing Word 4Pickles

Once you hit go, the game will guide you through each puzzle location, allowing you to solve them one by one. Completing each puzzle earns you 1 Rimet Stamp, which you can then exchange for various rewards in Reverse 1999.

Reverse: 1999 Missing Words Rewards

Participating in the Reverse: 1999 Missing Words proves to be quite rewarding for players, offering a substantial amount of Puppy coins. These coins hold significant value as a crucial in-game currency, allowing players to access and redeem various enticing rewards within the game. Each stage will reward you with certain puppy coins which will total into the following:

  • 750 Puppy Coins

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up the Missing Words Crossword in Reverse 1999, it’s clear that this puzzle quest brings both fun and rewards to the gaming table. So, for players seeking a blend of entertainment and in-game benefits, diving into the Missing Words Crossword is a rewarding journey within the captivating world of Reverse 1999.

What are your thoughts about the Reverse: 1999 Missing Words? Let us know in the comments below!

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