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Roblox Murder Mystery 3 free codes and how to redeem them (August 2022)

Here's how to get exclusive rewards!

In Roblox‘s Murder Mystery 3, players take on the role of either a sheriff or a killer. The objective of the game is simple – kill or be killed. However, there is a twist. The sheriff can only shoot the murderer, and the murderer can only kill innocent bystanders. As such, players will have to use their detective skills to figure out who is the killer before they strike. This article will list all the available active free redeem codes in Murder Mystery 3 and the rewards they give and explain to you how you can redeem these codes.

How to get free redeem codes in Murder Mystery 3

YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Facebook are all great places to look for the Murder Mystery 3 codes. You can often find codes that have been shared by the developers or by other players. Make sure to check these places regularly, as new codes are often released.

You can also join in on the discussion and ask other players for help in finding the codes. Finally, don’t forget to check the official website or social media accounts for announcements about new codes. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to stay up-to-date on all the latest code releases.

Murder Mystery 3 free redeem codes and rewards

Here is the list of redeem codes for Murder Mystery 3. Make sure to use them before they expire.

Redeem CodesRewards
LOLPOPCandy Cane Lollipop Knife
D34THSoul Keeper Knife
LUG3RBlue Luger
BAGUETTEBaguette Knife
V4L3NHeart Axe
!DUCK!Promo Knife
P1ZZ4!Pizza Kunai
G4L4XY!Galaxy Saber
N00B3YOof Effect
WINTERCandy Spirit Knife
S3NSen Knife
TH0RThor’s Hammer
TURK3YTurkey Knife
V3NT3DCyan Deagle
T1NYPink Mini Hammer
SK00LPencil Sword and Pencil Revolver
S0RR0WBlade of Sorrow
CH13FChief Gavel
H1DD3NHidden Sparkletime Pet
R3TURNReturn Knife
B0XBox Cutter Knife
V4P0RVaporwave Sword
UPD4T3Fortune Gun and Honor Knife
P0T4T0Potato Knife
EDW4RDBig Scissors Knife
!CHR0M4LIF3!Chroma Slayer Sword
!SK311!Skeleton Slasher
GH05TGhost Scythe
PR1S0N3DBlood Scythe
3DG3DVoid Scythe
!D4G!Dagger of Dimensions
V4P0RVaporwave Knife
R41NRainbow Set
Y3P!Pegasus Pet
!T3N!10M Knife
INF3RN4LInfernal Axe
INF3RN10Green Soul Knife
M1DN1GHTMidnight Scythe
$!BL4Z3$!Dragon’s Blaze Knife
LUCK3YLucky Axe
D4RK!EDDarksteel Knife
H3LH4MM2R3DHell Hammer
!R3D!!Red Venom Knife
PH4R40HPharaoh’s Slayer Knife

How to redeem the free codes in Murder Mystery 3

Look out for the steps below to successfully redeem the codes in Murder Mystery 3.

Murder Mystery 3 free redeem codes
Image via Roblox
  • Tap on the Twitter icon coming on the game screen.
  • Type the code exactly as given in the article in the given Enter Here space.
  • Hit the Enter button and receive your in-game rewards instantly.

That’s all for now! We’ll be sure to update this post if new codes or redemption instructions are released. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy trying to solve the Murder Mystery 3 cases. Good Luck and Happy Sleuthing!

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