Royal Match Beginners Guide and Tips

Swipe, match, and level up your gameplay!

Royal Match, a match-3 puzzle game crafted by Dream Games, Ltd. Set in the enchanting backdrop of King Robert’s castle, this mobile adventure promises hours of joy as you solve puzzles, unlock boosters, and decorate the royal abode. This Royal Match Beginners Guide is your ticket to a world of simple yet engaging fun, where every move brings you closer to becoming the ultimate royal puzzle master.

Royal Match Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics


In Royal Match, your primary mission in each level is to create matches of 3 or more tiles of the same color. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter a diverse range of levels, each with a set number of moves. It’s essential to strategize and solve the puzzle before exhausting these moves, which are conveniently displayed on the right side of the screen, just above the items you need to collect.

Royal Match Mechanics
Image via Dream Games, Ltd.

Every level introduces a specific objective. Initially, the goal may be as simple as collecting a designated number of tiles of a particular color, such as red, blue, or green. However, as you advance to higher stages, the challenges intensify with the introduction of additional ‘special’ elements on the board. These elements come in various forms, demanding diverse strategies to swiftly remove them and progress through the increasingly complex levels.

Decorate Castle

Use the coins you earn to decorate different areas of King Robert’s castle like the King’s room, kitchen, and garden. This not only adds a cool look to the game but also makes it more interactive. Decorating the castle is a fun way to make it your own and unlock new challenges.

Royal Match Castle Decorate
Image via Dream Games, Ltd.

Additionally, decorating unlocks new stuff and gives you more things to do. So, get creative, make the castle your own, and enjoy the extra surprises and tasks that come with it!

Joining Team

Teams are all about chatting, helping each other out, and winning together. When you reach level 20, you can either join a team or create your own. Teams can be open to anyone or closed, needing approval to join. You can have up to 50 members in a team. Just remember, you need an internet connection to be part of the team fun.

Royal Match Team
Image via Dream Games, Ltd.

So, whether you’re sharing lives or taking on team events, teams in Royal Match bring a social twist to the puzzle adventure! Join in, chat with your team, and aim for victory together!

Events for Rewards

The fun goes beyond puzzles with cool events like King’s Cup, Sky Race, Team Battle, and Lightning Rush. Play against others, show off your skills, and win awesome rewards. Whether you’re flying high in Sky Race, teaming up in Team Battle, or racing against time in Lightning Rush, each event brings new challenges and chances to be a winner.

Royal Match Events
Image via Dream Games, Ltd.

Participate, win prizes for your awesome achievements, and watch your progress soar. Events make your royal adventure even more exciting, so get ready to play, compete, and claim your rewards.

Power Up Combinations

In Royal Match, combining power-ups takes your game to a whole new level, creating dazzling explosions and clearing loads of tiles. These combos are your secret weapons for overcoming tough levels. Here’s how they work:

Royal Match Power-ups Combos
Image via Dream Games, Ltd.
  • Rocket + Rocket: Clears both the row and column of the selected tile for a big sweep.
  • Rocket + TNT: Creates a massive blast, clearing three rows and columns of the chosen tile.
  • TNT + TNT: Triggers a huge explosion, clearing items in a four-tile radius.
  • Propeller + Propeller: Generates three Propellers, each clearing three random game elements. During takeoff, they also clear nearby tiles.
  • Propeller + Rocket or TNT: Takes excitement up a notch by having the Propeller carry the TNT or Rocket to a random tile. During takeoff, this combo clears neighboring tiles.
  • Light Ball + Rocket or TNT or Propeller: Turns common colored items into a Rocket, TNT, or Propeller, adding versatility.
  • Light Ball + Light Ball: Unleashes a stunning display, clearing all items on the board and removing one layer from any game element.

Royal Match Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on the Objectives

Pay close attention to what the puzzle wants you to do. Instead of randomly matching tiles, aim to complete the given tasks. This not only makes your moves more purposeful but also helps you make the most of each turn, allowing you to efficiently tackle the challenges in every puzzle.

2. Start at the Bottom for Maximum Impact

Begin your moves from the bottom of the board. This gives you better chances of creating special tiles and setting off chain reactions, making your moves more effective. Playing from the bottom is like starting your puzzle adventure on the right foot!

3. Take your Time

If there’s no rush, take it slow. Look at the board, plan your moves carefully, and enjoy the satisfaction of solving the puzzle with plenty of moves to spare. Taking your time not only helps you clear levels but also adds to the fun of the game.

4. Utilize the Boosters Wisely

Learn the strengths of each booster. Take advantage of pre-level boosters for a head start, and strategically deploy in-game boosters like the Royal Hammer and Arrow to tackle obstacles. Understanding each booster’s unique abilities enhances your overall puzzle-solving strategy.

5. Do the Power-ups Combos

Experiment with combining power-ups to unlock their full potential. Combos like Rocket + TNT, TNT + TNT, and others create explosive effects, clearing large areas and significantly boosting your chances of success. Mastering these combinations adds a dynamic and strategic element to your journey through the royal puzzles.

Final Thoughts

As you play Royal Match, it’s not just a game – it’s a royal journey full of puzzles and fun. You’ve learned to match tiles, decorate the castle, and conquer challenges like a true royal pro. With tips on boosting your gameplay, mastering power-ups, and rocking team events, you’re now a puzzle-solving expert. Whether you’re saving the king, making your castle cool, or winning events, each move brings you closer to success in this awesome kingdom. So, keep swiping, matching, and enjoying every puzzle win.

That’s all from us for the Royal Match Beginners Guide! Did you find our Royal Match Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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