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Seven Knights 2 Character Tier List for June 2024

Choose from only the best characters

Seven Knights 2 is an RPG continuing its epic story from the first Seven Knights game from Netmarble, the game has various mechanics and characters each with its unique abilities. For a new player, choosing good characters at the start may seem like a daunting task, which can be made easy with this Seven Knights 2 tier list. 

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Seven Knights 2 Character Tier List for June 2024

To make things simpler, I’ve grouped the heroes into four tiers: Strong (S)Good (A)Fair (B), and Average (C). This tier list is divided based on the viability of units for different content, along with their classes and their best usage against the type of game content. Many units are better suited for specific game types. As the game updates in the future, some information may change, so keep a lookout for that.

Strong (S)Ace (Moon Slicing Yacha),
Rachel (Crimson Flame Incarnate),
Dellons (Annihilation Knight)
Yeonhee (Transcendence of Time and Space),
Noho (Historian,
Sun Wukong (Great Sage),
Rudy (Knight of Light),
Eileene (Immortal Lightning Empress)
Vanessa (Time Traveler),
Shay (Elena’s Sword),
Lina (Harmonic Melody)
Rudy (Wings of Annihilation),
Elenia (Rule Breaker),
Platin (Messenger of the Goddess)
Good (A)Shane (Nestra’s Disciple),
Bolt Z (Autonomous Magical Weapon)
Evan (Knight of Darkness),
Pallanus (Telus’s Hope),
Evan (King of Darkness)
Yuri (Three-Tailed Fox),
Drake (Wolf of the North Sea),
Lukey (Comeback King),
Zephyr (Descendant of Dunfrost),
Rudy (Ultimate Guardian),
Evan (White Wolf)
Phine (Child of Light),
Clemyth (Steps of Atonement)
Branze & Bransel (Hateful Maniacs),
Knox (Hell Adjutant),
Nebiros (Apostle of the Abyss),

Valdur (Elena’s Sword)
Fair (B)Ivlis (Wraithscream Sword),
Mercure (Mad Researcher),
Kyle (Chains of Vengeance),
Ming (Nestra’s Disciple),
Dellons (Reaper of the Abyss),
Varion (Indomitable Guardian)

Rin (Empress of Aisha),
Colt (Bullet Dancer),
Karl Heron (Dual Wielding Hunter)
Cosette (Elena’s Sword),

Scott (Dark Dragon of Destruction),
Spike (Ice King),
Ophelia (Sheild of Protection),
Jave (Guardian Dragon)
Ian (Alchemist of the Abyss),
Evan (Lord of Destruction),
Teo (Vanquisher of Evil),
Kris (Hell Lord),
Ace (Heavenly Sword),
Karma (Sage of the Inner Eye),
Iota (Roar of Taragon)
Average (C)Cheng Chen (Netra’s Disciple),
Lene (Elena’s Sword),
Scott (Elena’s Sword),
Casper (Special Problem-solver),
Ming (Villanous Succubus)
Lukey (Netra’s Disciple),
Cosette (Magic Automata),
Neo (New Ego),
Juju (Soul Guide),
Claire (Unblemished Patrol)

Kade (Elena’s Sword),
Tristan (Netra’s Disciple),
Valdur (The Final Knight),
Windigo (Guardian of the Bitter Cold),
Tristan (Fortress of Steel)
Melissa (Nestra’s Disciple),
Henry (Elena’s Sword),
Ian (Alchemist)
Rudy (Recluse),
Theon (Revolutionary Beastkin),
Eileen (Eternal Empress),
Serena (Heavenly Voice),
Guilahan (Magical Engineer)

Seven Knights 2 Best Characters for June 2024

Best DPS Character – Ace (Moon Slicing Yacha)

In my experience, Ace (Moon Slicing Yacha) is one of the best heroes in Seven Knights 2 due to his high damage output, versatile skill set, and effectiveness in both PvE and PvP.

Seven Knights 2 Inventory
Image via Netmarble

His abilities include powerful attacks, crowd control, and debuffs that can significantly weaken enemies, making him a top choice for quickly eliminating enemies. Additionally, his skills provide good synergy with various team compositions, enhancing overall team performance.

Best Ranged Character – Yeonhee (Transcendence of Time and Space)

From what I have seen, Yeonhee (Transcendence of Time and Space) is one of the best characters in Seven Knights 2 because of her exceptional versatility, high damage potential, and unique abilities that control the battlefield.

Seven Knights 2 Yeonhee (Transcendence of Time and Space)
Image via Netmarble

She excels in both PvE and PvP scenarios due to her powerful and unstoppable attacks which can deal significant damage to enemies. Her strong attacks and the ability to debuff enemies further enhance her team’s effectiveness.

Best Tank Character – Sun Wukong (Great Sage)

In my experience, Sun Wukong (Great Sage) is one of the best characters in Seven Knights 2 due to his impressive versatility, high survivability, and powerful damage-dealing capabilities. His skills often include strong AoE attacks that can deal significant damage to multiple enemies, making him a formidable presence in both PvE and PvP.

Seven Knights 2 Sun Wukong (Great Sage)
Image via Netmarble

Additionally, Sun Wukong typically has abilities that provide crowd control, such as stuns, which can disrupt enemy formations. His survivability is enhanced by skills that allow him to dodge attacks, regenerate health, or temporarily become invincible.

Best Support Character – Vanessa (Time Traveler)

From what I’ve seen, Vanessa (Time Traveler) is one of the best characters in Seven Knights 2 due to her unique abilities to heal and buff allies, debuff enemies, and deal with AoE attacks. Her skills provide substantial support to her team by enhancing their defenses and healing them, while also weakening the opposing team with powerful debuffs.

Seven Knights 2 Vanessa (Time Traveler)
Image via Netmarble

Additionally, her AoE attacks allow her to deal significant damage to multiple enemies at once, making her a versatile and valuable asset in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Best Universal Character – Rudy (Wings of Annihilation)

In my experience, Rudy (Wings of Annihilation) is one of the best heroes in Seven Knights 2 due to his exceptional tanking capabilities, crowd control, and team support abilities. Rudy excels in dealing with AoE damage and protecting his teammates, making them more resilient in both PvE and PvP battles.

Seven Knights 2 Rudy (Wings of Annihilation)
Image via Netmarble

Rudy offers a balanced mix of offense and defense, making him adaptable to various combat situations. Rudy’s Universal nature ensures that he remains a vital and indispensable asset in any team composition.

Final Thoughts

This tier list gives insight into the different characters in Seven Knights 2, sorting them by their strengths and roles in combat. Some excel in PvE or PvP, while others are versatile across game modes. Whether you’re forming a team for raids or battles, knowing each hero’s strengths and how they work together is key. Keep in mind, that while tier lists help, your playstyle and team choices matter most in achieving success.

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