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Seven Knights 2 Character Tier List for May 2022

Choose from only the best characters

Seven Knights 2 is a new RPG game continuing its epic story from the first Seven Knights game, the game has various mechanics and characters each with its own unique abilities. For a new player, choosing good characters at the start may seem like a daunting task, which can be made easy with this Seven Knights 2 tier list for May 2022. 

Seven Knights 2 Character Tier List for May 2022

This tier list is divided based on the viability of units for different content, along with their classes and their best usage against the type of game content. Many units are better suited for specific game types. As the game updates in the future, some information may change, so keep a lookout for that. Note that C-tier characters are usually not worth investment, other than the early game.

TierCharacterClassStrong for
SShaySupportPvE Dungeons
SDellonsDPSSingle Boss
SShaneDPSPvP. Group Battle
SRudy TankGroup Battle
ALukey [Nestra’s Disciple]RangedPvE Dungeons 
AGuilahanUniversalGroup Battle
AAdelTankGroup Battle
AIanSupportGroup Battle
ASerenaUniversalPvE Dungeons
ACheng Chen [Nestra’s Disciple]DPSSingle Boss
ALene [Elena’s Sword]UniversalHigh-Level Dungeon
AMelissa [Nestra’s Disciple]SupportPvE Dungeons 
ARachelDPSPvE, Single Boss
AHenry [Elena’s Sword]SupportPvE Dungeons 
BCosetteRangedSingle Boss
BScottUniversalSingle Boss 
BIotaTankGroup Battle
BMingDPSGroup Battle
BWindigoTankGroup Battle 
BScott [Elena’s Sword]UniversalSingle Boss
CCasperDPSLow-Level Dungeon
CKadeTankMid Level Dungeon 
CMelissaSupportLow-Level Dungeon
CCheng ChenDPSLow-Level Dungeon
CBlack RoseDPSLow-Level Dungeon
CTristanTankLow-Level Dungeon

Seven Knights 2 Best Characters for May 2022

S Tier Characters

Characters in this tier are the best among best, they can be considered top-of-the-line units against specific entities, they are useful in various situations and should be a top priority always when you are pulling for characters.  


Seven Knights 2 Tier List December 2021

She is one of the best DPS characters for players to get them through the early game, her kit is versatile enough to fill many roles by her from PvE to PvP. She has high single target damage and the ability to teleport as well which may help in various situations. Her AOE output is decent, and she has high usage in PvP and Group Battles.


Seven Knights 2 Tier List December 2021

She is one of the best support characters, her kit allows her to charge up her allies’ ultimate skill gauge, and she can even steal the ultimate skill gauge from her enemies and add it to her own gauge. With good timing, she is very ideal for PvE and PvP content, especially PvP.

A Tier Characters

Units in this tier are great but not the best, however, some characters are mandatory against some specific kind of game content, until you get a good S tier unit of the specific type, they are viable enough to carry you through the game.


Seven Knights 2 Tier List December 2021

She is a support character with a primary focus on healing. Her kit includes shielding with healing which is very helpful for longer battles. She can even decrease enemies’ DEF which will allow for higher damage output by your characters. Overall she is a very good unit only bested by Karin.



She is a universal-type character that can be used for many types of content in the game. Her usage mostly includes supporting allies by healing them as all her skills have a healing effect when used. She can also provide ATK buff and debuff for your allies and enemies respectively.

B Tier Characters

Some of the characters are useful in some situations but are outclassed by those in S and A tiers, so use them until mid-game and replace them with better units.



She is a DPS character and is good in Group Battles, all her skills are of AOE type, and is good against dealing with multiple targets at once. She also has a good ATK buff, but is somewhat of a glass cannon and can be defeated very easily if you are not careful.



She is a ranged unit with very high crit capabilities, very powerful, and adding all her skills and passives, she is a very great DPS unit too, she does need some support from other characters to bring out her true potential.

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