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Solo Leveling ARISE: Silver Mane Baek Yoonho Build Guide: Best weapon, Artifact, Team comps, and more

Build Silver Mane to the max potential!

The launch of Solo Leveling: ARISE, a highly anticipated mobile game with an action RPG experience, has generated immense excitement. After extensively testing various SSR characters, I’ve gained expertise in optimizing their builds. This Solo Leveling: ARISE Silver Mane Baek Yoonho Build Guide is designed to maximize his potential and recommend optimal builds.

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Silver Mane Baek Yoonho Playstyle

Silver Mane is an SSR character with the Dark element and Fighter class. He excels in dealing high single-target damage, with his attack increasing as his HP decreases. He’s straightforward to use and can unleash incredible damage against bosses and single enemies, especially without his ultimate ability.

Solo Leveling Arise Silver Mane Baek Yoonho
Image via Netmarble

Building him is relatively simple, focusing on HP, attack, and critical hit damage to maximize his basic attacks’ impact. However, he can be challenging to keep alive without skillful gameplay or a dedicated healer, as healing reduces his damage potential due to his unique mechanic.

Silver Mane Baek Yoonho Best Weapons

Choosing the right weapon for the newly introduced limited character, Silver Mane Baek Yoonho, requires careful consideration of his elemental type, class, playstyle, and team compatibility. Because he serves as a damage dealer with a focus on HP-based scaling, the selection of ideal weapons is somewhat constrained. Nonetheless, utilizing his signature weapon can provide unmatched synergy. Here are some of the top weapon selections for Silver Mane Baek Yoonho.

Solo Leveling Arise Howling White Tigers Soul
Image via Netmarble

Howling White Tiger’s Soul

Howling White Tiger’s Soul stands out as an excellent choice for Silver Mane Baek Yoonho due to its significant increase in Basic Attack damage and unique HP-scaling mechanic upon each attack. This weapon synergizes well with Silver Mane’s playstyle, where lower HP translates to higher damage output. In my experience, using Howling White Tiger’s Soul greatly enhances Silver Mane’s damage potential, making it a top recommendation for players looking to optimize their performance.

Steel Dagger

On the other hand, Steel Dagger offers a solid increase in Basic Attack damage along with boosted Attack, Defense, and HP stats. While it lacks the unique HP-scaling feature of Howling White Tiger’s Soul, Steel Dagger’s overall stat boost and damage increase make it a reliable choice for players aiming to improve Silver Mane’s overall durability and damage output in battles.

Silver Mane Baek Yoonho Best Artifacts

The Black Lion Set offers beneficial bonuses for Silver Mane Baek Yoonho, increasing his Attack with the 2-piece bonus and allowing him to bypass a portion of the target’s Defense with the 4-piece bonus. These artifact sets bonuses complement Silver Mane’s role as a damage dealer, improving his ability to break through enemy defenses and deal more damage.

Solo Leveling Arise Black Lion set
Image via Netmarble

Black Lion Set

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    Your Attack increases by 5%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    When attacking, ignore 15% of the target’s Defense and attacks.

Similarly, the Skeleton Set is a strong choice for Silver Mane Baek Yoonho, especially when his HP drops below certain thresholds. With the 2-piece bonus, his damage increases significantly when his HP is low, and the 4-piece bonus enhances this effect further. These bonuses align well with Silver Mane’s playstyle, rewarding players who can strategically manage their HP to maximize their damage potential during critical moments in battles.

Skeleton Set

  • 2-Piece Bonus
    When the user has 50% HP or less, the damage dealt increases by 15%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus
    HP condition has been changed to 70% and the Damage Dealt Increase effect has increased to 30%.

Silver Mane Baek Yoonho Best Teammates

In Solo Leveling: ARISE, crafting the right team composition is essential for success, especially when considering Silver Mane Baek Yoonho. His gameplay focuses on strategic damage dealing and balancing his HP with damage increase. Let’s delve into three outstanding teammates who synergize well with him, amplifying his strengths and optimizing his battlefield impact.

Solo Leveling Arise Silver Mane Baek Yoonho Best team
Image via Netmarble

Lee Bora

Lee Bora is an excellent teammate for Silver Mane Baek Yoonho due to her summoning abilities, providing consistent passive damage that complements his strategic damage dealing. Her buffs are particularly effective for dark element hunter teams, synergizing perfectly with Silver Mane’s dark element type.

While it can be challenging to stay within her buff circle due to enemy movement, her summons compensate by dealing additional damage. As I’ve experienced, Lee Bora becomes even more potent with additional duplicates, making her a staple dark support unit and expanding team composition options for players with dark-based hunters.

Min Byung-Gu

Min Byung-Gu stands out as one of the best teammates for Silver Mane Baek Yoonho because of his healing prowess, which is crucial for sustaining Silver Mane’s HP during battles. As the top healer in the game, Min Byung-Gu not only provides essential healing but also contributes decent damage output for light element teams.

His Disguise effect amplifies damage taken by enemies, enhances healing skills, and boosts crit rate/damage for the entire team. In my experience, Min Byung-Gu’s versatility and reliability make him a staple unit in modes like Battlefield of Time, where sustained healing is vital.

Seo Jiwoo

Seo Jiwoo emerges as an exceptional teammate for Silver Mane Baek Yoonho, serving as the best breaker unit in the game with constant cooldown refreshes on her skills. Her ability to generate shields enhances her tankiness, and her scaling with HP makes her easy to build while sustaining herself without a dedicated healer in many situations.

Her versatility shines through skills that provide break, shield, and knockdown effects, making her an adaptable tank that synergizes well with Silver Mane’s damage-focused playstyle. In my personal experience, Seo Jiwoo’s constant skill refreshes and utility make her an essential part of any team composition alongside Silver Mane.

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