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Summoners War: Chronicles Beginners Guide and Tips

Venture into the dungeons with your strategy!

Summoners War: Chronicles is the latest title from Com2uS Studio in its fan-favorite series. The game follows up with the Summoners War verse which includes Summoners War, Summoners War: Sky Arena, and Summoners War Lost Centuria. Players are to be familiar with Summoners War so that they can come across the Chronicles and enjoy themselves just like never before. The game has come up with even more features to make it interesting for the players itself. Thus, let us dig into the world of Summoners War: Chronicles and explore the world to make beginners familiar with this guide.

Gameplay Overview

Summoner Wars Chronicles came up with similar sets of graphics just like Summoner Wars that attracted the players most towards these RPG games. The game follows up with similar game mechanics and controls as well. All the features are displayed on the same game screen so that players can easily get access to the important features such as the Bag, inventory upgrading spaces, and many more. Summoners War: Chronicles has introduced some of the monsters in the form of an ally for the character.

The game has three main characters with different abilities and powers that will help the players to choose wisely the character they want based on their powers. Players can even customize the characters as per their choice so that it can boost interest within the players. The best part is that players can create their own story with the best five attributes of monsters in the game.

gameplay overview summoners war chronicles
Image via Com2uS

Players can even have the chance to cross paths with other players as well. It is a server-based game wherein a particular server many people come together to enjoy under one roof. There are several game modes apart from the open-world storyline such as Area Dungeon, Ascension, Raid, and the Arena.

Introducing the Basics of Summoners War: Chronicles


Summoners War Chronicles follows up the same story as the Summoners War universe. Info, the long-known villain boss of the game, came into the world and began the war against the people of this world. Being an undisputed individual, the Rahil clan members came across to face Tefo and made him encaged inside the unstable rift.

storyline summoners war chronicles
Image via Com2uS

But, the disgrace never goes away and again Tefo has returned from the unstable rift to take back his long-lost desire for revenge. Yet again, the three most important members of the Rahil clan have come together to take down Tefo and bring back peace once again in their home. Players can play with any one of the three characters which come up with different sorts of Earth elemental powers along with 300+ monsters to accompany themselves during progressing through the storyline.

Resource Management

The game has major currencies and resources that help the players to progress further into the game. The main currency in the game is Gold and Crystals, players can own Gold from every task, mission, objective, and chapter they complete. Crystals are a rare piece of currency and help the players in enhancing the characters and other key factors that will help them progress into the game further.

Important currency and resources summoners war chronicles
Image via Com2uS

There are also resources such as Normal EXP portions and Crystal water portions which are very important for the players because with the help of these resources players can upgrade the characters, monsters, and their skills as well.


The inventory shows all the weapons, runes, and other valuable resources owned by the players. Players can use them further and come up with the best set of progression for their profile.


The store comes up with all the sets of resources and currencies that can be bought by the players with the help of real-time transactions and help them progress further into the game.

Summoner Pass

Summoner Pass war chronicles
Image via Com2uS

The Summoner Pass is a game pass provided to the players. The Pass has both free and Premium versions which come along with a lot of exclusive rewards such as costumes, portions, currencies, Skill tokens, and many more. Players have to go through an in-app purchase to get the Premium Summoner Pass.


Image via Com2uS

The Map is the most important feature to be precise. Here the players can check their location and know more about the World of Summoners War and the Rahil Clan as well. Make sure you go through the Map after a while to know more about the open world you are roaming around.

Understanding the Game modes

The game offers so many games apart from the main storyline and thus makes the scenario a lot more interesting for the players. The game modes come along with different sorts of powerful villains which are very difficult to defeat and players can even face themselves with their summoner and the monster as companions to fight and showcase their skills against themselves. The major game modes are:

  • Cairos: Players have to go against the Hall which has all six types of powers within itself. There are six sections, one with one type of ability, and also every section comes up with levels from 1 to 6. The Dungeon becomes more powerful in a sequential manner, players have to defeat them and win great rewards.
  • Expedition – The Expedition section also has six non-arc journeys for the players where the players have to defeat villains based on six class abilities and win great rewards.
expedition summoners war chronicles
Image via Com2uS
  • Party Dungeon – In Party Dungeon, players can make a party where they can form a team along with other players and defeat creatures altogether. The Section has three other sections such as; Raid, Rupture, and Seal.
  • Battlefield – The Battlefield is the place where the players can come along into the forest of dark and fight against the ancient spirit and their boss. Players can win rewards like the Sky stone, gold, and crystals from this game mode.
  • Arena – up here players can go against other players and showcase their fighting skills to win great rewards and resources.

Mastering the Summoners

The game has three main characters or summoners namely; Cleaf, Kina, and Orbia. The three of them belong to the Rahil clan and have been summoned together to win against the gigantic mythic villain, Tefo who once failed to conquer their land but once again has made his appearance to seek revenge. These heroes are very powerful if upgraded to the max level by the players. These heroes possess different sets of powers within themselves;

  • Cleaf:  Cleaf is a Tank class player who has immense physical ability. He has the willpower to defeat every sort of opponent due to his fantastic skills and rage attacks.
  • Orbia: Orbia is the Magician of the clan. She even has an Honours degree in Magic from the Rahil Magic School and thus also was recognized as the best Magic user in the whole locality, she has a great essence of ranged attacks and provides the best support to his companions.
  • Kina: Kina is the Healer among them and can also come up with some of the best-supporting shots from behind. She is another pride from the Rahil Magic School and was even offered to join the Rahil troop at a very early age as an apprentice due to her extraordinary healing abilities.
The heroes summoners
Image via Com2uS

The Summoner section is one of the key sections of the game for every player. In this section, players come up with four different sections;

  • Summoner
  • Skills
  • Enhance
  • Closet

Every sub-sections has its purpose to serve. The Summoner section comes along with all the information regarding the Summoner the player is using. Players can go through all the stats of the character in use and then enhance its skills and weapons to make it more powerful than before. Just like this, the Skill section also serves the purpose of unlocking more skills to make the character fight like a maniac in front of the devils. Players can upgrade their skills to further levels in this section only.

Upgrading the Skills of the Summoners

  • Tap on the Menu icon on the top right corner of the game screen and check for the Summoner section on the right side of the screen.
  • Select the Skills option under the Summoners section. Select the Enhance Skill option present at the bottom right corner of the Skills page.
  • After this, players can see all the types of skills used by the character under the subsections Attribute Research, Passive, and Utility.
upgrade the skills of the Summoners
Image via Com2uS
  • Check for the skills in these subsections and go through the conditions which are to be fulfilled before enhancing that particular skill.
  • If the conditions are fulfilled, then use your skill tokens and Enhance the skills of the character at an instance.
upgrade the skills of the Summoners
Image via Com2uS

After this, comes the Enhance section where the players can go for an upgrade for the weapons they use. Players can also enhance their weapons and increase the ATK and DEF strengths of their weapons.

Upgrading the Weapons of the Summoners

  • Go to the same section just like above, and check for the Enhance option under the Summoner section.
  • After this, players can see four sub-sections namely; Enhance, Equip Gem, Apply Effect Stone, and Disassemble Equipment. Go to the Enhance sub-section.
  • Players can see the weapons being used by the characters, select one of them and tap on the Enhance button to upgrade the level of the weapons.
enhance weapons summoners war
Image via Com2uS

Enhancing weapons requires Gold coins which are one of the most easily gathered currencies in the game. So players can win Gold on every reward they win. After this comes up the closet section where players can customize the look of their character and play with the comfort of the physical appearance of the Summoner they are playing with.

Utilizing your Monsters

This is the companion’s section where the players can go through all the monsters they own and even enhance them further to be more powerful. The Monster also comes up with different powers sets such as;

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Magic
Monster summoners war
Image via Com2uS

The monsters possess as per the above class basis and go along with the Summoner to support him in a battle. Players also come across four sub-sections under the Monster section such as Monster, Rune, Summon Altar, and Exchange Pieces. In the Monster section, players can go and check all the monsters they own. Players can also upgrade the monsters, and their skills, evolve them further, and can even awaken them with more power.

Upgrading the Monsters

  • Go to the Monster sections, and tap on the Monster option.
  • On the left side of the game screen, tap on the Level Up option.
  • Select the Materials you have, the game mainly offers three materials for leveling up a monster. Select the one you have and then tap on the Level Up option placed on the right side of the game screen.
level up the Monsters summoners war upgrading
Image via Com2uS

 After this, comes up the Rune section where players can Disassemble all the unnecessary Runes from the monster and utilize them further on other monsters as well. The major Runes which are used by the monster are:

  • Energy
  • Guard
  • Blade
  • Rage
  • Fatal
  • Swift
  • Focus
  • Endure
  • Foresight
  • Assemble

Followed up next, is the Summoner Altar, where the players can summon more monsters with the tokens and currencies to own the best companions while they battle against Tefo and his troops. In this game, players need different sorts of Scrolls to summon the different types of monsters. The list goes on like:

level up the Monsters summonerrs war chronicles
Image via Com2uS
  • Light Dark Summon – Light and Darkness Scroll
  • Transcendence Summon– Transcendence Scroll
  • Legendary Summon – Legendary Scroll
  • Mystical Summon – Mystical Scroll
  • Unknown Summon –  Unknown Scroll
  • Monster Piece Summon – for this players need a monster piece to summon
  • Selective Summon – players can select thor Altar blessing and then go for choosing a class monster as per their power type to summon them. The only condition players have to complete is Act 1, Chapter 13 to unlock this summon section.

Last but not the least, the Exchange Piece where the players can Exchange the monster and get rewarded back with some useful resources that they use somewhere else and progress further into the game. 

Summoners War: Chronicles Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips in our guide for beginners in Summoners War: Chronicles

1. Completing the Missions and Objectives

Complete the missions and objectives
Image via Com2uS

As a Beginner, follow up on the tasks given and complete them as soon as possible. These will help the players to progress further and win great rewards as well. Players can win valuable resources such as Gold, Crystals, Portions, Skill tokens, and Summoning Scrolls. This can help them a lot in upgrading the characters and summoning more monsters.

2. Upgrade your Summoners as much as you can

Use the Skill tokens and Portions and upgrade your summoner. Enhance the weapons and shields they use as well. These will help the players to make their summoners more powerful as these upgrades enhance the ATK, DEF, skills, and weapons that release more damage on the enemies and help them to diminish easily.

3. Summon more Monsters

Summoning Monsters must be one of the important priorities for Beginners. Collect the Scrolls and summon more monsters as the summoners cannot defeat the villains alone.

Summoners War Chronicles Beginners Guide Monsters
Image via Com2uS

Thus, the game has come up with companions in the form of monsters that possess immense powers and come up with the best support for the summoners while fighting on the battlefield.

4. Disassemble the unnecessary Runes from Monsters

That’s true! Players must disassemble the unnecessary Runes and use them further with other monsters. This helps in enhancing the defensive protection for all the monsters and attacks more precisely while fighting.

5. Spend your Resources wisely on Monsters

Players must always check the type of power the monster possesses and the number of stars it has. Players must always go with the monster that has a higher number of stars compared to the other it owns. As the number of stars increases, the more powerful the monster will be and thus it can help the summoner a lot while fighting against the villains.

Final Thoughts

Summoners War Chronicle is an interesting and one of the best RPG open world Action games developed by the Com2uS studios. The Game has a lot more interesting features for the players and runs on an online mode that can have an assured of no violation in fair gameplay. Players come along with lots of game modes where they can defeat powerful enemies and even fight against other players to analyze their skills. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Summoners War: Chronicles beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Summoners War: Chronicles Beginners Guide! Did you find our Summoners War: Chronicles beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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