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Summoners War: Lost Centuria Tier list for May 2022

Who should be your picks for this month?

 Summoners War: Lost Centuria got a global release in 2021, and since then, the strategy game has been very successful and has a lot of daily players. For those who do not know, Summoners War: Lost Centuria is a part of the Summoners War series which was released in 2014 by Com2uS. This is the sequel to the popular game title “Summoners War” which has received more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. However, we need to get to understand to use units the best, which we will help you out in this Summoners War: Lost Centuria tier list for May 2022.

SW: Lost Centuria Tier list for May 2022

As most units have a use in their comps and as such we will just organize this first tier list into which units are best in which positions.

The game breaks your units into 8 positions as such we will have the best units for each position. We will rank them each into the following tiers:

  • S – Overpowered
  • A – Good
  • B – Fair/Average
  • C – Weak

Position 1

This is the primary position and this is the first unit to get attacked during the match.

SPerna, Kuhn
ARamagos, Copper


  • Perna – A 5 Star unit and very good at stalling since this unit can revive when it dies making it extremely tanky.
  • Kuhn – Can counter the entire enemy frontline with his freeze effects and this can slow down the opponent’s plays or interrupt them if timed correctly.


  • Ramagos – Can heal himself and if allowed to set up he can really counter and punish the enemies hard, however, it’s very easy to counter him as his health needs to below to get the most out of his abilities.
  • Copper – Can tank on the frontlines, however since defense is his main way to tank without any other form of abilities, he can be shut down by defense piercing abilities.


  • Roid – Everyone starts with a Roid and he can be a very good filler unit, however, his only use is his targetable defense down.

Position 2-3

These two slots are for the sub tanks on your team which you will use to support the main tank and occasionally debuff the enemy team

SRakan, Poseidon, Jeanne
BCamilla, Mav, Verdehile, Hraesvelg


  • Rakan – His health pool is high so he can stay alive while also buffing your team and stalling for your damage to do their job.
  • Poseidon – He’s one of my favorite champions, he uses his AOE ability to damage the opponent team but most importantly it slows them down so that you’re able to perform more actions and overwhelm them
  • Jeanne – She can heal the lowest health unit on your team allowing for a more targeted heal especially on backline units that you may not normally be able to reach with other healers.


  • Camilla – She is very good when combined with Lushen as she has a combo to do massive damage and one hit the entire enemy team.
  • Mav – He’s good to save your main tank sometimes or just more importantly stall for time with his skill.
  • Verdehile – Is very good in lifesteal-focused comps as he will be able to gain a lot of HP in those and become very tanky.
  • Hraesvelg – Can deal good damage to the front line allowing you to burst them down faster in AOE comps.

Position 3-4

Lost Centuria May 2021 Tier list

These positions are mostly used for the sub-tank/ support units especially for the 4th unit, the support or healer is normally placed here. It’s usually good to lose your support once the team is down to 4 members because all damage buffs are cut in half when they’re only targeting 4 characters as opposed to 8.

SWoosa, Eleanor, Soha, Bernard
BChloe, Mikene, Collen, Megan


  • Woosa– is very good to counter AOE and Damage over time with their immunity and shield on all allies, really rendering the damage useless if timed correctly
  • Eleanor– Heals and cleanses the team which can stop a lot of DOT damage teams and but also just damages as a whole for your entire team.
  • Soha– She’s really good when the enemy team buffs a lot as you can let them stack buffs then steal them all for your team.
  • Bernard– He’s one of my personal favorites as he constantly accelerates your team when combined with slows, he can allow for 3 – 4 attacks for everyone your opponent lets out.


  • Chloe– Her spell cost is high which gives her placement here but when you do find skills to counter with her she can be devastating.
  • Mikene– She can even out damage through the entire team, but when done against AOE or dot comps this can be an auto lose.
  • Colleen– Her heal isn’t that strong but she has the benefit of adding attack up which helps with the Lushen and Camille oneshot team.
  • Megan– Her abilities make her half Collen and half Shannon but she’s just a buffer, not a healer as well like the two units I compared her to.

Position 5-6

This is the position for your backline tank, after the healer in the front is taken out you need another tank to start soaking up damage for your main damage dealers on the team.

SArtamiel, Hathor, Konamiya
AGanymede, Lushen, Nicki, Elucia
BOrion, Racuni, Prulea


  • Artamiel– He’s really good here due to his high HP/ Defense and his ability allows him to remove buffs and heal which makes him very useful when being attacked or just sitting in the backline.
  • Hathor– is extremely useful and well-timed use of his ability can cripple the enemy backline.
  • Konamiya– This unit is the entire reason why AOE teams work, if you plan to make one pick him up.


  • Ganymede– This unit is just a weaker Poseidon
  • Lushen– If you can fully buff Lushen he can one-shot the entire enemy team for an easy win.
  • Nicki– This unit can slowly whittle away at the backline, but her abilities are sometimes able to be resisted, and more focused comps might damage you too fast.
  • Elucia– She’s a strong single-target healer so she can still find use in the backline.


  • Orion– He’s annoying when it requires you to get him high level for his stats to shine.
  • Racuni– This unit can lower the costs of the cards in your hand but it’s only beneficial if you get lucky and the right cards are made cheaper.
  • Prulea– She’s just a ranged version of Roid.

Position 7-8

Lost Centuria May 2021 Tier list

This final position is where your two damage dealing units would go, since these are the last two units their abilities will be all that you draw so they’re essentially your finisher.

STessarion, Lapis, Sophia, Khmun, Baretta
ARagdoll, Kahli, Fynn, Hwa, Thrain
CSieq, Tagaros


  • Tessarion– This is that huge AOE that you’ve probably seen multiple times if you’ve played rank in Lost Centuria. He does massive damage and is a real threat to any team.
  • Lapis– if you combine the fact that her last attack is an AOE plus the fact that she keeps getting shield you’ll soon notice that a solo Sophia can take out entire teams of units.
  • Sophia– This Unit does massive damage and can effectively kill most units in one hit with very little setup, when you’re against units like Lapis as the last 2, she’s one of the only units who can kill her.
  • Khmun– As the last unit Khmun can deal massive damage and sustain himself constantly. If you have no way to prevent him from healing it’s almost impossible to stop a high-level Khmun on position 8.
  • Baretta– This is another strong AOE unit found on teams with Tessarion, you just spam his AOE and win.


  • Ragdoll– This one of the only units in the game that you can use to target who you specifically want to hit. He also applies a dragon debuff which causes an AOE to hit the opponents as well.
  • Kahli– This unit ignores the defense stat and makes the target unhealable.
  • Fynn– Single Target Damage over time unit with good damage and ability to freeze.
  • Hwa– This unit is scary and can assassinate many units with a bit of buff and setup.
  • Thrain– This unit can constantly keep the enemies stunned if you can maintain DOT on them


  • Sieq– Single target DPS not much to say
  • Tagaros– A very situational stun with good damage.

That’s all for our Summoners War: Lost Centuria May 2022 Tier list. If you’re interested in Team comps, do not forget to share this article with your friends and we’ll try our hand at writing out some and explaining the process!

Did you find this Summoners War: Lost Centuria May 2022 tier list helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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