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Summoners War: Sky Arena Team Composition Guide and Tips

Craft Winning Teams to Conquer Every Challenge

Summoners War: Sky Arena is an action-strategy RPG brought by Com2uS. In this game, you’ll collect and battle with a variety of unique monsters across different modes and challenges. Building a strategic team is crucial for dominating battles and progressing through the game. In this Summoners War: Sky Arena Team Composition Guide, we’ll provide tips and insights to help you build the strongest squad for your journey.

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How team role works in Summoners War: Sky Arena


Attackers are your main source of damage in battles. They focus on dealing heavy damage to enemies, often using powerful skills to take down enemies quickly. I recommend pairing them with support and defense monsters to keep them alive.


In my experience, Support monsters are essential for a team. They bring a lot of beneficial effects to the table, like buffs that boost our attack power, speed, defense, and healing. They can also offer crowd control effects like stuns, slows, and silences to disrupt enemy strategies. Support monsters play a vital role in keeping your team running smoothly and maximizing your attackers’ damage potential.


Defense monsters, also known as tanks, are crucial for absorbing damage and protecting your team. I found that they often have high defense and HP stats, and their skills can provoke or taunt enemies to protect my more vulnerable monsters. A reliable tank sustains the team through challenging battles and allows the attackers the time they need to dish out damage effectively.


HP-focused monsters are all about survivability and sustainability. They tend to have high health pools and may come with healing or self-healing abilities. I’ve found that some monsters also scale their damage based on their maximum HP, making them versatile in battle. HP-focused monsters can provide durability and longevity to your team.

Balance your Team’s Elements

In my experience, balancing your team’s elements is crucial for success in Summoners War: Sky Arena. I always make sure my team has a good mix of fire, water, wind, light, and dark monsters to handle different enemy types. Each element has its strengths and weaknesses, so having a variety helps you stay prepared for anything.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Attribute
Image via Com2uS

For instance, water is strong against fire, and wind is strong against water, so by covering all elements, you minimize vulnerabilities and increase your chances of countering enemies effectively. I’ve also found that certain dungeons and scenarios favor specific elements, so a diverse team lets you adapt your strategy and take advantage of these situations.

Examples of Team Composition in Summoners War: Sky Arena

1. Starter Team

Verdehile + Veromos + Belladeon+ Spectra

This team has been a solid pick for me when transitioning to Dragon’s Lair after spending time farming Giant’s Keep. It features easy-to-obtain monsters with mid-level runes from earlier farming. The focus is on taking down the Dragon boss directly, instead of going for the crystals.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Verdehile
Image via Com2uS

I’ve found the strong support and team synergy, including buffs and debuffs, keep damage low. Veromos is key for constant debuff removal, while Belladeon handles buff removal and healing. This team is flexible and adaptable, depending on whether I need more damage or support, making it a great all-around choice.

2. Balanced Team

Chasun + Verdehile + Darion + Theomars

In my experience, having a balanced team with different elements and roles is key for World Boss battles in Summoners War. Verdehile boosts our attack speed, allowing us to cycle through turns more quickly. Theomars delivers high damage with his strong attacks and helpful passive skill.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Chasun
Image via Com2uS

Chasun keeps the team alive with her healing abilities and buffs. Darion provides protection and reduces incoming damage with his passive skill. This mix of roles and elements keeps the team versatile and well-prepared for any challenge.

3. Sustain Team

Baretta + Lapis + Belladeon + Sigmarus

In my experience, a crowd control team is crucial for handling waves of enemies in Trial of Ascension. Baretta and Lapis are great at enhancing allies’ attacks and reducing enemies’ defenses.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Baretta
Image via Com2uS

Belladeon heals the team and offers defense breaks, making enemies easier to defeat. Sigmarus finishes off enemies with strong attacks, allowing me to clear waves quickly and effectively

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, having a good grasp of team composition is essential for doing well in Summoners War: Sky Arena. By understanding roles and balancing elements, you can create strong and flexible teams that perform well in different situations. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you. Keep an eye on your monsters’ skills and stats, and adjust your team as needed.

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