Sunshine Island Beginners Guide and Tips

Build the island of your dreams!

Sunshine Island or Island Life is a unique island-building simulation game that provides gamers with lots of options to build their islands. It is a leisure town-building game that provides the players with a sense of achievement after they have built a whole island. To top it off, the game does not only have one island but many. Here is a Sunshine Island Beginners guide that will help you move through the game quickly and build as many islands as possible.

Gameplay Overview

The game is set to acquire more islands and more new types of buildings and other features that the players can enjoy. In the island-building game Sunshine Island, the player has the option to manage and construct multiple islands with various climatic conditions simultaneously.

Sunshine Island Beginners Guide
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The game offers a fantastic user interface and a lot of fascinating features. This game has quite a few objectives that will encourage the player to create their island more quickly and thoroughly.

Introducing the Basics of Sunshine Island

The game starts with Trent, a character explaining how to play the game and build the island that is provided. From building and cultivating farms to constructing new buildings, everything is included in the tutorial. After the tutorial, the player will reach level 2 and from there he or she can begin playing the game.

Start the Game
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This game is an idle island-building game where there are a lot of lands that can be unlocked and bought once a certain level has been reached by the players. The game also adopts a proper town-functioning lifestyle. After leveling up, the player will get access to more buildings that can be put up for construction. This will help build the island further and also help in leveling up.


There are mainly two currencies in this game ie Coins and Gems. Coins are majorly used to purchase buildings, and also for upgrading them. The coins can be acquired after collecting each resource from the farming buildings, by completing quests, and by selling the products in the market.

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On the other hand, gems are mainly used to skip the construction or production time related to any building on the island. These gems are used to get the product or constriction completed in no time. There are many other resources in the game that are used to maintain the harmony of the island, however, they are not particularly used anywhere outside their production units.

Exploring and Understanding the in-game Island

In the beginning, a home island will be provided where the player can start their journey from. At first, the player will receive land that can be used to place only 8 buildings at the maximum. However, once the player has completed some quests and orders from the market, they will receive resources with which they can purchase more land to expand the player’s territory.

The island is distributed in majorly 6 parts, which include a lot of different buildings. These are the market, the residential housing, the farming cultivation buildings, and decorations. The market is already provided once the game starts. Along with one field and the town hall. In the beginning, once the tutorial has ended, the game will ask the players to name their towns as well. This name can also be changed in the future.

Island sunshine
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The townspeople must be kept happy. Their happiness score is displayed at the top left corner of the screen. In order to do so, the player must ensure to keep building residential housing to increase the island’s population. In addition to this, there are several times when the residents of the town will ask for some help with delivering resources.

After this, the player will receive EXP, happiness score, and currencies. After reaching a certain level, the player will be able to access other islands on the map as well. The player can use them to further build their series of islands.

Upgrading your Buildings

As mentioned above the island is divided into several parts in the aspect of buildings. First, let us look at the farming buildings available. The most basic building is a farming field. Here, the player can cultivate many crops and flowers that can be used for many purposes. Each island has its own specific climatic conditions. Hence, crops suitable to that climate can be cultivated on the island. Each resource takes a certain time to be cultivated.

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However, they can be skipped with the help of gems. There are many other farming buildings that are available in the game that can be used to acquire resources, and assist in the farming building maintenance like the windmill and many other features as such. The resource cultivated from the farming buildings can either be delivered to the townsfolk if a special quest comes in or can be provided to the market, which will fetch the player coins and EXP.

The residential aspect is different from the farming buildings. The more residential buildings are built on the island, the more the population will grow. If the island is looked after properly that will satiate the needs of the population, then the player will also receive high happiness scores. This will help in upgrading the player’s level as well. There is an option for upgrades as well. The player can use certain resources for upgrading the buildings. This will enable more production in less time, and the option of producing more variants of products and resources.

Sunshine Island Beginners Guide
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In order to construct more buildings, the player can go to the construction option and then select the type of building they want to construct. There will be many quests that require the player to upgrade and construct more buildings. Upon completing that the player will receive rewards and EXP that will assist in levelling up.

Sunshine Island Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Sunshine Island

  1. Make sure to always grow crops and flowers on the field to ensure resources at hand that can be used to produce other resources, or that can be sold in the market.
  2. Keep upgrading buildings as much as possible, as it provides more EXP and a chance to build something new.
  3. Focus on explaining your island territory. This will help in putting more buildings on the island.
  4. Keep completing quests. These quests will not only add to the player’s leveling up but also motivate the gamers to finish building a stabilized island more quickly.
  5. Focus on balancing the number of residential houses constructed and the farming buildings constructed. This will ensure enough resources for the available residents.


Sunshine Island is an island-building game that provides the player with the option to govern and build several islands with different climatic conditions at the same time. The game has many interesting features and a good user interface. There are a lot of quests in this game that will motivate the player to build their island quicker and enjoy building more. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this Sunshine Island beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Sunshine Island Beginners Guide! Did you find our Sunshine Island beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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