T3 Arena Zero-Kelvin Guide: Abilities, Weapons and Gameplay Tips

Know all about the new Vanguard hero!

When it comes to bringing new flavors into their gameplay, the developers of T3 Arena don’t let their players down. With its latest hero in season 4 update, the game is set to overwhelm T3 players for one more season. In this guide, we learn about the all-new Vanguard hero Zero-Kelvin in detail and what makes him worth purchasing the T3 Arena season pass. 

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other heroes like Vincent. Be sure to check the past character guides as well. But, for now, let’s dive into Zero-Kelvin.

Before the season’s release, the developers released a short to tease Zero-Kelvin’s entry into the arena. As far as we know about him, he used to be a professional ice-hockey player and a sports celebrity until his gears malfunctioned and destroyed an entire city. Following this unfortunate event, Kelvin was imposed with a lifetime ban from the sport. However, now teamed up with Fort and Sindri, he has found his new passion in the arenas and put his talents to good use. 


Active Ability: Snowball

Kelvin can summon Snow Balls using his active ability which can be used both for offensive and defensive purposes. In the heat of the battle, you can summon the Snowball to create a cover and use it to your advantage as enemies push you. 

T3 Arena Zero-Kelvin Guide
Image via XD Inc.

Once the Snowball is summoned, you can use the active ability button to roll it around using the hockey stick. It deals around 2000 damage on opponents if they get hit by the snowball and it also throws them off in the air. Furthermore, the Hockey stick can be used to deal with melee damage as well. Players also have the choice to switch back to Ice Blaster by using the cancel button which will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. 

Ultimate Ability: Snowballing Effect

Use the ultimate button to summon three snowballs at the same time which will automatically roll and knock enemies off on their course. These are very useful to kick back opponents from the objectives or in enclosed areas where enemies can’t help but get hit by the rampaging snowballs. 

Passive Ability: Icy Healing

Once you get to unlock his passive, you can heal yourself while standing behind the snowballs. These can prove to be crucial especially because Zero-Kelvin has a huge health bar to fill. 

Best Weapons for Zero-Kelvin to use in T3 Arena

His primary weapon is Ice-Blaster. It comes with a very short range and functions similarly to Shell’s Beam Weapon. It deals a fixed continuous damage of 224 no matter where you hit your opponent. However, the magazine size of the Ice Blaster is enormous and can be used like a short-range LMG. 

T3 Arena Zero-Kelvin Guide
Image via XD Inc.

Tips and Tricks to use Zero-Kelvin in T3 Arena

  • Vincent’s effectiveness depends on the use of TPP and timing.
  • He must use his snowball to keep his monstrous health up and also time his snowballs perfectly so that whenever the team is low on health, they can find the window to evade enemy fire.
  • Players can also time their ult with their teammates’ to throw enemies back and take control of capture points without much hassle. 

Best Team Combinations to use with Zero-Kelvin in T3 Arena

  • Zero-Kelvin with Healers and Damage heroes: Zero-Kelvin creates real mayhem while he’s around so you would always want him present on the field. In case you don’t have his passive healing active yet, pair him with any healer – Iris or Chemist along with any damage hero such as Mark and Gloria to keep the pressure on. 
Heroes that can counter Zero-KelvinHeroes that Zero-Kelvin can counter
Aleta (dash and flank)Jabali
Yaa (dash and flank)Johnny Jet
Chemist (areal damage)Victor
Kazama (going airborne)Gatlyn

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that Zero-Kelvin will be the first pick for meta lovers in objective-based games. While he might not be the best run-and-gun hero, when it comes to keeping your opponents occupied, he surely knows how to take the stage. 

Did you find our guide on Zero-Kelvin in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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