T3 Arena Vincent Guide: Abilities, Weapons and Gameplay Tips

The most wanted assassin of the T3 world appears!

T3 Arena season 4 update introduced two brand new heroes to the game, including Vincent. According to the developers, he had murdered Christina’s father, and the man is also a founding member of the saloon. However, a compelling offer has provoked him to join the Arena. Here’s our Vincent guide to use him properly in T3 Arena.

Vincent is a retired assassin specializing in stealth gameplay. The character packs some extraordinary abilities that are a counter to every type of hero, especially Vanguards like Jabali who hates getting backstabbed. In this article, we talk about how to make the most out of his assassination skills.


Firstly, Vincent players will have see-through abilities behind covers when enemies are in very close proximity. These detection skills can allow Vincent users to decide whether to fight or flee before engaging in a fight. 

Active Ability

This is Vincent’s most scary ability which allows him to take the form of any of his opponent heroes and backstab them when the time is right. For the opponents, it is impossible to differentiate Vincent from their teammates unless they keep a constant check on each other’s position. Even Mark’s detection tools won’t be able to spot Vincent in this form. 

T3 Arena Vincent Guide
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Using this ability with a little bit of patience, one can get behind opponent members easily and hit them with the cane sword for clean eliminations. However, even if he’s caught during the attempt, Vincent will not take full damage from enemy fire and will enter an invisible form to travel back to safety.

Ultimate Ability

If you thought that was all there is to Vincent’s crazy powers, wait till you get baffled by his ultimate. His ultimate, Optical Cloaking allows Vincent to choose to go invisible whenever he wants and uniform the most lethal flanks while remaining undetected. This functions similarly to Shell’s active ability, but the distance that Vincent can cover in this form is much greater. It also grants him a stronger temporary shield to perform risky pushes after the ultimate is used. 

Passive Ability

Now, as the cherry on top, Vincent’s passive ability – Opportunistic, replenishes his HP as well as his active ability’s cooldown. For if you thought you can take advantage of his low HP allowance, the developers have lessened your odds against Vincent here as well. 

Best Weapons for Vincent to use in T3 Arena

Vincent has not one but two basic weapons under his sleeves. His Spy toolkit contains a defensive pistol and a cane sword. The pistol does moderate damage from close to mid-range but is not effective enough for charging in. His Cane Sword however is one of the deadliest weapons in the entire T3 arsenal. Once an enemy is close, Vincent will automatically switch his weapon to Cane Sword which can slash down enemies in a single hit. This makes Vincent the most dangerous hero in the melee range.

Tips and Tricks to use Vincent in T3 Arena

  • Vincent’s effectiveness depends entirely on stealth. It is mandatory that you make your flanks whenever a messy fight is going on. While enemies are focused on the battle in front, it is much easier to make rotations undetected.
  • Also, keep in mind that you always enter the fight with active ability turned on.
  • Try to close as much distance as possible before you fire your pistol. Use the Cane Sword for quick eliminations instead of going through the hassle of long gunfights.

Best Team Combinations to use with Vincent in T3 Arena

Assassins are known to be the most lethal when functioning solo. However, forming a team with Vincent can change a battle for good. In this section of the guide we will look at a few composition suiting the style of Vincent in T3 Arena:

  • Vincent and Aleta/Yaa: Teaming up Vincent with heroes like Aleta or Yaa can create quite a show during battles. Tracking and defeating these heroes takes quite some time, which can buy enough time for Vincent to move in and get the job done.
  • Vincent/Vanguards/Healers: Another good combination would be with Fort and Chemist. Fort’s heavy machinery and flashy abilities will keep the entire opponent team focused on him while Vincent can move in for melee eliminations. As Vincent’s major downside is his low HP bar, healers like Chemist or Iris can provide him the ultimate support.
Heroes that can counter VincentHeroes that Vincent can counter
Aleta (dash out of melee range)Hunter
Yaa (dash out of melee range)Jabali
Shell (teleport)Fort
Kazama (going airborne)Gatlyn

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that Vincent will receive a high pick rate in the next season, especially in ranked matches that just got introduced last season. There’s no telling of how many ways there are for crazy Vincent plays, but it is surely going to be quite an annoying experience for casual players who don’t pay attention to tactical areas of the game. 

Did you find our guide on Vincent in T3 Arena helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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