Teamfight Tactics: Best comps for TFT Patch 10.17

Are you ready for TFT patch 10.17

Isn’t it great this feeling of having your end of season rewards from reaching your so desired elo? Here, we will be guiding you all through the best available comps for patch 10.17 in Teamfight Tactics (TFT). The units you should be fighting to reach Plat/Diamond before the next set starts. So make sure to have your phone recharged, because the win streaks will keep you playing until the Teamfight Tactics 10.19 update.

The guide will be divided as follows:

  • Tier-Economy method
  • Main Items
  • General explanation and Workarounds if you don’t get things immediately as you would expect.

S-Astro Snipers (Fast 8)

Teamfight Tactics Comps for Patch 10.17

The consistency of this comp is worth-praising, and it is one of the best builds to go. Just get an Infinity edge, a Guardian angel, and put it on a spare Caitlyn or Vayne. You need to roughen your defenses with Nautilus and another Vanguard and rush your level 8 to get Jhin, Gnar, and Teemo. If you have some other drops, a Blue buff on Teemo and Shojin on Ashe or Lulu is also great to choose from.

S-Blademasters (Slow Roll)

Also strong for its absurd amount of attacks, Blademasters make a strong appearance. You may take all damage in the 2x rounds and roll all your money at 3-1. But do not worry if you can’t upgrade Xayah and J4 to 3-stars. Roll it slowly at level 5 and once you get them, make sure to level up until you get the 6 blademasters buffs. For this comp, you will do the usual AD carry items for Xayah (Infinity Edge, Last Whisper, and Guardian Angel), and the leftovers for Jarvan IV. Just keep in mind that a 3-star Shen means a lot of survivability for him and for close units against physical damage.

S-Dark Stars (Standard Economy)

Teamfight Tactics Comps for Patch 10.17

This one is great to start by putting the damage items for Jhin on a Zed or Caitlyn. Since you will be equipping Shaco, the synergy will do wonders while you slowly level up and get Jhin. Even if you can’t get all the items for Jhin, the Cannon and Bloodthirsty are more than enough to grant a top 4 with 3-Star Shaco.

S-Mech-Powered Sorcerers (Fast 8)

Teamfight Tactics Comps for Patch 10.17

One of the many Mech builds, this one is great for the Soraka to sustain and Mystic and Battlecast perks. It is essential for you to get the Quicksilver. A Super mech vulnerable to Auto Attacks is a very dead mech. If you are feeling extra spicy and offensive, changing Soraka and Cassiopeia for +2 Sorcerers will wipe your enemy board. Also, since the Demolitionist buff is great, you can use a Ziggs while Gangplank does not come. That being said, try to start the game by uniting some rebels, then transition.

S-Rebel Blademasters (Level 6 Slow Roll)

Teamfight Tactics Comps for Patch 10.17

This is a little tricky since it requires a Spatula, but you can work it around by going for a normal blade master and an extra rebel for buffing Master Yi. Reach level 6 where you can equip Yi but make sure he reaches 3-star. If you happen to not drop items for Guinsoo, a Rabadon or Runaan will also perform great.

S-Star Guardians (Level 7 Slow Roll)

Teamfight Tactics Comps for Patch 10.17

For this one, you mainly need the blue buff, the extra protector, and Star Guardians to keep your Neeko and Syndra up and running. Defensive items are a bonus on Neeko, but you can change gears and go offensive with a Morello + Titans resolve, but it is highly recommended that you keep Neeko alive as she will be tanking and farming mana for other Star Guardians.

A-Rebel Demolitionists (Fast 8)

Teamfight Tactics Comps for Patch 10.17

Not as good or reliable as the others because you need all the rebels grouped for better results. But it is still viable. Get a Giant slayer and a Guardian angel and surround Jinx with rebels. You can get better results if on the early game you get a red buff, then put it on a Kog Maw and throw in some battle casts. Especially good if you drop an early Gangplank, as he will keep everyone damaged and stunned for Jinx to clean the board.

That does it for the Teamfight Tactics Best Comps for the Patch 10.17 guide. Hope you find it useful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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