Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Beginners Guide and Tips

Make your way to manage the best tennis player!

Tennis Manager 2021 by Rebound CG and Manager Factory is one of the critically-acclaimed tennis sports game, focusing on the life of a tennis coach. This is inspired by Patrick Mouratoglou, who is the coach of Serena Williams, one of the most successful players on the earth. This is one of the best games for anyone, to understand the life of a manager in the game of tennis. One of the realistic simulators available, they are updated after every season of ATP and WTA circuits. This guide on Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile will help you to create and train players and win exciting tournaments such as the Australian Open and make history. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the beginners guide for Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile.

Simple Game Mechanics

The game mechanics are pretty simple and is perfect for a management game like this. You will start with a player, who you will train and make them play and win epic tournaments. As far as the controls go, the player cannot be directly controlled, but the simulation here is the best in class for a mobile game. You can instruct your player in the match to help them focus on a particular play style.

Additionally, you can start a tournament when your player is trained properly. There is a dedicated training section in the game where your player will undergo different training sessions under your guidance. Once training is finished, its time the player goes into action.

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Guide: Spectate the match being played

When playing a match, the player will have to score 6 points to win the set. In case both the players are at 5 points each, then they have to score two continuous points to win the set (This additional point is called Advantage Point which gets removed if the other player scores one). If a player wins 2 sets, the match is won. If each of the players wins one set, there will be an additional set to determine the winner of the game.

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Guide: Things to do before the next match

After each match, the player will lose their strength and will. You can always build them back by training them before the next tournament. The Physical Shape bar, which is orange in colour, will let you know how your player is. This depicts the level of tiredness your player feels, if this bar is low, then your player will not be able to perform properly. Always aim to replenish them with the help of a doctor or a consumable.

Similarly, there is the Mental Shape bar, which is blue in colour. Such a bar will depict the mental stress the player is undergoing. You can train them in between matches to replenish this bar which will keep them calm while playing matches. The lower the bar stands, the lower the performance becomes in both these cases. This bar can be replenished by using a Psychologist or a doctor or using consumables.

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Guide: Progress through tournaments winning matches

The game modes are simple as you can play tournaments once your player’s training is complete. There are classes of tournaments, where your player will begin their career at Rookie Tour 10 and will advance once each tournament is won. With a tournament win, the player will win MTL points and in-game Cash. The MTL points directly affect the leaderboard standings, while cash is used for upgrading the academy and to pay staff which we will take a good look at, soon. Although the simulation is automatic, the player’s strategies and stats solely depend on how you handle them. There is also a Multiplayer mode where your players will be put up to the challenge, where your player will meet opponents in the same league (in terms of level).

Choose your tournaments wisely to win

Each tournament will give a new set of challenges for your player. Tournaments take place every week and you can choose which tournament your player can participate in. For registering you have to pay some in-game cash and once registered you can start the tournament. A tournament will start with a set of players depending on the tournament and number of matches in it, which gets narrowed down to 2 players at the Finals. For instance, the Rookie Tour 10 had 8 rounds but the Rookie Tour 20 has 16 rounds, while rewards such as MTL points and Cash differ too.

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Guide: Pick your tournaments wisely

Each tournament has a different set of challenges and rewards. The type of court changes depending on the location of the tournament. The opponents can be difficult if their level is higher or equal to your player’s level, so it is essential to train and instruct the player properly. There is a wildcard option which will allow your player to participate in a higher league, which is difficult and still rewarding at the same time. So, choose wisely whether to participate in such tournaments.

While training a player who is a “Defensive Baseliner”, the player’s strong forte is defence. The type of surface in the court also affects the play style of the player. Some players get a favour from the surface, while others do not. A Defensive baseliner likes to play on the ‘Clay’ surface, as it slows down the game and helps them. On the other hand, such a player does not do well on a “Grass” surface which is fast-paced. While choosing a tournament, always keep an eye out for the type of surface and opponent level.

Train your players and set tactics

Train different player abilities

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Guide: My Players section allows to train players

               You can train multiple players eventually, but in the beginning, you will train one. You can check their stats from the “My Players” section. Which shows the player’s different abilities such as their Serve-Volley, Resistance, Movement, Offence, Mental and Return-Rally, each of which has a value which can be improved upon constant training. Now training a player has a separate section, let’s take a look at it.

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Guide: Check improvements in a session

Training can also be done manually and automatically. In Manual Mode, you can build a session with different training activities. The training activities are be classified into:

  • Short-term: Short-term training will only be temporary and then will wear off.
  • Long-term: Long-term training will have a lasting impact on the stats of the player.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare is to avert or fix any injury happening to the player.
Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Guide: Decide the mode of training

You can select up to 4 different parts of training to form a session. Each training session will cost a certain amount of Action Points which replenish over time. It may take up to 4 hours to fully replenish and continue training.

You can skip the little animation, you can see the improved stats on the right side and the player’s physical and mental shape on the top. After each of the training sessions, the stats get affected, which in turn, affects the level of the player. If you increase the stats, they can participate in the higher-level tournament and win rewards.

Set your strategies to win games

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Guide: Set strategies to win a match

 You can always set the strategy to win matches. Each match condition changes based on the surface of the field. If the surface is favourable, then the player can be tuned to play an offensive match and win. Similarly, they can also be set to defence, when the field type is not favourable. You can change the strategy at any time during the match.

In this case, you can set their Rally, Serve, Return, Spin and Zones based on multiple factors, or you can simply allow the player to choose it while they play by selecting natural behaviour. Strategising is one of the important portions when facing skilled opponents or opponents who are favoured by the conditions of the field. You can always tune this and end up getting a good result. Choose natural behaviour if you are not familiar with any of this, so the game will choose accordingly while playing.

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile
Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Guide: Place instructions during a match

Instructions are much-needed because as a manager, you can’t play for your player. If things turn bad, you can always instruct your player to play in a certain style. Choose up to 4 instructions to give to the user during the match, which will be followed by the user. Instructions can be given by selecting the Coach Icon at the bottom, while the match is in progress.

There is a time limit between successive instructions, whenever the coaching bar is filled, you can use it to send an instruction. The bar fills when the match progresses. You can choose an instruction such as “Rocket Return” which will help your player to focus on the quality of return to put the server under pressure.

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile

Likewise, you can choose from a variety of instructions and use them as needed. You can also speed up the match which will fill the meter accordingly. Using Instruction Boosters, upgrade an Instruction’s efficiency. You will get instruction boosters by winning/finishing tournaments or buying bundles.

Set up your academy, delegate your staff and develop facilities

Academy is an area where you will see 4 different buildings which are as follows:

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile

Manage agents and sponsors in Business and Media

Business and Media building will allow you to recruit an agent who will get you sponsors. These sponsors will fund your player by giving cash benefits and you can have only one sponsor at Coach Level 3 and more sponsors can be unlocked at later levels. Sponsors will also provide a signing bonus and other incentives such as End of Tournament/ Tournament victory bonuses.

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile
Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Guide: Strike deals to bring sponsors

You can additionally upgrade this building to get better agents. You can also fire and recruit new agents anytime. Better agents have more stars and will be suitable for your rank. Each contract will last for a period of time, after which you have to renew them.

Look out future champions in Youth Camp

Youth camp is another building where you will be able to manage young talents who are the best in the academy. You can also look for new talents or add them to the pro team, who can also play tournaments.

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile
Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Guide: Train young players

These can be unlocked at later levels, but you can view and fire young talents under this building menu. Like all other building, you can also upgrade the building for additional benefits like scouting new talents.

Manage your staff in Training Centre

The training centre will list all the training staffs available in the academy, the more stars the better the quality of the staff. There are different training staffs available to recruit, such as Physical trainer, Assistant Coach, Sparring Partner, Technician, Retired Pro, Mentalist and a Tennis legend (unlocked at training centre level 4).

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile
Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Guide: Check on your training staff

You can recruit, fire, and manage these staff anytime. They work on a contract and leave when the contract period ends.

Upgrade better staff to improve your Medical Centre

Another important building in the academy is the Medical centre which can also be upgraded to recruit better staffs. There are 3 different medical staffs namely The Physio, Psychologist and Doctor. They can be recruited on contract and need to be renewed to continue. You can also replace them with new applicants.

Different consumables in-game

  • Tokens: Tokens are used to buy gear, new staffs etc and can be purchased from 85 rupees (for 20 tokens) to 8500 rupees (for 3000 tokens).
  • Cash: Cash enables us to upgrade and improve academy buildings, join new tournaments, recruit and pay staffs. They can be purchased using tokens. You get 2.5K Cash for 15 tokens and it goes up to 80.9K Cash for 440 tokens.
  • Action Points: Training players requires action points, they are replenished over-time. They can also be recharged once fully for 20 tokens or watch videos to replenish a portion of the points.
  • Physical Shape: These packs are required to increase fitness and reduce the tiredness of the player, they can be recharged for 2 tokens or by watching a video some portion will be replenished.
  • Mental Shape: These packs are used to keep players from getting stressed. They can be recharged for 2 tokens or a portion can be obtained by watching videos.
  • Instruction Boosters: These boosters are used to upgrade Instruction efficiency.
  • Bundles: All of these items above can be bought as bundles for 35, 65 and 125 tokens which will give out different quantities and sometimes a gear along with the purchase based on the price.

Rewards, Leaderboard and Unlockable sections

Win rewards

  • Completing tournaments
  • Winning matches
  • Completing goals and achievements
  • Completing Daily quests.

Add friends and sore up in the Leaderboard

You can add friends to see them on the friends tab. You can view the common leader-board where you can find the global ranking across different Final events such as Rising Stars Finals (below 18 y/o), NXTGEN Finals (below 21 y/o) and MTL Finals (all players).

Unlock new sections

  • Unlockable sections include the Tennis Live Arena, which is a multiplayer mode which can be used to face off against other mangers around the world and win exciting rewards. This section unlocks at Level 10.
  • Another Unlockable section is the Pro Team, at Coach Level 9, you will be able to form a Pro Team and manage 4 players to dominate the tour.

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Guide: Tips and Tricks

Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile
  • Always give instructions to the player, as it can improve their game drastically.
  • Watch the type of surface, if it favours strategizing using offensive techniques if it is not favouring play using a defence strategy.
  • Upgrade the buildings to recruit better staffs.
  • Always watch out for opponent level if it is higher, then strategize properly to win.
  • Always refill the player’s mental and physical shape bars between matches to keep them in the game.
  • Use appropriate training to improve performance of the player.
  • Use automatic training sessions to leave the burden to the system.
  • Replace staffs with better new applicants once a while.
  • Renew contracts and find and fill all staff positions for a good impact.
  • Complete daily activities, quests and achievements to get all the rewards.


The greatest pursuit of the game is when you can manage your way a young promising talent to the zenith of the game. It’ll be a great feeling to see one of your young prodigies climbing up the rankings to become the next Rafa Nadal, Roger Federer or Serena Williams. Win exciting tournaments in the professional circuit and build your way to a tennis legend. This game is one of the greatest simulations of the life of a tennis coach, managing players in real-time situations and making their way to glory!

Did you find our Tennis Manager 2021 Mobile Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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