Top Island: Conquer the Seas Beginners Guide and Tips

Claim victories, loot your enemies and conquer the Seas!

Top Island is a strategic-leisure battle game, where the player roams the seas in the quest for conquest. The game revolves around islands that the player can modify and strengthen with weapons and other item buildings. Then they go on to battle and engage the enemies head-on. Here is the Top Island: Conquer The Seas Beginners Guide to the game. 

Gameplay Overview

In the strategic battle game Top Island, the player explores the seas in search of conquest. Islands serve as the game’s focal point, which the player can enhance with weapons and other building types. The game uses an automated battle system, where the major responsibility of the player is to place the weapons strategically based on the rear and vanguard.

Top Island Conquer The Seas Beginners Guide
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A tutorial is ready for the players as soon as they start the game. This will help gamers understand the game. Some of the features of the game are unlocked after the gamers have achieved and dominated a certain stage in the battle map. From heroes to ships. The game has everything it needs for an amazing adventurous sense along with leisure-strategic gameplay.

Introducing the Basics of Top Island: Conquer the Seas

The game starts with a tutorial. The first aspect of the game that is introduced is the battle system and the quest for acquiring territories. The tutorial is short, however, it pretty much tells the gamer about the system of the game and how through battles, the player can acquire more land to add to their island.

This island moves around on the sea while finding new enemies, upon defeating them, they will receive resources and land. This land can be used to place additional weapons, towers, buildings, etc. The game moves on, as the player begins their conquest to grow their island and acquire different stronger weapons and towers to dominate the sea.

Battle System

The battle system and layout are quite a system. The battle basically includes the clash of two moving islands that have weapons, towers, and more to assist them in battle. Once the player clicks on the battle, the war begins with the enemy. The battle is automated. Hence, after the battle finishes, a new piece of land can be acquired that adds to the player’s floating island. In addition to this, gold coins are also provided along with other resources. Boss battles sometimes provide hero cards that the player can use to get stronger. 

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During the battle, some part of the player’s land will be lost to the attacks of the enemies. However, there is no need for worry as when the player wins the battle, the land returns. Just before the battle, if the player wants to upgrade the buildings and weapons, they can do so with one click on the exclamation mark at the bottom left corner of the screen. Doing this will automatically upgrade whatever facilities can be upgraded in the limited resources available. The game also has a system for PvP battles in the challenge mode.


There are mainly three types of currencies: gold, diamonds, and stamina. Gold is used to upgrade weapons, towers, and ships. This helps the player to grow stronger. Gems are mostly used to make purchases from the store for various items. At last, stamina is used for trading purposes, where upon completing certain milestones, rewards will be awarded in the form of shards, gold coins, gems, and others.

Understanding the Heroes, Towers, and Ships

Heroes, towers, and ships are three additional main aspects of the game. They are available in the form of shards. Once enough shards have been acquired by winning battles and completing quests, the items can be acquired. After acquiring these items, they can be put to use just before going to battles.

Each hero, tower, and ship have an exclusive skill that provides bonuses to all the towers and buildings in battle. There are three categories of heroes. Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Legendary heroes are the strongest and rarest while the rare category can be most commonly found through quests and campaigns. Each hero requires a certain amount of specified shards, using which they can be upgraded to the next level.

Heroes, towers, and ships
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This system applies to towers and ships as well. However, towers consist of 6 categories. These are, common, great, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. Acquiring mythic and legendary type items is the toughest as they are highly rare and difficult to find. The ship again includes 3 categories: rare, epic, and legendary. After reaching a certain level, other features like trading will be unlocked. Here, the player can merge objects to create rarer items.

These items then can be claimed by the player. This game is an early-access type game where not all the features have been released yet. However, there are still sufficient features within the game to term it a strategic-conquest-based game.

Top Island: Conquer the Seas Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Top Island: Conquer the Seas:

  1. Make sure to keep your island always upgraded to the maximum extent possible
  2. Keep finishing milestones and tests to acquire resources and other items.
  3. Save gems for later, as during an event it could be helpful.
  4. Try placing the cannons in the front, the crossbows at the sides and back, and the healing tower at the side. This will provide a strategic upper hand towards opponents.
  5. Keep battling enemies in order to progress quickly.


Top Island is a game made for strategy lovers and battle maniacs. This game is filled with excitement and strategic gameplay that gamers would find entertaining. There are in-app purchases, however, if the player plays strategically, then the chances of acquiring rare items are not impossible. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this Top Island: Conquer The Seas beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Top Island: Conquer The Seas Beginners Guide! Did you find our Top Island: Conquer The Seas Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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