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Tower of Fantasy Guide: Tips for crafting SSR Matrices in the game

Now craft SSR matrices with this simple guide!

Artificial Islands were unlocked in the 1.5 Version of Tower of Fantasy. Artificial Islands in a new area for the players to explore. And with the Artificial Islands, Build Mode was also introduced. The build mode is a separate realm where players can farm for resources and use the resources to obtain various important in-game items. In this Tower of Fantasy Guide guide, we will discuss the ways of crafting SSR Matrices in the Build Mode.

How to obtain SSR matrices from Build Mode in Tower of Fantasy

One of the important resources that can be obtained via the Build Mode is SSR matrices. SSR matrices can be crafted in the Workshop in the Build Mode. To be able to craft a particular type of SSR matrice, players have to level up corresponding buildings in the Build mode to level 5.

Tower of Fantasy Crafting SSR Matrices
Image via Level Infinite

The level of all buildings depends on the level of the Development Center. Buildings can be leveled up to the level of the Development Center. Hence, leveling up the Development Center has the highest priority. Without leveling up the Development Center, players would not be able to level up the desired corresponding building.

Crafting in Build Mode

Crafting in Build Mode is done in the Workshop. The process is called Fuse. Here, different types of Build Mode resources are fused in the Workshop to receive an item. When players select a particular choice to fuse, (for the higher level of houses), the received item can be any one of the 3 rewards mentioned in the Rewards preview. For common fuses, only 1 reward can be obtained. For improving the rate of obtaining the SSR matrices, players can upgrade the building levels to 7.

Tips for Tower of Fantasy Crafting SSR Matrices
Image via Level Infinite

Requirement for Each SSR Matrice

Matrice TypeCorresponding BuildingMaterials Required
KING MatrixMachine PodMetal Material: 100
Quality Material: 14/25
Huma MatrixMachine PodMetal Material: 100
Composite Material:14/25
Shiro MatrixPumpkin HouseFiber Material: 100
Quality Material: 14/25
Random SSR MatrixPumpkin HouseFiber Material: 100
Composite Material:14/25
Samir MatrixPawpaw HouseEnergy Material: 100
Quality Material:14/25
Tsubasa MatrixPawpaw HouseEnergy Material: 100
Composite Material:14/25
Meryl MatrixKitty HouseSupply Material: 100
Quality Material: 14/25
Crow MatrixKitty HouseSupply Material: 100
Composite Material:14/25
Cocoritter MatrixTurtle HouseAccessory Material: 100
Quality Material:14/25
Zero MatrixTurtle HouseAccessory Material: 100
Composite Material:14/25

Final Thoughts

Tower of Fantasy Crafting SSR Matrices guide
Image via Level Infinite

Players should select the particular matrices that they want and then, upgrade the corresponding buildings. Because upgrading all the buildings would cost lots of resources. So, initially, players should upgrade only the required buildings. And later on, try to upgrade the rest of the buildings.

What are your thoughts about our Tower of Fantasy guide to crafting SSR Matrices? Let us know in the comments below!

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