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Traha Global: The complete Companions Guide and Tips

Utilise your Companions carefully in Traha Global!

Traha Global is an MMORPG action game based on a storyline between the rivalries of two long-reigning clans, Vulcan and Naiad. The clans are reported to be fighting for years mostly because of the greedy nature of the Vulcan clan members. Players are allowed to choose a character and the clan they want to represent at the same time. The game comes up with the option of providing companions to the players that they can use while fighting and roaming in the open world of the Traha. Thus, let us look out for the sets of companions we have and how to obtain them easily in Traha Global. 

List of all the Companions available in Traha Global

1. Mounts 

Mounts are mainly those Companions who help the characters to move from one location to another. These companions do not indulge themselves in fighting and come out only when it is required. The companions are way faster and help to save a huge slot of time for the players as well. The following is the list of Mounts players can get to see in-game: 

Traha Global Companions
Image via Moai Games
  • Navas
  • Silver Ballerio
  • Ghost Wolf Repin
  • Repin
  • Ebon Navas
  • Razorfang Bordon
  • Ironclad Bordon
  • Battlefront Eldavar
  • Radiant Eldavar
  • Swift Hesteel
  • Steel Knight Hesteel
  • Alabaster Repin
  • Gilded Ur
  • Archlight Luella
  • Dark Mugin
  • Bordon
  • Eldavar
  • Hesteel
  • Ur

2. Pets

Pets are the companions who always roam around with the main character and thus help him with all the necessary situations. They can even fight well and some of them have one of the best skills to provoke opponents and convert their courage into fear. The set of pets one can get in the game are:

Naughty Oreo
Image via Moai Games
  • Naughty Oreo
  • Little Chef Shushu
  • Reliable Guide Treebo
  • Master of the Moon Luana
  • Gentle Mole Mawson
  • Farm Sheriff Welly
  • Joyfairy Aroa
  • Wyrmling Draco
  • Hula Cat Tiddy
  • Happy Cat Cherokee
  • Disguised Rabbit Parrot
  • Honeyhunter grizzle
  • Cowardly Alpaca Cusco
  • Night Guardian Asio
  • Green Fairy Lapis
  • Big Farmer Korgi
  • Little Acrobat Lulu
  • Romantic Cat Wrangler
  • Magicbunny Asir
  • Polar Bear Cub Polar
  • Veteran Mole Diggly

3. Familiars

Familiars are companions who summon only during the time of the fights. Players mainly call them so that they can provide the best set of support to the characters. These have the best ATK and DEF powers with extraordinary HP that provides a great advantage on the battlefield. The main 6 familiars players will come across in the game are:

familiar traha global
Image via Moai Games
  1. Forest Elemental Lumina
  2. Ironclad Shield Knight Valiant
  3. Forest Mage Elkin
  4. Cursed Doll Epigra
  5. Obsidian Funus
  6. Demonic Bramble Seria

How to get companions easily in Traha Global

The main things players require are Diamond and Platinum Coins that help them to summon Companions from the Summon section present in-game. Thus, as a beginner, you must know how to gather more Diamond and Platinum Coins and then slay over the battleground with your complete squad. 

1. Follow up on Daily Missions

As a beginner, you must follow up with all the necessary daily missions and objectives assigned to you. This will help the players to complete them and earn huge rewards that include lots of Diamonds and Platinum coins. 

2. Complete the stages of the storyline

Players must go through the storyline and complete all the signed storyline missions. The game rewards with most of the Diamonds and Platinum coins through this method and thus players must go for this the most. 

3. Go for the achievements 

Traha Global Companions
Image via Moai Games

Players must complete their achievements while playing the storyline. Players can get premium rewards from the achievement section and thus this will help them summon more companions with the help of Diamonds and Platinum Coins they receive. 

4. Checkout the Leda Pass

Leda Pass is the in-game pass players are provided with. Players can go for the premium or the free pass and earn Diamonds and Platinum coins. Players can even directly win several companions through the pass as they climb higher into the pass level. 

5. Take the help of other game modes

Players must enjoy themselves with the help of the other game modes present in-game. Players can even win crazy rewards from there and help themselves summon the best sets of companions and create the dream squad. 

Final Thoughts 

Traha Global has many sets of companions that help out the players to make the game more interesting and fantastic. The companions are very useful and players can get a bunch of options. Thus, choose your companions wisely and collect as much as Diamonds and Platinum coins as you can so that it will help you to summon more of the companions you desire.

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