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Undead World: Hero Survival: The Complete Team Composition Guide

Build the best team and start your rule on the wasteland

When it comes to strategies in any RPG game, these can be quite crucial and determine how a battle turns out. This is also huge when it comes to Undead World: Hero Survival Team. Having a team full of strong heroes is one thing, but knowing when to use and how to protect them can turn out to be an even better strategy. Not only that but there are excellent strategies out there that consist of using faction bonuses to players’ advantages and call help ease out battles for them. This Undead World: Hero Survival Team Composition guide could help players that are starting out or players looking for consistent team compositions that could help them all throughout battle stages.

This would also be much easier and helpful when players would use stronger heroes teamed up with heroes of the same faction for even more bonuses and more strength to those already impressive S-tier heroes. These compositions can be used to move forward in the game when players might be stuck at a certain level or keep players at a steady progressing pace.

Undead World: Hero Survival Team Composition Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Master the Formations to perfection

When it comes to compositions for a player’s team, they should make sure of formations that work for them. By clearing out specific stages in the main campaign, players can unlock all kinds of formations. These formations are crucial for protecting main damage dealers and even healers on a player’s team.


The Balanced formation is the main formation players have at the onset of the game and can also be used as a staple when moving forward in the game. Although it is a good standard formation, others can also be used to make sure players get the most potential out of their heroes.

2. Start building your Team around the Factions

Mix up and match factions for their bonuses. A good team composition would always compose of some heroes that belong to the same faction. It does not have to be a complete team of five that belong to the same faction for a team to work. It could be just three of a kind and then add in two other units of other factions to fill out needs for the player’s needs.

Team Undead World: Hero Survival Team Composition

One of the better team compositions to go for is one that involves three of a kind then following it up with two units of one different faction. Now it may seem confusing at first, but what factions can do for a player’s team is boost up their rating with bonuses ranging from more attacks or even more HP. The following would explain how a certain number of heroes in one team that belong to a certain faction can add more power to any team.

  • Five heroes of the same faction – what this usually does is grant a bonus of up to twenty percent in attack power while also adding in twenty percent in their overall HP.
  • Four heroes of the same faction – while a team is usually comprised of five heroes, a faction bonus of four heroes can still bring out good benefits. What this would do is grant a player’s team with a fifteen percent bonus to both attack and HP.
  • Two heroes of the same faction – this might be an easier faction bonus to follow as it only requires two heroes of one certain faction. Although few in number, this would grant a player’s team with five percent additional attack power as well as HP.
  • Three heroes of the same faction along with two heroes of a different faction – this then would still provide a nice balance when it comes to faction bonuses and also allow for excellent versatility in choosing a team. Although that would be the main point of this bonus, it also gives a player’s team with a ten percent boost to both attack power and HP.

3. Combine your Faction with the perfect Formation to get the best results

Just like many games out there, Undead World: Hero Survival also caters to a faction basis mechanic when determining weaknesses and strengths for each one. By following and consulting the chart below, players can easily build teams that could counter enemies in the different game modes they would encounter and in the main campaign as well.

Faction advantages Undead World: Hero Survival Team Composition

When players would consult the chart, they would know which factions to avoid and go for when dealing with much stronger teams. Players should try to also build up heroes of each faction so that they could help the player carry the team to victory despite having certain advantages.

Additionally, when defensive units are placed in front of a formation, it would be good to know that players should be a counter faction of the enemy’s front line to make sure they get an early advantage and potentially win the fight in a shorter time.

4. Place your Tanks in front to protect your unit behind

Place tanks and crow control heroes in the front line to protect your main damage dealers and support heroes. Protection can be quite hard to sustain in this game, but with the right strategy, players can always make things a bit easier by knowing just how to protect their carries.

Let's meet Conor! Undead World: Hero Survival Team Composition

There can be a lot of tank-type kinds of heroes early in the game that can protect just about anyone, but moving forward, players should pick up a hero that can definitely soak in incoming damage. A great example of this would be Conor. This hero is definitely a game-changer when it comes to soaking in damage. Conor has a high defensive boost that allows a huge survival rate. Not to mention, he has a counterattack for enemies and a stun that can allow more time for players’ damage dealers to eliminate remaining enemies.

5. Utilise your Damage dealers and Offense unites properly in the battle

Position damage dealer heroes where they can have the most effect in a battle. These are the heroes that players would want to keep safe at all times and sustain or buff throughout the battle. They are what most would call carries or the Damage per Second (DPS) of the team.

Recruit legendary heroes Undead World: Hero Survival Team Composition

They can bring out a lot of damage in no time and would not have any trouble sustaining that kind of damage. A great example of a good carry would be Tanya. She is a great offensive unit and can deal with a lot of area of effect damage. Players would be able to deal more damage to more enemies quite easily and would just have to keep up the damage while trying to win the battle. Tanya has great skills that do well with spamming and can easily mow down waves of enemies and therefore get player’s teams a quick win.

This Undead World: Hero Survival Team Composition guide would be optimal for players trying to move forward at a consistent rate and make sure that their teams won’t fall off when faced with greater challenges in their battles. Players should still feel free to mix and match whichever heroes they’re comfortable with and try to have fun while moving up in the ranks of the game.

That’s all for today’s Undead World: Hero Survival Team Composition guide. Did you find our Undead World: Hero Survival Team Composition guide helpful? 

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