Viking Rise Guide: Tips to create multiple accounts on a single device

Yes, it is possible to switch between multiple accounts from a single device!

Viking Rise is a new base-building game developed and brought to you by IGG.COM. The game as many might have guessed a deep Norse background. The goal is to keep your camp fed and in good shape. This requires not only defending your turf but also invading the foreign lands which belong to your enemies. Players take the helm as the Chief of a Viking tribe, aiming to develop their tribe into a whole civilization. Viking Rise is a free-to-play game where players can create multiple accounts. Follow this guide to know how.

How to create and play in multiple accounts on a single device in Viking Rise

1. Open the in-game Menu

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The first step towards starting a fresh game over with a new ID is to open the in-game section to access the account section. All log-in and log-out options are accessible through the account section.

2. Open the Account section

Viking Rise Account Guide , Viking Rise
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Secondly, open the account section, here you will see options to link another account with the existing one, however, to switch to a different account you will have to select switch account option present on the lower left side of the screen.

3. Tap on Switch Account

After tapping on the switch account option you will be presented with options on the screen regarding the platform through which you would want to log in to switch the account. This is necessary as information would be needed for your new account.

4. Select the Social Media profile through which you want to log in

Viking Rise Account Guide , Viking Rise
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When on the switch account option, you get a choice of logging in with your IGG account, Facebook, Google ID, or as a guest from the device. It is advised to not log in as a Guest as there would be no cloud save available. You can select from the rest as preferred.

5. Click confirm to Log in with that Profile

Viking Rise Account Guide , Viking Rise
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Once you log in from the preferred option, now the game will flash a message of warning as you will be going to start over with a new profile. If you were logged in previously with any option other than the device you will be having a cloud save and would be able to revert back to your save anytime you see fit. However, with before starting a new game here, you will have to click the option yes from the message.

6. Restart the game and start over

Once you will log in the other ID will start again and you will have to grind again from the very start, be sure to read our beginners’ guide to the game before starting again so that you can get a headstart this time around.

Did you find this guide on how to create and play in multiple accounts on Viking Rise useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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