Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Robots Tier List for April 2024

Unleash the best Robots of Hellywood!

Villains: Robot BattleRoyale is an action-packed multiplayer game. Players get to form a great combination between Villains and Robots that helps them to survive in Hellywood. Robots majorly help in locomotion. You can easily penetrate inside the safe zone while eliminating your opponents. The game delivers some great Robots for you, but the main dilemma arises while choosing the best ones. Thus, here I present a detailed piece on Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Robots Tier List that’ll help you to distinguish between all the robots. Also, don’t forget to check out our beginners guide for some basic tips and redeem codes piece to grab some freebies along the way.

Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Robots Tier List

Robots play a crucial role in this game. They’ll be the main mediator between you and your character for locomoting from one point to another. Also, they come up with an extra layer of protection along with some great melee and special attacks. So, here I’ve divided the robots into three tiers; S, A, and B.

Strong (S)Rapid Fire,
Good (A)Defender, 
Average (B)Sharpshooter, 

Best Robots in Villains: Robot BattleRoyale for April 2024

1. Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire is the finest robot to witness in Villains: Robot BattleRoyale. Due to its excellence in all major fields; Attack, Defense, and Mobility, this robot would be the best choice for your lineup.

Image via BIRDLETTER Inc

It has a medium-range Armor that provides great protection from enemy attacks. Rapid Fire has amazing skills such as Sliding and Revolver Panning. The main attraction is its Passive Attack, Hit and Run. This is its ultimate attack, also termed the best in Villains: Robot BattleRoyale. 

2. Cannoneer

With balanced overall stats over the major categories like Attack, Defense, and Mobility, here’s Cannoneer at the top of the tables. This Robot holds a medium-range Armor and helps in coming up with a complimentary bonus safety.

Image via BIRDLETTER Inc

It’s a Long-Ranged creature in the game. The main attack of Cannoneer is Emergency Escape. This character also has some sidekicks such as Blast Cannon and EMP Cannon

3. Defender

Just like the name, this robot is the best Defensive robot to find in the game. It also brings great advantages in Attack and Mobility. The best part of Defender is that it has Heavy Armor with Fast Speed.

Image via BIRDLETTER Inc

It has two large Shields attached to its arms, majorly used to protect the Villain from enemy attacks. The Primary Attack of the Defender is Repair Managing. The other Melee Attacks are Bash and Defense Mode

Final Thoughts

As discussed, robots have a small, yet great role to play. As a beginner, you need to learn about all the basics regarding the robots, and then select the best one for your lineup. Don’t forget to look out for the best Robots in the game, might help you a lot in your journey, and hesitate not to fall back on this Villains: Robot BattleRoyale Robots Tier List for some last-minute tips.

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