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Bullet Echo Heroes Tier List for April 2024

Choose the perfect hero fit in Bullet Echo!

Bullet Echo is the latest action shooter battle-royale game from the works of KRAFTON. Here, the game limits your vision with a flashlight beam during matches. You will still be able to hear the footsteps and gunshots of your enemies. Bullet Echo has dozens of heroes with unique playstyles, weapons, and special skills to assist you in a smooth win. As the players get to unlock a handful of heroes, it is given that they’re dilemmatic about the hero they should choose. For this reason, follow our Bullet Echo Heroes Tier List where I’ve rated all heroes and described the top-tier ones. 

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Bullet Echo Heroes Tier List for April 2024

In any battle royale game, additional heroes that give you specific and extraordinary skills are significant. Bullet Echo also has a set of heroes with different rarities and abilities that come in handy during combat. So, the game categorizes all its heroes into five major tiers namely: S, A, B, C, and D.

Strong (S)Shenji, Alice, Slayer,
Leviathan, Ramsay
Good (A)Angel, Lynx,
Smog, Tess
Average (B)Arnie, Hurricane, Ghost,
Mirage, Bertha, Satoshi
Fair (C)Cyclops, Sparkle, Freddie,
Dragoon, Doc, Levi
Poor (D)Raven, Blot, Firefly
Bastion, VI, Stalker

Best Heroes in Bullet Echo for April 2024

1. Shenji

Shenji is one of the most powerful heroes in Bullet Echo and you can unlock him through the chest at level 40. Shenji’s main weapon is a Shotgun loaded with incendiary bullets. These bullets create ignition lines in their path and the fire hunter ability creates ignition zones. He has a Power of 728, Health of 1248, Damage capacity of 330, and Armor strength of 441

Bullet Echo tier list Shenji
Image via Krafton

The skills of Shenji are read as Burning Fury, Ignition, Team Recovery, and Fire Hunter. All these abilities unlock at his levels 1, 3, 5, and 7 respectively. Initially, the ability allows him to reduce the reloading speed for the heroes and allies with a range of 200 by 30% for 2 seconds. When killing the enemy, he reduces the armor strength of the enemies within a range of 200m by 200.

2. Alice

Alice is our second addition to the list of top heroes in Bullet Echo. Her main weapon is a Submachine Gun. She can get through very narrow passages and create portals, allowing her to suddenly attack or evade her pursuers. Her Power, Health, Damage, and Armor strength are 728, 501, 53, and 410 respectively.

Bullet Echo tier list Alice
Image via Krafton

Her skill sets include Rhythm, Melody, Stim, and Portal Gun. Like Shenji, all mythic heroes, including Alice, have their skills unlocked at levels 1, 2, 3, and 5. On hitting an enemy, she revives 5% of the health of all heroes and allies within the range of 250m. Passive bonuses occur when she reduces the reloading time by 10% for all heroes and allies within the same range. 

3. Slayer

Slayer is another mythic hero you can play as in Bullet Echo’s battle. You can unlock all the mythic heroes via the chest after you reach level 40. His main weapon is one of the most powerful sniper rifles. Also, his terminal vision ability allows him to hit enemies through obstacles and walls. His Power, Health, Damage, and Armor strength are 728, 366, 1136, and 346 respectively.

Bullet Echo tier list Slayer
Image via Krafton

The special abilities in his skill sets are Targeting, Slaughter Cartridges, Bandage, and Thermal Vision. He increases the primary weapons damage of all heroes and allies by 20% within a range of 300m for 3s. On ability activation, this hero moves slower and gains the ability to shoot through walls for 6.5 seconds. In such cases, Slayer’s movement speed is reduced by 70%.

4. Leviathan

Leviathan is another one of the mythic heroes I’ve mentioned in the above table as top-tier. His main weapon is a machine gun and his portable turrets can be an insidious trap for his enemies. Apart from the Power being 728 for all heroes, his Health, Damage, and Armor capacity is 883, 53, and 1421 respectively. 

Bullet Echo tier list Leviathan
Image via Krafton

The special abilities in his set include Oppression, Suppression Fire, Battle Kit, and Turret. Initially, he reduces the fire rate for enemies by 15% within a range of 200 for 2s. For the ultimate skill, Turret, Leviathan places an automatic turret with a durability of 8. The duration of its action is 12 seconds and parameters i.e. Health is 140, Damage is 529, and Armor is 1412.

5. Ramsay

Ramsay is our last but equally powerful addition to the top-tier list of heroes in the game. His main weapon is an overheated machine gun with an unlimited magazine but overheats when used for a long time. Even when unarmed, his ability to ram and knock back enemies makes him a very dangerous opponent. His Health, Damage, and Armor strength are 1538, 94, and 820 respectively. 

Bullet Echo tier list Ramsay
Image via Krafton

His special skills include Brute Force, Incombustible, Battle Kit, and Rampage. When a hero has less than 50% health left, he increases health per second by 8 within a range of 200. In Rampage’s ultimate skill, Ramsay starts running forward and receives a barrier with a capacity of 1090. On ability activation, this skill absorbs most types of damage. 

Final Thoughts

Bullet Echo has introduced a new outline of battle royale games in the gaming industry. The players here get to enjoy the thrill of shooter gameplay but with higher challenges. The impairment of vision with great playstyles is a great concept that Krafton brings to the table. The collection of heroes in the game is also worthwhile with the stronger ones having more skill sets. With that being said, I’ve provided a detailed piece on the most powerful heroes in Bullet Echo for a certain victory.

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