War After: PvP Shooter Beginners Guide and Tips

Fight an epic fallout PvP in post-apocalyptic maps

War After, developed and published by Russian developer GDCompany, is a 5v5 dynamic FPS online shooter game. From the successful developer of Modern Warplanes: PvP Warfare, this action shooting game has some exciting maps to play around with and fight online versus other players from around the globe. With console-like graphic quality and simple UI, the game looks stunning while playing. 5v5 intense fights become more enjoyable as the game features dynamic FPS and smooth control mechanisms. It has enough ingredients to compete with any other PvP shooter games for mobile devices out there. Refer to this War After PvP Shooter beginners guide for tips, tricks, and strategies to be an expert player in the game.

Gameplay Overview

The story took place in a world where mankind is about to extinct as a constant conflict between the nations and diminishing resources brought an end to the world. The post-apocalyptic world now has limited resources and several factions are fighting to get what remains. Players will join any of the factions to fight for them. By leading to victory, new achievements can be unlocked as well as leveling up.

War After PvP Shooter beginners guide
War After Game-play

The game features tons of weapons to choose from. Handguns, SMG, assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, and even grenades with many variants are available. Each weapon type mentioned has several guns. The maps are dynamic so that no particular role such as gunner, sweeper, alert, and support will get an upper hand. The coordination among teammates, tactical warfare knowledge, and quick maneuvers will be a help only. So, a player must improve his/her skills and gears.

War After PvP Shooter beginners guide
War After Overview

Depending on the situation, a player has to change wargame tactics. Customization of guns, appearances for each type of clothes is available to create their own combat style. Overall, the perfectly drawn battlefield and military textures, and beautiful visuals made this game a great FPS action title.

War After PvP Shooter Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Most action games lovers know the basics of PvP games. The objective is simple, eliminate enemies to win the game or hold an advantage position. The primary concept is the same, some games offer a slightly different concept.

In War After, your opponents are real-time players and will try their best to show domination over your team. By following some guides and tips, anyone can change the match’s situation. It doesn’t matter even if you’re a beginner. Here are some tips and a beginners’ guide to help you out.

1. Customise the controls according to your need

Control settings

The game features a simple UI and smooth control mechanism. A few buttons such as scope, fire, grenade, reload, health, and slide are available to use. From settings, a player can change the position of the buttons. So, a player can use two, three, or more fingers to play. Change the positions of the buttons as you feel comfortable.

2. Learn proper use of the crouch button to move quickly

 crouch button
Crouch button

There’s no sprint option available in War After. But players can sprint differently. Push the joystick to the upper left and touch the crouch. Your character will use a slide to move faster then. So, when you’re low on health or you want to cover a distance within a short time, use these tactics.

3. Set your Sensitivity settings for a perfect aim

War After PvP Shooter sensitivity settings
Sensitivity settings

In the beginning, the game uses a pre-fix low sensitivity for the players. Firing at an enemy that is standing behind you takes two or more swipes to move the crosshair. To create your sensitivity, try with some increase and decrease in it. After getting a perfect one, you’ll be able to connect more shots.

4. Finish off Contracts to earn more golds and points

War After PvP Shooter contract

The game has a contract option. It contains some missions. Fulfilling them will earn you some extra golds and silvers that you can use to upgrade weapons and buy new equipment. From the top right corner, click on the contract option and see the list to select any. Based on the objective said in it, complete the contract.

5. Don’t fall for the Auto-aim

We’ll discourage using the auto-aim feature. The feature is suitable for consoles only. If you use it regularly, you won’t be able to improve your skills. Always try to shoot manually.

6. Other Miscellaneaus Tips

  • Keep the crosshair on a head level to kill enemies quickly.
  • Use grenades while holding doorways to stop pushes.
  • You can use medicine while walking at a normal speed.

So, this is our War After PvP Shooter beginners guide with tips and tricks to help you out. Follow these to improve your skills quickly. Your faction needs you more than ever. Help them establishing law and order again in the rogue world

That’s all for today’s War After PvP Shooter Beginners Guide. Did you find our War After PvP Shooter Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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I want to know how to change my recruit’s bot team. I try and try and 99% of the time the changes don’t take. One change did take and I don’t know why, but none of my many other attempts have.


And the only way I’ve figured out how to even get a new bot into my recruit’s team (only to have it removed again when I close the loadout screen) is to move it into my own team and then from there into my recruit’s team. If there’s a way to move a bot directly from inventory to my recruit’s team, I can’t figure it out. (This is all on iPhone under iOS 15, btw.) Anybody know? TIA…


Aha! Never mind. An hour or two after I posted this I discovered the answer by happenstance: when you get your boat to…whatever level I got mine to today…that unlocks the ability to specify your recruits’ loadout (*and* gets you a new recruit as well). Whew. Enjoy! 🙂

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