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War of GAMA Spirits Tier List for December 2022

Choose from only the best classes!

War of GAMA is one of the recently launched mobile RPG games that flourished just after its release. The game is available on both Android and iOS platforms and players can enjoy the game easily. War of GAMA offers unique sets of features and these features keep up the interest built within the players. The game has a companion feature namely Spirit, who helps the main character while fighting against demons and their troops. Fret not, we have summarized the spirits from SWar of GAMA according to their strengths in this Tier List.

War of GAMA Spirits Tier List for December 2022

War of GAMA categorizes the Spirits of the game into four different tiers; S+, S, A, B, and C respectively.

Overpowered (S+)Onuksh,
Strong (S)Death Knight,
Fated Knight,
Angel Demon,
Good (A)Nature Spirit,
Blacksmith Stowe,
Frenzied Voll,
Molten Soul,
Frost Elf,
Elite Piscean Hunter,
Ice Golem,
Magic Mummy,
Imperial Dwarven Guard,
Abomination Guard,
Goblin Pyromaniac 
Fair (B)Voodoo Doll,
Magic’s Essence,
Paltero Archer,
Wraith Archer,
Heavy Knight,
Shadow Fox,
Piscean Ripper,
Shadow Mummy,
Dwarf Axeman,
Goblin Bombardier,
Earth Golem,
Abomination Stitcher
Weak (C)Water Spirit,
Saurian Druid,
Pot Spirit,
Saurian Footsoldier, 
Murloc Skirmisher,
Goblin Berserker,
Granite Fighter,
Abomination Destroyer,
Dwarf Guardian, 
Crimson Fox 
War of GAMA Spirits Tier List for December 2022

Best Meta Spirits from each class for War of GAMA in December 2022

Knight Class Spirits – Diamond 

Knights are the frontline attackers who help out the main characters to fight easily against the main villains. They have one of the best sets of Physical attributes and ATK powers. These class spirits are widely chosen by the players as well for the best support provided by them at the frontline. 

War of GAMA Tier List 
Image via gamamobi

Diamond is the best Knight Spirit players can witness around the Spirits section. Diamond helps the players to gain 15% of experience in War of GAMA which helps a lot. The DEF powers are also quite commendable along with the ATK and physical attributes the Spirit has. Diamond also has one of the best sets of Loot Protections stats and thus Diamond helps a lot at the frontline as a Spirit. 

Tank Class Spirits – Onuksh 

Tanks are another set of frontline Warriors who help the players at the frontline, just like Knights. Players can easily get to use these class Spirits and get the best set of support at the frontline. The Tanks use some of their abilities or weapons to stand beside the main character and fight against the big villains.

Tank Onkush
Image via gamamobi

Onkush is the best Tank class Spirits player can choose from the Spirits section. Players will gain 15% experience by using this Spirit as well. The spirit is also by far one of the best in Melee attacks and has one of the best DEF attributes also. 

Mage Class Spirits – Deaken 

The Mage class is considered the best magician in the town. These spirits manipulate the enemy troops and the big villains so that they can provide an advantage to the main character so that players can use them and defeat the enemies. These characters are best placed at a mid-range so that they can provide the best support without getting noticed easily. 

War of GAMA Tier List 
Image via gamamobi

Deaken is the Mage class spirit who is considered the best one in the world of GAMA. This mage class spirit is not that great in physical attributes and ATK stats but has a great intensity over the DEF stats and its magical powers. The spirit mostly manipulates the dark energy to hallucinate the big villains and their troops so that the main characters can use their best skill over the bad guys. 

Assassin Class Spirits – Murphy 

Assassins are silent killers who keep themselves in bushes and attack their opponents without being noticed at all. The assassins are one of the best supporters any player can choose. They mostly get inside the enemy troops and just thrashes the enemies with the best sets of powers they have.

War of GAMA Tier List 
Image via gamamobi

Murphy is one of the best Assassin players to choose from on the deck of Spirits. The spirit has used up its skills and helps to clear out the enemy troops so that the main character is not disturbed while fighting against the main character. Murphy also helps the players to gain 15% of their experience and also has great sets of ATK and DEF stats

Final Thoughts 

War of GAMA is one of the best RPG releases the world can witness at the end of 2022. The Spirits are one of the best-supporting characters players can get through in the journey of War of GAMA. thus, go through the tier list and wisely choose the spirits for yourself so that you get the best support while fighting. 

Did you find this War of GAMA Character Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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