War Robots: Tips to earn Gold in the game

Earn more Gold!

War Robots, is an action title from MY.GAMES, developed by Pixonic. In this game, players get the chance to battle it out using powerful robots. Gold plays a significant role as far as upgrading robots is concerned as well as purchasing new gear which facilitates faster progression. In this article, I’ll share tips on how you can earn gold in War Robots effectively so that you can enhance your bots and improve your performance during fights.

If you’re new to the game, check out our beginners guide for tips to help you progress smoothly. Don’t forget to look for available redeem codes for exclusive rewards that can boost your progress! You can also use our tier list to pick the best robots for your play style.

How to Get Gold in War Robots

1. Complete Quests

In my experience, completing quests is one of the best ways to earn gold in War Robots. The daily quests reward you with gold for tasks like dealing damage or capturing beacons. Make sure to check my daily quests and finish them because they provide a steady flow of gold.

War Robots Quests
Image via MY.GAMES

I also found that you can watch ads to speed up progress on daily quests, helping you complete them faster and earn gold more quickly. There are special quests during events that can offer even bigger gold rewards. By focusing on these quests, you can boost your gold earnings and progress faster in the game.

2. Visit the Supply Center

You can also get gold in the Supply Center in War Robots. I make sure to stop by every day for free rewards. The Supply Center gives you daily spins for a chance to win prizes, including gold. Over time, these daily spins help me gather gold for upgrades and new gear.

War Robots Supply Center
Image via MY.GAMES

You can watch ads to get more spins in the Supply Center, increasing your chances of winning gold and other rewards. I’ve found that using these extra spins can pay off in the long run. Make a habit of visiting the Supply Center every day.

3. Climb the Leagues

Climbing the leagues in War Robots is a great way to earn more rewards, including gold. As I win battles and move up the ranks, the rewards I get at the end of each match increase, including higher amounts of gold. To climb the leagues, focus on improving your performance by practicing aiming, positioning, and strategy.

War Robots League Rewards
Image via MY.GAMES

You should consider teaming up with good players if you want to win more games and progress quickly. The higher you go up, the tougher the competition becomes but it is worth the while. It is possible to maximize your gold earnings by winning more frequently and moving up through divisions to make solid progress in the game.

4. Watch Ads in Specials

Watching ads in the Specials section of War Robots has been a great way for me to earn extra rewards, like gold and other useful resources. By taking a few moments to watch these ads, you can unlock special bonuses that help you progress faster in the game. Always make a habit of checking the Specials section regularly to see if there are ads available, and the rewards add up over time, giving you a nice boost.

War Robots Specials
Image via MY.GAMES

I found that you can also earn gold in War Robots by doing tasks on other platforms or in other games. Sometimes, some offers give you gold for completing specific tasks, like trying out a new game or using a particular app. These opportunities can be a great way to earn gold without much extra effort.

5. Purchase in the shop

In War Robots, you can top up your gold by purchasing it directly through the in-game store. It’s a quick and efficient way to boost your gold balance for upgrades or new robots. Sometimes there are special deals or discounts available, offering more gold for your money.

War Robots Gold Shop
Image via MY.GAMES

I’ve noticed that purchasing larger amounts can come with bonuses like extra gold, robots, or other resources. Topping up can help fast-track your progress or take advantage of limited-time deals in the store. Just be sure to spend your gold on upgrades and robots that offer the most benefits. While purchasing gold can boost your progress in the game, make sure to stick to your budget and use your gold wisely.

Final Thoughts

Earning gold in War Robots can help boost your progress and game experience. By following these tips, you can consistently increase your gold earnings and use them to upgrade your bots and gear. Stay patient, manage your resources wisely, and take advantage of opportunities as they come up. Being smart about how you earn and use gold will help you succeed and enjoy the game even more

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