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Watcher of Realms Guide: Tips to earn easily Resources in this game

Earn and progress faster

Watcher of Realms is a tower defense fantasy RPG released by renowned developer MOONTON Games. In this game, players will take up the role of a commander who will be commanding his army in defending blue crystals by setting up different strategies. Resources are a vital aspect of the gameplay of Watcher of Realms as it helps the player to progress through the game smoothly. In this article, we will provide you with all the tips to earn resources faster in the game.

Introducing the Resources in Watcher of Realms


Gold is the primary resource in Watcher of Realms. This is also the most important resource as it is used in almost every basic activity of the game. Earning gold is also comparatively easier than other resources as it is the free resource of the game.

Watcher of Realms Resources
Image via MOONTON Games


Diamond is the premium resource in Watcher of Realms. Diamond is the most useful resource as it allows the players to summon heroes. An 10x Summon can be done from a draw at a cost of 880 diamonds. Make sure to spend Diamonds wisely as they are not easy to obtain in the game.

How to earn Resources easily in Watcher of Realms

1. Play more matches

Watcher of Realms Gameplay
Image via MOONTON Games

The easiest way to earn resources in Watcher of Realms is to play more and more matches. The more matches you play, the more easily you can progress through the game. It will also help you upgrade your heroes and make you stronger in the game.

2. Claim Daily Sign-in Rewards

Watcher of Realms Daily Sign in Rewards
Image via MOONTON Games

Watcher of Realms provides you with several rewards for signing in daily in the game. Make sure to sign in daily to the game and collect all your rewards. However, you can also collect rewards later if you miss a sign-in on a certain day.

3. Collect Idle Rewards

Watcher of Realms Idle Rewards
Image via MOONTON Games

Luckily, you can still earn resources in Watcher of Realms by not playing or signing in to the game. The game provides you with idle rewards based on the time you stay away from the game. Make sure to collect all the idle rewards to increase your resources.

4. Complete Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Quests

Watcher of Realms Daily Quest
Image via MOONTON Games

There are daily, weekly, and monthly quests available for the players to complete and earn rewards. These quests will assign you to finish certain tasks during the matches you play. Daily quests reload daily whereas weekly and monthly quests reload once a week and month respectively.

5. Complete Challenge Quests

Watcher of Realms Challenge Quests
Image via MOONTON Games

There are also special types of quests in Watcher of Realms called Challenge Quests. These quests will also require you to finish specific tasks during the battles. In return, you can receive several resources as rewards.

6. Participate in Events

Watcher of Realms Events
Image via MOONTON Games

Participating in events is a great way to earn more resources in Watcher of Realms. The developers of the game keep adding new time-limited events to the game. Completing the tasks of these events will give you rewards.

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