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Watcher of Realms Character Tier List for July 2023

Choose only from the best characters!

Watcher of Realms is a tower defense fantasy RPG released by renowned developer MOONTON Games. In this game, players will take up the role of a commander who will be commanding his army in defending blue crystals by setting up different strategies. There is a large roster of heroes that the players can choose from before going into a battle. However, they must unlock these heroes before using them on the battlefield. In this Tier List, we will rank the best characters of Watcher of Realms according to tiers to make it easier for you to choose between so many characters.

Watcher of Realms Character Tier List for July 2023

In the game, there are 200 unlockable characters for the players to unlock and play. In this guide, we will be dividing all the characters in Watcher of Realms according to several categories. The categories are as follows.

  • SS Tier (Overpowered): This tier comprises characters who are the absolute best in the game, and they excel beyond all others.
  • S Tier (Strong): In this tier, you will find characters who are remarkably strong but not overpowered. They are highly recommended for any story event or mission due to their abilities.
  • A Tier (Good): The characters in this tier are considered very capable, just one step below the S Tier. They make a significant impact during battles and are reliable assets.
  • B Tier (Average): Characters in this tier are considered average, falling below the Good Tier. While competent, they have room for improvement and might not excel as much as higher-tiered characters.
  • C Tier (Weak): Characters in this tier are fairly mediocre because their skills don’t have a big impact on the team or formation during the battle.
Overpowered (SS)Arrogance, Elowyn, Zilitu, Khamet, Setram, Ares, Eona, King Harz, Maui, Pyros, Regulus, Volka, Vortex, Aylin, Dassomi, Imani, Gluttony, Nisalt.
Strong (S)Arrogance, Elowyn , Zilitu, Khamet, Setram, Ares, Eona, King Harz, Maui, Pyros, Regulus, Volka, Vortex, Aylin, Dassomi, Imani, Gluttony, Nisalt.
Good (A)Morrigam, Lugaru, Torodor, Alaura, Aracha, Captain Reve, Deimos, Falcia, Luneria, Nocturne, Razaak, Theowin, Apsan, Durza, Gwendolyn, Decimus, Meriel.
Average (B) Eiddr, Hex, Venoma, Baron, Carnelian, Zelus, Estrid, Ezryn, Janqhar, Kaede, Maw, Midan, Orim, Shamir, Valdov, Valeriya, Voroth, Ai, Ain, Azhor, Crach, Cyclone, Harpun, Lili, Osiren, Selkath, Titus.
Weak (C)Ajax. Brienne, Cerberus, Hollow, Kria, Nyx, Sargak, Cyrene, Greed, Isolde, Livian, Magmus, Marri, Nissandei, Scorch, Tauriel, Valkyra, Vargusm, Atrox, Azzoth, Brunor, Daemon, Komodo, Nazeem, Selene, Soleli, Tazira.

Best meta characters in Watcher of Realms for July 2023

Best Fighter Character – Salazar

Salazar Watcher of Realms
Image via MOONTON Games

Salazar is one of the most effective damage dealers in Watcher of Realms, making him the best choice for the role of a fighter. Fighters are the main damage dealers on the enemies. Salazar’s attacks and skills have high damage output which can help players to take down enemy waves very easily.

Best Defender Character – Brokkier

Brokkier works best to absorb the most amount of damage for the team, thanks to his high amount of Health Points. Defenders mainly work from the front line to absorb any incoming enemy damage to keep the blue crystals safe. Brokkier, thanks to his bulky kit, can take a lot of damage, making it easier for damage dealers to finish off enemies easily.

Best Marksman Character – Hatssut

Hatssut Watcher of Realms
Image via MOONTON Games

Hatssut is the best character to pick for long-ranged attacks due to both his effective damage outcome and attack range. Marksmen work from the back line to deal constant damage to the enemies, while getting cover from the frontline. Hatssut does the job perfectly as he has a high attack range and also relatively deals more damage on the enemies.

Best Mage Character – Vierna

Vierna Watcher of Realms
Image via MOONTON Games

Vierna is the top pick for dealing magic damage on enemies due to her high-damage magic attacks. Vierna can deal a good amount of damage on the enemies when coordinated properly with a good DPS character. Put Vierna in the best possible position on the battlefield to make the most use out of this mage character.

Best Healer Character – Dolores

A healer is a must for healing the injured troops on the battlefield, and no one does the job better than Dolores. Apart from the formation of heroes on the battlefield, the healer also plays an important role in your troops surviving the battle. Dolores is a very efficient healer as she can heal others pretty fast.

What are your thoughts on the Watcher of Realms tier list? Let us know in the comments below!

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