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Watcher of Realms: Beginners Guide and Tips

Be the best commander!

Watcher of Realms is a tower defense fantasy RPG released by renowned developer MOONTON Games. In this game, players will take up the role of a commander who will be commanding his army in defending blue crystals by setting up different strategies. Each hero has a special skill that is only available to them, and it is essential that you use these talents in the most effective manner possible. In this beginners guide, we will show you everything that you need to know about Watcher of Realms as a beginner and also provide you with important tips and tricks.

Watcher of Realms Gameplay Overview

You will need to protect a certain objective in Watcher of Realm, just as you would need to do in any other tower defense game. When playing Watcher of Realms, you will need to carefully arrange your troops in order to protect the blue crystal from being destroyed by enemy forces. On your screen, the slots in which you are able to put your heroes will be designated with green, and the heroes that may be deployed will be located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Watcher of Realms Gameplay

To deploy a troop successfully, drag the troop from the screen and place them in one of the empty slots. However, each troop will come with a cost of its own, so you cannot deploy a troop whenever you want without considering the financial factor. Swipe across the screen once you have placed the soldiers in their respective spaces to select the troops’ attack direction.

Introducing the in-game Hero Classes of Watcher of Realms

Here are all the available classes of heroes in Watcher of Realms.

Watcher of Realms Heroes
  • Fighters: Fighters are the heroes who excel in closed-ranged fights. They are placed at the forefront of the battle due to their expertise in holding waves of enemies.
  • Marksmen: Marksmen are the ranged damage dealers. These heroes are placed behind the Fighters so that they can deal maximum damage while being protected from the Fighters.
  • Defenders: Defenders are also placed at the front of the defense. These heroes can take a lot of damage from their enemies before dying. They can work to absorb all the incoming damage while allowing the attackers to return some damage to the enemies.
  • Healers: Healers work from the back line and keep on healing the damaged troops constantly throughout the game.
  • Mages: Mages can take up a versatile role, but they mainly deal magic damage to enemies.

List of Game Modes in Watcher of Realms

Primarily, there are three game modes available in Watcher of Realms.

Watcher of Realm Game Mode
  1. Campaign mode: Campaign is the main game mode of Watcher of Realms. Players need to complete a series of levels, each of them consisting of several sub-levels. As you keep progressing through the levels, you will be unlocking new features of the game. So in order to unlock every feature of the game, playing the campaign mode is a must.
  2. Raids mode: In this game mode, you are required to finish specific missions mentioned in the mission cards. There are different kinds of raid missions, and each of the types serves a different purpose. In Promotion Raid missions, you can obtain materials that you can use to promote your troops. While EXP Raids will provide you with EXPs to level up in the game.
  3. Arena mode: This is the PvP mode of Watcher of Realms. Players can go against each other in different challenges to show off their skills. Players can also buy different items from the Arena Shop that is available in the game. Additionally, the Arena mode also includes ranks like other multiplayer games. Players will need to win matches and gain points to climb up the ladder of the ranks.

Dwarven Association in Watcher of Realms

Black Market

From the black market, players can buy Items, Heroes, and Gear. However, all the items will not be available for beginners. More and more merchandise will be unlocked as you keep progressing through the game. Black Market refreshes on its own every hour. Players can also refresh the Black Market using Diamonds.

Guild Shop

Players need to join a guild in order to unlock the Guild Shop. Players can obtain Guild Coins by completing Guild Quests and using them to purchase rare items such as Divine Artifact Fragments, Legendary Psychic Power, and Rare Summoning Crystals. As players keep on increasing their guild levels, they will unlock more merchandise lists. The Guild Shop refreshes every week and cannot be refreshed manually.

Watcher of Realm Dwarven Association

Arena Merchants

By playing matches in Arena, players can earn Arena Coins. They can use these coins to buy Stamina, Skill Crystals, Summoning Crystals, and other items. As players keep progressing through the ranks of the Arena, they will be unlocking new merchandise on the list. Each Arena Merchants item refreshes at different intervals. All items will be refreshed at the end of each season. Arena Shop cannot be refreshed manually.

Awakening Shop

Players can receive Awakening tokens by dismissing heroes obtained through Hero Fusion. Awakening tokens can be used to buy rare items in Awakening Shop. Awakening shop is refreshed every two weeks, and cannot be refreshed manually.

How to make Troops stronger in Watcher of Realms

There are different ways of making your hero stronger by increasing their stats. All the methods are explained below.

Watcher of Realm Upgrade Hero
  • Upgrade: Players can upgrade the levels of their heroes by using the Hero EXP Potion.
  • Promote: Players can promote their heroes and unlock new skills and stats by using Promotion materials.
  • Awaken: Players can increase the hero stats and abilities by consuming identical heroes received through summoning.
  • Gears and Artifacts: Players can equip their heroes with gears and artifacts to make their heroes stronger on the battlefield.

Watcher of Realms Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Use Hero Abilities at the perfect time

The heroes in Watcher of Realms each come equipped with their own special abilities. When the blue bar that is located above the hero’s name reaches its maximum capacity, you must tap on the hero in order to activate their skills. These abilities vary from strikes that do damage to buffs that increase stats and healing. Consequently, making the most of your abilities at the appropriate times will be of tremendous help to you in protecting your objective.

2. Keep upgrading your Heroes

In Watcher of Realms, there are two different methods that you may make your hero more powerful. The first is through making use of the game’s upgrading option, and the second is by making use of the promotion feature. Both of these aspects will result in the heroes gaining levels and becoming more powerful in combat. However, before you can upgrade or promote these heroes, you need to first gather some material.

3. Play the game on 2x speed

You have the option to play Watcher of Realms at 2x speed, much as in other tower defense games. This will not only make the gameplay go by more rapidly, but it will also help you complete the campaign tasks more quickly.

4. Focus on making a strong Formation

You will unlock new heroes throughout the game by completing the tasks in the campaign mode. Before heading into a battle, you must finalize your formation with all the heroes that you have. The options of hero selection might be limited in the beginning, but in the later phases of the game, you must make wise choices to make your formation as it is one of the most crucial factors behind winning.

5. Correct positioning of Heroes is a must

Each hero in Watcher of Realms has a specific role and they must be placed strategically according to these roles in order to ensure victory on the battlefield. The fighters must be placed on the front row, and the marksmen should be placed at the back. The healers must be placed in such a way that they can heal anybody. In this way, other classes of heroes must also be placed perfectly according to their roles for maximum utility.

Final Thoughts

Mastering Watcher of Realms is an easy task if you understand the theme of the game. The game requires you to use your strategical analysis, however, by only positioning the heroes in the right place, you will be able to finish the game fast and also learn it effectively. Also, analyze all the unlocked heroes and form the best formation for ensuring maximum victory in the higher levels of the game.

That’s all from us for Watcher of Realms Beginners Guide! Did you find our Watcher of Realms beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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