What is Fantasy Royale and how to participate: The complete guide

Innovation is a forte of Supercell and once again they proved this with the introduction of Fantasy Royale. Have you ever wished to create your own CRL (Clash Royale League) team and see how it would perform? Well, if you had, now it becomes possible with the addition of Fantasy Royale!

What is Fantasy Royale?

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Fantasy Royale is a fantasy sport within Clash Royale which consists of getting as many crowns as possible! Every crown is scored when a member of your team scores a crown in CRL. You can trade players, watch them play and get tons of rewards!

Every week you’ll be able to create a Fantasy Royale Deck made out of four CRL players. Every time they win a crown during their matches, you’ll earn a crown as well, so you have to be really strategic when you choose your players!

At the end of the season, each Fantasy Player can get rewards if they got in the first three positions of the leaderboard. Of course, the more crowns you get, the higher you’ll be in the leaderboard. The rewards are the following:

  • 1st: 1000 gems
  • 2nd: 500 gems
  • 3rd: 250 gems

When do you make your Fantasy Deck?

You can change your Fantasy Royale Deck every week after the end of a CRL session. To earn crowns from a specific player, he necessarily has to score them when you have him in your deck. All the crowns that he previously got (or that he’s going to get later), are not counting on your personal score.

Remember that you can also trade CRL players with other Fantasy Players like you around the world so that you can make the strongest team ever!

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Remember that you can only sign-up before the start of the next CRL session. So sign up before it is too late! For more news, check out Clash Royale’s official post about it!

Do you want to keep seeing news about CRL West? If so, make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Facebook and Twitter! That being said, we’ll see you in the arena!

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