Wordle Guide: Here’s how you can play previous Wordle puzzles

Play previous Wordle puzzles with ease!

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, millions of people across the world have turned to online gaming to kill time during lockdowns. Amidst a wide range of games available online, Wordle was openly welcomed by all sorts of users with its easy-to-learn yet very challenging game style. At this point, it is safe to assume that almost all of us know about Wordle from one or the other way, but this daily word guessing game keeps progressing further and will leave you behind if you miss a day. However, there are a few ways with which you can play previous Wordle puzzles.

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How to play previous Wordle puzzles

Since the beginning, Wordle has been famous for being extremely simple and refreshing, which is mainly what people crave these days. A huge part of the players keep coming back to Wordle because there’s something new to guess every day, but there’s also no way someone can keep up if they miss out on a single day.

Therefore, the demand for playing previous Wordle puzzles has always been high just to eliminate that feeling of missing out. There have been several websites that claim to allow users to play previous Wordle, but some of them are good at this and offer all previous Wordle puzzles. These are the websites:

1. Wordle Archive

Wordle Archive puzzles
Image via Wordle Archive

Wordle Archive is the first website to pop up when you look to play previous Wordle puzzles. It was also one of the first websites that allowed players to play previous Wordle Puzzles. The website allows players to choose which previous Wordle they want to solve or randomly selects a previous Wordle for players to solve. You can try your hand at previous Wordles on their official website here.

2. ReWordle

Rewordle Previous wordle puzzles
Image via ReWordle

ReWordle is from a Github user named Infinite Sword. This website allows users to choose which previous Wordle puzzle they want to solve. But, unlike Wordle Archive, it doesn’t randomly choose a previous Wordle for the users. You can check out Rewordle here.

Although these fan-made sites are extremely helpful and let people play previous Wordle, they might not be available for long as the New York Times may take them down anytime. Until then, have fun keeping up with the daily Wordle trend.

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