Wordle: The Complete Guide and Tips

Tips to crack the Wordle on 1st of March, 2022!

One of the most minimalist and simple word riddle games in the world right now, Wordle has caught the big limelight, being one of the biggest browser games in the world. With the clock striking 12 each day, several word-enthusiasts visit the website to guess the elusive 5-letter word. The most interesting part of the game is that players from different parts of the world get the same 5-letter word. With the vast array of various words in the dictionary, there are ways in which people must be guided to get to the all-important day. In this Wordle guide for today, we will share some tips to get started with Wordle, how the players should approach the game each day with clues to correctly guess the specific 5-letter word.

Launched in October, Wordle has now skyrocketed to more than 300,000 people daily players, who have taken the litmus test to guess the riddle. With most of the attention gained from Twitter and other forms of social media, puzzle solvers can share the hidden riddle to the Internet, letting other people know, absolutely spoiler-free. Recently, American media giant New York Times has acquired the game of Wordle in a seven-figure deal. Josh Wardle, the original creator of World, says that this is a part of the plan from the New York Times, to make it their go-to platform for spreading the English language around the world.

Spoiler Alert!: Word of the day has been revealed at the end. Tread Carefully! Spoilers Ahead!

Wordle: Rules, How and Where to Play

There are several ways in which one can approach this browser game. For starters, players must visit the following link. The game is very simple to understand but depending on the word, it could take players some time to guess it. Every day, players have to guess a new 5-letter-long word.

Wordle Guide Today
Image via New York Times

Although, there’s no time limit, there is a limit to the number of tries players have, which is 6. If players guess the word correctly, they get it added to their streak. This keeps count of how many days in a row the player has managed to win the game.

If the letter turns

  • GREY then it’s not anywhere in the final word.
  • YELLOW the letter is present in the word, but in a different position.
  • GREEN it’s in the right word and in the right position.

Wordle Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

There are several techniques that players can follow, to ace this game. Players must remember that this game does follow the U.S. English Dictionary, instead of the common U.K. Dictionary. Therefore, the words and their American spellings do adhere to that.

1. Choosing an ideal starter word

The first step is the most giant leap in this game. With the help of the first attempt, players need to get the most common letters out of the way. The best starter words need to include either a lot of vowels or a mix of the most common consonants (R, S, N, H, L, D, and T) and vowels. In case, players are looking for a set of good starter words, they can refer to the piece here.
Here are some examples for reference:

  • Audio
  • React
  • Adieu
  • Ideas

2. Have a good second word to follow-up the first

There are two different ways to play the second try. After the application of the first word, there might be some yellow and green letters. Players can play around it and continue guessing by using those yellow’s and greens. Players can also put a completely different word to get most of the letters out of the way, ignoring the yellow and greens.

3. Refrain from using GREYed-out letters

Players must stay away from using greyed-out letters, as they are not present in the word itself. The words might be tempting, but those letters will be a waste of a guess. New letters are welcome.

4. Two thumb-rules to remember

One of the thumb rules to remember is that letters can be repeated in a word. In such a situation, things might get a little tricky. Also, there is no restrainment of time when players are guessing the word. The players can take their time in their quest to guess the correct 5-letter word.

5. Digraph words can prove handy

Wordle Guide Today
Image via New York Times

Choosing words with digraphs can be very useful. Words with digraphs like “sh-,” “ch-,” and “st-” can also help eliminate incorrect letters, as they can be found either at the beginning or, at the end. Therefore, in case they are highlighted in yellow, players can try it at the other end of the word.

6. Google is your best friend

Taking help from Google or other online websites should be the very last card up sleeve. Players can look out for different 5-letter words, which could help in enriching one’s vocabulary. Google can also teach them new words each day, and provide important clues to guess the correct word.

It is always recommended to use a placeholder such as X, in case of letters which is still unknown. These help to differentiate the letters which have been found out, and the letters in the word, still to be looked for.

Wordle Guide: Clues for today

  • There is a repeated vowel and an unrepeated vowel.
  • Despite being acquried by New York Times, the word appears Indian.
  • Even if you’ve cracked the word, no _______ for you.

Word of the day

Finally, the correct word of the day is RUPEE. Hope you got the correct answer with the least number of tries.

That’s all for the Wordle guide and tips for today. Did you find our beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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