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ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Character Tier List for May 2022

Choose only the best heroes for your team!

ZIO and The Magic Scrolls feature a diverse pack of heroes for you to choose to win against battles. Here’s a tier list of S rank heroes to give you a little bit of guidance to help you gain an upper hand in the game. With that, here is our ZIO and the Magic Scrolls tier list of characters to seek, along with a list of which ones will certainly benefit players throughout their journey.

ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Character Tier List for May 2022

This tier list should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. This tier list will be separated into six categories of S, A, B, C, as follows:

Overpowered (S+)Exavius, NarfumeGallistosDiogoram, Won, TomieHrachas, RudemilaMei
Strong (S)SilviaWhite, MorrisonKueno, Bono, PetnakInca 
Good (A)Zio, SumimaFanzifeiCharlesKenta 
Fair (B)MarilynTumia TunMuzelCelsius&Fahrenheit 
Weak (C)Michel    

Though the roster for ZIO and the Magic Scrolls may be a bit limited, there would always be future updates and patches that may change this later on. Note that this list is based on the global success of all players currently playing it.

ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Best Meta Characters for May 2022

These are the heroes with the most advantageous stats and abilities in ZIO and The Magic Scrolls as of May 2022.

Exavius (Meta Magician)

exavius zio magic scroll ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Tier List
Exavius (Image via Super Planet)

Being an Immortal, Exavius has the advantage of having an extra ability. His abilities such as Explosion, Dragon Roar, and Strong Fireball deal huge damage while also debuffing the enemy. Combine that with his fourth ability, you have a flexible strategy of whether to put him in the first or second row. His extra ability will be super useful for a party with a majority of magician heroes.

Gallistos (Meta Hunter)

gallistos zio magic scroll
Gallistos (Image via Super Planet)

With already having a high base attack combined with his abilities that deal an enormous amount of damage, Gallistos is the most meta assassin in the game. His extra ability will be super useful for a party with a majority of heroes with Physic elements.

Diogoram (Meta Supporter)

diogoram zio magic scroll ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Tier List
Diogoram (Image via Super Planet)

Diogoram is currently the best meta healer for your party. She can heal other heroes and heal herself (Energy of Life, Entrapping Roots, and Natural Recovery), apply a shield at the start of battle (Extra Ability); increase attack speed, moving speed, mana recovery speed, delete party debuffs (Blessing of Nature); and binds enemies (Entrapping Roots). She can fit into pretty much any type of party.

Hrachas (Meta Tanker)

hrachas zio magic scroll
Hrachas (Image via Super Planet)

Already has one of the best stats for a Tanker in the game, his abilities such as Infinite Regenation Power (Recover 5% of Maximum HP/second by 4 seconds) and Immortal Body (Recovers 50% Maximum HP after HP falls below 1) that makes him immortal. Being able to revive and heal himself, can be quite a headache for your opponent to deal with.

Mei (Meta Fighter)

mei zio magic scroll-min ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Tier List
Mei (Image via Super Planet)

As of May 2022, Mei is the best Fighter type in the game. Having a good mix of attack and defense abilities, she’s the most independent meta hero.

Final Thoughts

With Exavius and Gallistos giving an advantage to either a Magic type or Physic type majority party, you have quite a wide range of options to choose from. We highly recommend new players focus on having at least one Immortal type Hero, especially Diogoram since she’s a healer.

With healing being taken care of by your hero, you can focus on using other magic scrolls for battle. But of course, since the guaranteed first Immortal you get might be Gallistos, you can focus on building a Physic element party. With Hrachas as the Tanker, you can have a pretty formidable party that can last many battles.

What do you think about this ZIO and the Magic Scrolls Character Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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