EA will be leading the gaming industry for the next 5 years

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Electronic Arts (EA) is having an unprecedented year and CEO, Andrew Wilson is sure there’ll be more growth in financial 2022. Management is forecasting that EA Sports viewers and players will two-fold in the next 5 years to 500 million. In this article, we will see the recent rise of EA in the mobile gaming industry and how it will be a global leading corporate for the next 5 years. Wilson credited his company’s record fiscal year results to live operations of games that are run as continuous live services, rather than just one-time purchases.

EA: an evergrowing gaming giant

Wilson stated that over 230 million individuals in the last year participated in EA Sports content and games, with EA producing 6 original sports titles in the financial year 2021. Wilson said: “We believe we can grow to 500 million players and viewers in EA Sports experiences over the next 5 years. This can have a huge effect on the gaming industry as a whole, as the gaming world reverberates with digital currencies. The virtual currency has been a massive part of gaming for more than a decade.
Recently, the gaming industry’s effects on Forex and stock markets have been quite significant. It’s bigger than the music and movie industries put together! The increase in today’s gaming contests with enormous cash prizes has propelled video game users to fame, as have streaming platforms such as Twitch and video-sharing platforms such as YouTube.

1. Apex Legends, Alive and Kicking

Apex Legends Mobile Regional Beta India and Philippines EA leading for 5 years

On March 9, the Nintendo Switch will support Apex Legends, with the game being made available as a preview release on mobile in the next 3 to 4 months. Leading financial officer, Blake Jorgensen, predicts the game will make over $500 million in bookings this financial year. Wilson divulged he’s thrilled about the forthcoming purchase of Codemasters for $1.2 billion, a trade that’ll see EA launch additional racing titles like F1.

2. FIFA: EA’s own monopoly

In South Korea, FIFA Online 4 sees more users each quarter of 2021 as opposed to 2020, and EA currently boasts 21 million users in FIFA Mobile Asia. On this Wilson further added,

“We are bringing FIFA Online to new territories — including Russia, Poland, and Turkey — with a combined audience of 80 million players. We are also accelerating our focus on mobile, with 6 new soccer mobile experiences in development today for different regions and genres.” 

What’s more, Wilson claims Madden NFL has the most users it’s ever had engrossed in the game. Each year, NHL engagement has increased by 13% and since its introduction, UFC 4 continues to see 20% extra users each day than the earlier version. Wilson also alleged that FIFA has become increasingly popular with Gen Z gamers. But the organization has underachieved in basketball over the last five years which has been disheartening. Thus, EA is trying to revolutionize the game.

3. Star Wars Continues

Star Wars fans will be pleased to know that Ubisoft intends to launch Star Wars as an open-world game. Wilson revealed that the organization’s Star Wars games have sold over 52 million copies, making $3 billion in profits.

Star Wars KOTOR EA leading for 5 years

The mobile version of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a billion-dollar license. Wilson believes that while other gaming corporations are producing Star Wars-based games, this won’t have an impact on the company’s obligation to the Star Wars copyright.

4. The Sims 4 Boasts 33 Million Users

The Sims 4 is currently at 33 million users, with Maxis Studios providing the 10th development package for the title. EA’s subscription service currently has 13 million customers using platforms like the EA client, PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox.

Final thoughts

Boasting more users engaging with the company’s subscription services as well as the sheer amount of content and platforms being used, EA is developing a robust, expanding business with frequent profits. EA also has an increasing number of streaming players connecting with their network via Xbox Cloud Gaming with Game Pass Ultimate. Cloud will soon be integral to EA’s gaming network. On the whole, EA will be launching over 35 forthcoming games in different levels of development and expansion. EA is expected to generate profits on top of its $6.1 billion predicted for the financial year ending March 31.

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