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Free Fire’s ever-changing variety of theme songs: A must-have collection

Back in September 2017 when Free Fire was released, the now-famous battle-royale game had other themes before the ones we know now about. In this article on Free Fire Theme songs, we’ll be taking a look at the many theme songs that diversified over time with each season in the game.

Great collection of Free Fire theme songs

Oldest theme

We start the list with the first-ever and the oldest theme to note in the game. This theme song is based on a constant returning, quite intriguing, and nostalgic theme. This sends a huge sensation to anyone who played the game since release or in 2020 when it arrived in the Kalahari patch. With the game profile changing with each patch, themes have their value soared up to match the expectations of the released updates.

New theme

A rock-metal cover of the old theme. Some preferred over the old for recognizable traces of its predecessor in its melody. Truly a favorite for fans of this music genre. And also for those who like a minor change in rhythm without discarding the old beats.

DJ theme

Free Fire Theme songs
Free Fire Theme songs – DJ Theme

Being the first-ever completely revamped version, the DJ theme has no direct recognizable parts. Neither from the old nor the new theme as the instruments used are far different and more energetic than the aforementioned. Fans hope that, just to the old theme, it will return to the game once more which is always a possibility occurring in the following updates

Old Halloween theme

Free Fire Theme songs
Free Fire Theme songs – Halloween Theme

A new rhythm to add to the list whilst being the first seasonal theme which unlike the DJ theme truly is something else. This song was released during Halloween to give players the chill feeling that comes with this season of spooks. Not as appealing as its predecessors but definitely something new the developers tried out.

New Halloween theme

Another complete revamp, but this time of the previously mentioned old Halloween theme. It’s a lot more appealing than the older version as the well-known old rhythm makes a return with a spooky cover added. Definitely a good theme for lovers of the orchestral genre, this song came to be in the Halloween update released in the next year.

Old Winterlands theme

Free Fire Theme songs
Free Fire Theme songs – Winterlands Theme

With wintertime arriving in Free Fire back in 2018, so did this theme with a new orchestral piece. This kept the original beat and truly shares the Christmas spirit to the game’s player-base.

New winterlands theme

Free Fire Theme songs
Free Fire Theme songs – Winterlands Theme

A new and improved version of the theme arrived the next year with Christmas and New Year drawing near. This drew attention as the developers tried out something new once more. Just like with the old Halloween theme, this song has no recognizable aspects of any of its predecessors. But it is nonetheless a nice piece to listen to for those who like symphonic music.

Summertime theme

Free Fire Theme songs
Free Fire Theme songs – Summertime Theme

Alongside the OB22 patch in 2020, this new theme shared its summer glory to all the players that played actively during this period. Surely a gift to those that missed the old tones as resemblance was heard to the old theme’s patterns. This theme is a must-have on the list of those that want it to return next year.

Rampage theme

Free Fire Theme songs
Free Fire Theme songs – Rampage Theme

Those who remember the Rampage event back in 2019 would find this theme quite appealing. This brings back a new type of orchestral theme as never heard before. It has significant patterns of all aforementioned old theme duplicates and will most likely never return as the battle of Rampage has concluded.

3rd Anniversary theme

Free Fire Theme songs
Free Fire Theme songs – 3rd anniversary Theme

For the first time, Free Fire released a theme just to celebrate the 3rd anniversary. This shows exactly how far the battle-royale game has increased in development budgets to invest in a single anniversary to thank its base for the vast support given to in the previous years. This theme mixes the old with a symphonic cover that stuns any listener for the longest time. It goes through different flows of its rhythm, which will soften the hearts of especially those who know the ups and downs the game went through the past years.

Money Heist theme

Free Fire Theme songs
Free Fire Theme songs – Money Heist Theme

To celebrate the collab between Free Fire x Money Heist a new theme had made its way to the game. This is the first time Free Fire has released a theme voiced by someone so it left a surprise to those who didn’t expect this after the game updated. It is a heartwarming, emotional theme anyone who watched the Money Heist series would fall in love with and will definitely be remembered through 2020.

Booyah Day theme

Celebrating Free Fire’s OB24 Booyah Day update another theme that has traces of the Old and New Theme embedded was released. Maybe not as intruiging, but it was definitely worthwhile listening when the update arrived. If anything it sounds like more of a rock-metal cover of the New Theme and was definitely a good theme to celebrate the update while it lasted.

FFCS theme

Free Fire Theme songs – FFCS Theme

The Free Fire Continental Series theme was made to listen while the FFCS, a global E-sports championship took place. It puts a gamer vibe inside people’s head that will probably last a while as the FFCS hypes up its fans until the winners of the finals are announced. It also another unique, exclusive theme to add to the list of theme osts with a slight touch of the Rampage theme tones embedded within.

New Beginning theme

Free Fire Theme songs – New Beginning Theme

The New Beginning theme is an epic futuristic theme befitting for the events that took place in the update. With slight noticeable Old and New theme notes,this calm theme is surely one to enjoy in the background while playing.

That’s all about the variety of Free Fire theme songs available in the game over all these years. And you can check all of them by clicking here.

Which of the Free Fire Theme songs do you find the best? Let us know today in the comment section below!

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