Are people ready to completely switch consoles and PC for mobile gaming

Is there an imminent change in atmosphere?

Smartphones have become the most important and inalienable part of our lives. We don’t think that anyone out there would have any issue with the statement. Earlier, when the basic mobile phones were first introduced, they had only featured to make phone calls and people used them to be connected with closed ones. The generational shift started in the year 2000 when Ericsson launched its R380 mobile phone and it was the first phone to use the Symbian OS. As two decades passed by we witnessed some enormous changes in the technological front. Now, it has come to such an extent that people are using it less for calling and more for social media and gaming purposes. Let us dive deep into the main reasons for this and whether people are completely ready to switch and exchange consoles and PC for Mobile Gaming.

Switching between Consoles and Mobile Gaming

The paradigm shift

The link between technology and gaming really got started with the rise of games like PUBG MobileCall of Duty: Mobile, Garena’s Free Fire, Fortnite Mobile, etc. The online casino was also not behind as mobile phones became more powerful and versatile, with the advent of technology. Initially, it was a niche thing – just like gaming on a laptop once was – but it is now truly mainstream. Gaming is one of the main things that young people use their phones for in 2021. The industry has recognized that and responded to the demand.

cod mobile, call of duty mobile

People who want to play casino games on a phone now have numerous sites filled with great games to choose from. The actual tech has advanced to the point that they can be optimized for the best possible user experience. This means the mobile casino is now just as good as online casinos. The combination of cutting-edge games like mobile video slots and convenience resulted in getting an edge over mobile casinos. These are ideally suited to playing on the move during spare moments.

The growing trends of mobile gaming

If the question of switching from PC and consoles to smartphone was asked 10 years back then it was clear no but now the tables have turned. According to market researcher Newzoo. Of the 2.7 billion total gamers projected to play in 2020, 2.6 billion will play on mobile devices. Though one can argue about the genre played on mobile devices but you can’t ignore the change in user behavior. We have seen some major changes w.r.t power and graphics in smartphones as technology advanced. Today, we can see that most of the PS3 games would run smoothly on almost all the smartphones released today, as now the manufacturers are putting in more effort to bring more powerful processors and even work on their software to optimize it for gaming.

Development of high-end gaming phones

The massive growth in the mobile esports segment has also added fuel to the fire. Not only the professional players but also the amateur level players are looking for better processors while going for new smartphones. Companies like OnePlus, Asus, etc are trying hard to cater to this segment. One Plus has become a premium smartphone brand with the launch of its Pro series. This is because of the optimized OxygenOS and the flagship-level hardware. If we talk about Asus, then it was one of the first companies to introduce high refresh rate displays on smartphones with the launch of the ROG Phone.

Switch Consoles and PC for Mobile gaming

While the phone was aesthetically impressive for gamers and packed a punch, the price tag was set too high. The company realized it and soon came up with the ROG Phone 2 offering a better price tag at a much more aggressive price point. As the company already has an idea about e-sports from its PC business, they have now started to capture the mobile gaming e-sports community. The Taiwanese giant has recently introduced a weekly PUBG Mobile Gaming Tournament exclusively for ROG Phone customers. 

Final Thoughts

All these points take us back to our original question, are people ready to ditch consoles and PC for mobile gaming? The answer is complex but one thing is sure that gamers are finding it easy to play on their phones rather than going for laptops that require a hefty investment. Consoles like PlayStation and Xbox or high-end PCs worth more than INR 1.5-2 lakh and on the other hand we get high-end smartphones for half this rate and they could be used for almost all the things. Smartphone gaming is not only more accessible but it is more portable as well. That’s the reason why we keep seeing more casual gamers becoming a part of the community. As the number of mobile gamers has increased massively we see this as a possibility in the near future but there is also a type of gamers who love to play both on PC / consoles and smartphones. So it boils down to personal preferences but overall the trend suggests that gamers are going towards smartphones than consoles and PC.

What are your thoughts and opinions on whether people are actually ready to completely switch consoles and PC for mobile gaming? Let us know in the comment section below!

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