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PUBG New State: What happened to Erangel in 2051

Looking at the Erangel lore in Battlegrounds!

The next-gen futuristic battle-royale game from Krafton, PUBG New State is now available on both Android and iOS devices. This is the next chapter in the PUBG franchise after the PUBG Battlegrounds. Announced earlier this year, New State is finally ready for the launch. The developers have conducted several alpha tests and one last technical test to ensure the game is ready. The developers have been keeping the fans engaged with their D-series, which is streamed on their official social handles, discussing various aspects of the New State. In this PUBG New State article, we will see about the history of Erangel, in the year 2051. 

History of Erangel

Erangel, the first-ever map created in the PUBG universe. It is an 8×8 km map. Erangel is mainly divided into two portions, a bigger island, and a smaller island. There are a total of 25 locations in Erangel. One of the most important islands in the PUBG universe, Erangel is where the original Battlegrounds actually began. Before we know more about the Erangel in 2051, we should know a little bit about the history of Erangel.

PUBG New State Erangel 2051
Sergei Kalimnick, The Godfather of Battlegrounds

The Erangel is empty without one man, Sergei Kalimnick, The Godfather of Battlegrounds. Sergei was born and raised in Erangel. In 1965, when Sergei was just a boy when he witnessed his entire island getting destroyed. But, the young Sergei survived. This brought a whole new meaning to his life. He became the first-ever survivor of Erangel. Post the incident, Sergei got his hands on prison riot security tapes.

He started selling them for a profit. This was later dubbed as the Gulag tapes. These tapes brought attention to a mysterious group called the investors. These investors wanted Sergei to do something similar, but on a larger scale. In 1994, Sergei ran the first-ever battlegrounds in his hometown Erangel. Ever since that, Sergei has become one of the most powerful people in the world. 

PUBG New State: Erangel in 2051

PUBG New State Erangel 2051
Pochinki buildings in Erangel 2051

With the onset of 2051, Erangel has changed a lot. Erangel is worn out and destroyed. The sole reason is that the constant spree of Battlegrounds going on here. Many locations in Erangel are either partially or completely destroyed. But destruction isn’t the only thing that’s been happening in Erangel. There have been several developments that have happened in Erangel as well. 

PUBG New State Erangel 2051
Tythonic Company has also a lab in Mylta Power

The Tythonic Company which also has a lab in Troi has taken over the Mylta Power. Because of this, there have been some new spots and some construction areas can be spotted across the Erangel. They have also built a new bridge connecting to the Military base, for ease of transport. There are already two bridges in Erangel. But, this time is located right in the middle of these two bridges. We simply have to wait and see since we don’t know much about the Tythonic. As the lore progresses slowly, we’ll know about the onset of Tythonic Labs in Erangel. 

That’s all about our information of Erangel in 2051! Let us know your reactions in the comments section below!

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