Secured Payment methods for Mobile gaming

How secure are your online transactions?

To the uninitiated, the requirement of a payment method to play mobile games may seem odd. The titles are famously free to download and play, however, there’s a reason why mobile games now make up the largest portion of global games revenue. Free to start, many of the most popular titles, particularly idle games, utilize freemium practices to encourage microtransaction spending. It’s become the status quo, and now, even though games are mostly free of charge, you’ll struggle to find someone who hasn’t paid to remove ads, remove a time wall, or open a loot box. As such, everyone wants to make sure that the payment method in use is the safest and most secure available. Here, we’re breaking down the three most popular and secured payment methods that the leading brands provide with enough security for your mobile gaming payments.

Safety concerns of debit and credit cards

Most peoples’ go-to method of making mobile payments is the same as their preferred online payment method, which tends to be by inputting card details. On eCommerce sites, such as the goliath Amazon, people feel safe in either typing in their credit or debit card details for each purchase, or storing their card details on the site. As you can do almost everything on your mobile as you would on a computer, the payment method has simply transferred over for most mobile gamers.

Using your Visa or MasterCard online is inherently safe, but only if you trust the platform. As you are giving your payment details to a site to complete a purchase, you need to know that the site won’t misuse the data. It is easy to stay safe using your card online, but the primary inhibitor, particularly when mobile gaming, is how inconvenient it is to use the method. Inputting your details every time is cumbersome, and, if you’re in a public space, you risk exposing your card details to onlookers.

How secured are eWallets

In online and mobile payments, eWallets have quickly established themselves as the most reliable option. Essentially, eWallets act as a middle-person between your account details and the vendor, all while your payment information is kept behind their highly secure service. Whoever you’re paying for your mobile gaming, they will only see that they’re being paid via the eWallet, without ever seeing any details. Furthermore, if you ever have a dispute, you can contact the eWallet service, and they’ll look to resolve the issue.

Secured Payment methods for Mobile gaming

This is one of the main reasons why people trust the top eWallet brands. Entertainment providers tend to advertise that they use this secure method of payment as it attracts customers by demonstrating their details will be safe. For example, the payment method is put on full display as being available at the highest-rated online slot game providers. As mobile casinos deal in taking deposits and paying out winnings, having an eWallet safety net is often sought by casino gamers. Among the leading brands in this regard is Neteller, which further enhances its security precautions on the user side by offering two-step authentication.

Are mobile wallets indeed safe

Mobile payment services are similar to eWallets, but most of the time, they take the form of a wallet that’s integrated into your smartphone. Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are the big three, with Apple and Google providing the two most popular operating systems and Samsung holding itself as the premium Android product. The payment option is becoming immensely popular in the physical world, as opposed to within the mobile digital space, as a form of contactless method, via smartphone NFC technology.

Like eWallets, mobile payment services are much more convenient and are often automatically linked to your game services. Usually, when the option to make a payment pops up, it will give you several brands to choose from, or it will trigger your payment app. You can even double-up the measures with some providers by registering your bank details at your eWallet account, such as with PayPal for Samsung Pay.

There are several payment methods on offer when you’re playing mobile games, but the most secure and convenient choices are eWallet and mobile payment services.

What do you think about  the three listed Secured Payment methods for Mobile gaming? What do you use for paying for in-game resources or buying games? Let us know in the comment section below!

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